Silvergates: Northworld (Book 1 complete)

by Vincent Archer

Original HIATUS Adventure Contemporary LitRPG Multiple Lead Characters Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Five years ago, the first Silvergate was found. At first, they called it a hoax. But since then, more and more people have entered the alternate dimension called Northworld, received their Interface, and going on to real adventures. As it gained momentum, they called it a problem. Now, they call it a crime. But for nearly a half a million people, it's now their real home.

Yearning. Escape. Duty. The reasons to go are many. Despite the criminalization of the Silvergating, people still seek out their ticket to Northworld.

But for new Gaters Jasper Hill, Erika Haglund, Henry Esteban, Northworld has surprises in store. Not every rumor are false, not every conspiracy theory is stupid. When the veil lift for them, showing truths about Northworld that no one suspected, they may have a hard time making themselves heard.

And being trusted may mean the difference between life or exile forever.

Northworld is a litrpg story where people enter an actual world, submit to an RPG-type Interface, and discover an alternate reality. You could describe it as a reversible Isekai since people alternate between Earth and Northworld.

The characters are usually casual about it, which means casual talk and the not-infrequent profanity. Four letter words dropped in conversation (or internal monologue).

Warning: one potentially horrible theme and one implied sex scene.

Book 1 is complete, as the title says. Book 2 is expected to start early 2020.

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Vincent Archer

Vincent Archer

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Sphere ago
1. Dealer's Choice ago
2. Work Experience ago
3. Places of Power ago
4. The Map that Changed the World ago
5. The Middle of Nowhere ago
6. Mutually Assured Survival ago
7. An Armory of Swords ago
8. Glory Road ago
9. Relic of Empire ago
10. West of Eden ago
11. Boundary ago
12. Tower of Dawn ago
13. The Sunrise lands ago
14. Alternate Routes ago
15. Obelisk ago
16. Broken Devices ago
17. End of the Beginning ago
18. Destiny Road ago
19. Home at Last ago
20. The Honourable Company ago
21. Beneath the Pyramid ago
22. Draw One in the Dark (1/2) ago
22. Draw One in the Dark (2/2) ago
23. March Upcountry ago
24. Halfway Home ago
25. Out of the Black ago
26. Brave New World ago
27. Designated Targets ago
28. Writing on the Wall ago
29. Forests of the Night ago
30. Wildside ago
31. Survival ago
32. Necessary Evil ago
33. Hunted ago
34. Perilous Shield ago
35. Citadel ago
36. All clear ago
37. Eternity Road ago
38. Quarantine ago
39. Paths to Otherwhere ago
40. Ghost Country ago
41. Rainbow's End ago
Epilogue: Childhood's End ago
Appendix: The Five Gaters ago
Appendix: Timeline ago
Appendix: Northworld Fauna ago
Appendix: Gater Lexicon ago
Appendix: Location Interference ago
Author's note ago
Deleted chapter (non-canon) ago
Book 2 teaser: Navigator ago
The road to book 2 - November update (21k words) ago
The road to book 2 - December update (33k words!?!) ago

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Let me start by saying I enjoyed the whole of the story. The characters were mostly realistic in their personalities and reactions. The world building was fun. I'm happy I read the story and would recommend it to someone that can skim over the obvious issues.

With that said, the issues are quite obvious after a few chapters. The grammar is the first of two problems I had. There are quite often extra words, missing words, or improperly ordered words. This looks to be mostly due to the rushed feeling the author appears to have felt while publishing which is effectively the second issue I encountered.

The author mentions in notes several times about feeling rushed and it shows. Some simple reasoning on some overarching issues seems passed over a bit too flippantly. The story in the back half skips scenes and progressions far too quickly or entirely off-screen leaving the reader guessing or unfulfilled.

With book 2 in the works, I hope the author has a chance to step back and fill in the gaps to push their story to a higher quality so that both reader and writer get what they deserve.

  • Overall Score

A frustrating read, where the good parts are shadowed by inconsistencies

Reviewed at: The road to book 2 - November update (21k words)

The author knows how to write, and it shows. The prose flows well, and grammar is top notch. There is a good litrpg system in place, with sane mechanics and awesome posibilities. You want to see the next skill the main characters will get. How they interact. 

