The calendar of Northworld is not entirely aligned with the Earth one. Northworld’s days are 24 hours and 19 Earth minutes long, but its year is 358 days 2/3rd, so a Northworld year is 2 days shorter than an Earth one – and has a leap year two years out of three.

The Northworld months are all 30 days long, except December which is 28 or 29 days, depending on the year. The Earth month names have been kept, but the seasons are slightly shifted: Northworld winter solstice occurs on Jan 25th, spring equinox is on April 25th, the summer solstice on July 24th and autumn equinox on October 24th. This is due to the fact that no one knew anything about seasons when they started tracking time. The beginning of Northworld’s year is not aligned with Earth’s (Jan 1st on Northworld falls in mid-March as of Y6).

As Northworld has a small rotation tilt of 9 degrees only, the seasons are relatively less marked than on Earth.

Year 1

Jan. 1st: Arnoldo Fontana becomes First Gater.

Jan. 27th: Ramon Palacio spawns in Northworld near Sixty Steps.

Sep. 22nd: Francisco Puzo, fifth Gater, spawns in Northworld next to Ramon Palacio’s Fjord haunt.

Oct. 6th: Ramon Palacio re-enters Northworld after seven months’ absence.

Year 2

Mar. 2nd: 10th Gater spawns in Northworld.

Year 3

Jan. 17th: The Cartographer’s Guild website comes up as a way for three Gaters to share their maps.

Feb. 6th: 100th Gater spawns in Northworld.

Apr. 2nd: Zarakhan spawns in Northworld.

Year 4

Jan. 23rd: Tarquar spawns.

Mar. 10th: The Earthen Brethren guild claims Earthen Keep.

April: Northworld’s active population reaches 1,000.

Jul. 25th: Armangest spawns.

Aug. 11th: The Cartographer’s Guild membership reaches 50.

Aug. 13th: Tarquar discovers the eponymous Stones.

Sep. 9th: Vasilikulik spawns.

Year 5

February: Northworld’s active population reaches 10,000.

Mar. 13th: Armangest is named Cartographer Guildmaster after the previous Guildmaster, Meredill, died in a high-level raid dungeon.

Sep. 2nd: Randgridda and 4 Valkyries spawn, all near Mt. Talbor.

Dec. 10th: The Valkyries claim Valhalla Keep.

Year 6

January: Northworld’s active population estimated at 100,000.

Feb. 21st: A pass is discovered between the Eastmarch and the Great Forests, reducing the number of known sectors from 4 to 3.

May. 8th: The Longitude/Latitude project yields a global map.

Jun. 6th: The Alpha-Gamma Expedition starts under Vasilikulik.

Jul. 6th: Birkathane spawns.

Jul. 7th: Vantegaard spawns.

Jul. 8th: Quandocor spawns as part of Operation Swordfish.

Jul. 10th: Fanduk is founded.

Jul. 24th: The Control Pyramid and the Five Gaters are discovered. Expedition wipes.

Aug. 9th: The Cartographer’s Guild learns of the wipe and launches an Inquisition.

Aug. 18th: The Expedition survivors arrive at Hilltop Samms.

Aug. 21st: The Inquisition fails to arrest the survivors.

Aug. 28th: Quandocor defects from the FBI.

Sep. 15th: The Earthen Brethren agree to mediate an inquiry on the fate of the Expedition.

Oct. 29th: A group of deceased Deva is found. First Silvergates to Deva homeworld obtained.

Nov. 17th: The Inquisition officially ends; the Expedition survivors are cleared of malfeasance.


About the author

Vincent Archer

  • France

Bio: Vincent Archer wrote his first story around age 11. On a mechanical typewriter, with carbon paper for a mimeograph to distribute in class. His teacher knew enough to make vague encouraging noises rather than really tell him what she thought. He wrote more stories afterward, but Time has thankfully managed to erase every trace of them.

Now that his career has settled in a mix of routine and insanity and that he's figured out that herding cats would probably be easier, he's finally started to write stories again on a media rather than inside his brain. Some of those are even potentially good enough to show to other people.

Silvergates is his first attempt to finish one rather than admit defeat against the usual writer's block.

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