Silvergates book 1: Northworld

by Vincent Archer

Original ONGOING Adventure Contemporary LitRPG Multiple Lead Characters Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Five years ago, the first Silvergate was found. Since then, more and more people have entered the alternative dimension called Northworld, being fitted with the Interface, and going on to real adventures. First, they called it a hoax. Then they called it a problem. Now, they call it a crime. But for nearly a million people, it's now their real home.

The reasons to go are many. Yearning. Escape. Duty. But go they do.

For Jasper Hill, for Erika Haglund, for Henry Esteban, Northworld has surprises in store. Because five years are not enough to understand the world. And Northworld is anything but tame. Unraveling its mysteries may be the difference between life and death. Or at least life and being an exiled mundane criminal on Earth.

Northworld is a litrpg story where people enter an actual world, submit to an RPG-type Interface, and discover an alternate reality. You could describe it as a reversible Isekai since people alternate between Earth and Northworld.

The characters are usually casual about it, which means casual talk and the not-infrequent profanity. Four letter words dropped in conversation (or internal monologue).

Warning: one potentially horrible theme and one implied sex scene.

Updates should be twice weekly.

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Vincent Archer

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  • Overall Score

Early review (Ch. 4)

This story has an interesting premise and the MC seems to be a reasonable person.

The current chapters seem like they are meant to introduce the reader to the world and set up the cast and are imo well done in that regard.

I would recommend giving it a try.

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Interesting LitRPG/Randidly meld

A very interesting premise.  Silver orbs allow those who discover or get one to enter a new world that has a mix of LitRPG game mechanics and Randidly skill sets.  

No one knows why or how the world exists.  If it is real or virtual, but items found there and stat gains made are able to transition to the real world.

The world has the infrastructure for civilization, but no people.  One of the prevailing theories is that humans 'discovered' the orbs and entered the new world before construction was completed.

Grammar is spot on.  I binge-read the first 19 chapters, and honestly, I can't remember coming across one error.

Style pretty consistently follows the MC, but there are POV changes that occur.  At least the author handles this well and there is no confusion when POV does happen.

The story is interesting, unique, and just mysterious enough to mean this has made it into my favorites list.

So far the MC and the spy have the best fleshed out motivation and character development, but I can see that possible love interest growing.

5 Stars.  Give it a chance.  I think you'll enjoy it.

  • Overall Score

Unexpectedly fantastic!

I started reading and my curiousity was piqued. Next thing I knew I was 15 chapters in and my dinner was cold.

Very well-written thusfar. Grammar is spot on. Characters aren't single dimension. System is well designed.


If you're on the fence about trying it, don't be. Give it a whirl. Eat your dinner first, though.

  • Overall Score

Interesting story, well written, believable characters.

LitRPG, but there is a real book hiding behind the stat tables.

Recommended for litrpg and fanatasy / scifi readers alike.

Andross Guile
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This is one among three stories I've given an overall 5 star rating, not because it's perfect but because it's in the top 3 best stories I've read on RR. I'd put it on par with Mother of Learning and Metaworld Chronicles.

The author is obviously very well read in the genre and seems to have some writing experience. The syntax is fantastic. Now, I'm obviously not perfect but except for 2 spelling mistakes I haven't seen anything (though instead of tough). 

The style is engaging and flows well. It's nothing extraordinary or odd. It's somewhat Sanderson (Mistborn) in style and that's a compliment. 

The characters are the weakest link here only because we haven't seen enough of them yet. The MC is undecided, the mole needs some polish and the chick doesn't have a personality. The side characters aren't caricatures and thus it gets 4 stars but the 3 main characters need some work and I hope some more bonding occurs in ch18+.

Now, the story. I like it. I haven't given it the full score. It's a basic but enjoyable explorer romp around monster infested areas that would love to rip everyone to shreds. It would be ok if not for the great world building. There are mysteries, some political plots, and a not yet over powered MC.

Over all, read this. It deserves to be in the top 10 and I'll buy the ebook once it comes out. 

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This is one of the good ones boys! This is a very unique and different style of LitRpg (at least to me), as someone who usually avoids virtual reality like stories like the plague, this one brings all of the upsides of that genre with none of it's downsides.

The world is offered a mysterious knew form of entertainment and self improvement, risk your life in this new world and gain power, or just dip your toes in, a system that allows people to individualy choose their amount of investment. It is a fantasticly well thought out system.


The only area where I feel the need to dock a star, the early chapter are heaped with exposition, and it is delivered bin a rather dry manner, and almost turned me away at the get go, but once past that it speeds up and let's us get what we need as the characters themselves discover it.


I feel like the true conflict of the series is only just beginning (ch.24), and its great, there is ample tension on both a character side with our mains and on a plot side with the forces moving out of their reach, I'm super interested to see where thing go and that's a great sign!


Well executed and edited, this is one of the very few times I have seen 3rd person omniscient executed well on RR. The flow between characters and the diverse main cast give it a great edge that I really like.


The most important aspect of most stories in my opinion and this one does it well, with diverse characters with clear motivations and conflicts, going into any real detail would be spoilers, but they are great!


I didn't think I'd see a system more complicated than Randidly's, but you pulled it off, while I find the character sheets to be kind of cluttered, I think you have done a great job at making something unique, not something which most try these days.

In conclusion I think you should definitely give this a shot if you like LitRpg's, and maybe even if you don't!