Where the story stumbles is the plot. And because of that, the characters suffer too.

The main storyline in the book is very poorly thoght through. The main event, the one triggering the conflict is fine. But the way the characters react to it, and the resulting actions are mind boggling. We continue with various scenes where our daring heroes make it through via the magical powers of plot armor, to an almost non-existent and extremely unsatisfying conclusion. 

While the story focuses on the 3 main characters, which are almost always together, the author does not do a very good job of differentiating between them, and making them stand on their own. Especially for the Northworld chapters (the majority of the book), they feel more like 1 main character, split into 3 people. Of special note here is Birka. She can easily be removed from the novel, and very few things would change. 

All in all a frustrating read, where the good parts were always sabotaged by some plot inconsistency or some inconsistent decision. 


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I won't go into details of why I liked the story. I just want to mention one big flaw thats irritating the hell out of me. 
There are sometimes sudden and abrupt and short pov changes and it takes a couple of lines for me to recognise that. Plus the dialogues are hard to follow as the characters don't have an obvious speech pattern. So it becomes really difficult to know exactly who is saying which line. 

  • Overall Score

Early review (Ch. 4)

This story has an interesting premise and the MC seems to be a reasonable person.

The current chapters seem like they are meant to introduce the reader to the world and set up the cast and are imo well done in that regard.

I would recommend giving it a try.

  • Overall Score

First draft okay but several imperfection

Reviewed at: Appendix: The Five Gaters

The premise is interesting but

Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Overall Score

I started reading and my curiousity was piqued. Next thing I knew I was 15 chapters in and my dinner was cold.

Very well-written thusfar. Grammar is spot on. Characters aren't single dimension. System is well designed.


If you're on the fence about trying it, don't be. Give it a whirl. Eat your dinner first, though.

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It's a portal story with a lot of good adventuring, exploring the world, etc.  I've been enjoying the chapters for book one, and am really looking forward to the author developing the world more in book two.  Lots of potential here. 

  • Overall Score

Interesting story, well written, believable characters.

LitRPG, but there is a real book hiding behind the stat tables.

Recommended for litrpg and fanatasy / scifi readers alike.

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Interesting LitRPG/Randidly meld

Reviewed at: 20. The Honourable Company

A very interesting premise.  Silver orbs allow those who discover or get one to enter a new world that has a mix of LitRPG game mechanics and Randidly skill sets.  

No one knows why or how the world exists.  If it is real or virtual, but items found there and stat gains made are able to transition to the real world.

The world has the infrastructure for civilization, but no people.  One of the prevailing theories is that humans 'discovered' the orbs and entered the new world before construction was completed.

Grammar is spot on.  I binge-read the first 19 chapters, and honestly, I can't remember coming across one error.

Style pretty consistently follows the MC, but there are POV changes that occur.  At least the author handles this well and there is no confusion when POV does happen.

The story is interesting, unique, and just mysterious enough to mean this has made it into my favorites list.

So far the MC and the spy have the best fleshed out motivation and character development, but I can see that possible love interest growing.

5 Stars.  Give it a chance.  I think you'll enjoy it.

Andross Guile
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This is one among three stories I've given an overall 5 star rating, not because it's perfect but because it's in the top 3 best stories I've read on RR. I'd put it on par with Mother of Learning and Metaworld Chronicles.

The author is obviously very well read in the genre and seems to have some writing experience. The syntax is fantastic. Now, I'm obviously not perfect but except for 2 spelling mistakes I haven't seen anything (though instead of tough). 

The style is engaging and flows well. It's nothing extraordinary or odd. It's somewhat Sanderson (Mistborn) in style and that's a compliment. 

The characters are the weakest link here only because we haven't seen enough of them yet. The MC is undecided, the mole needs some polish and the chick doesn't have a personality. The side characters aren't caricatures and thus it gets 4 stars but the 3 main characters need some work and I hope some more bonding occurs in ch18+.

Now, the story. I like it. I haven't given it the full score. It's a basic but enjoyable explorer romp around monster infested areas that would love to rip everyone to shreds. It would be ok if not for the great world building. There are mysteries, some political plots, and a not yet over powered MC.

Over all, read this. It deserves to be in the top 10 and I'll buy the ebook once it comes out.