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Magic for Muggles Vol.1


1. Mana Measurement

2. Mana Manipulation

3. Lumos Color Alteration

4. The Three Pillars of Alchemy


Chapter 1 -

  In essence, the division between wizards and muggles is the ability to use mana - which is still a mystery to all the wizarding community. What we currently know, however, is that the more complex a spell is, the more mana will be needed. Which brings us to an unavoidable conclusion - the limits to a mage lies in the amount of mana they have. But fortunately, mana is like a muscle - the more you practice, the more you gain. 

  And for that matter, it is important to know how to measure it. There are two procedures for those means. The first one is to exhaust all your mana in a Lumos spell. Every meter the light reaches is equivalent to 5 MP (mana points). The second method is to cast Wingardium Leviosa at 50 grams of anything until you exhaust all your magic force. Every lift you can muster is equivalent to 5 MP.

Note: The Lumos procedure hurts like hell, but is way more precise. 


Chapter 2 -

  The magic capability of a wizard also depends on their mastery over mana manipulation. Mana Manipulation refers to the action of increasing or changing the effects of a Spell. To be able to change it according to one's wishes, the caster needs to understand the properties of what they are casting. To sum it up: If you understand it deeply, it is possible to change its properties and potency.


Chapter 3 -

  Light is the amalgamation of all colors - if we take this proposition as truth, then it is possible to change the Lumos color. How one separates the colors from each other is up to the caster, but a good example is to imagine a prism diving the colors as the light pass through it. The spell's cost doesn't increase. 


Chapter 4 -

  The art of potions brewing is nothing without the use of these three spells: Caliditus (temperature control); Onem (mixture reaction); Etepart (ingredients separation).

1. Caliditus

Meant to warm or cool the mixture. It is fundamental the use of this spell for certain mixture reactions, which need specific temperatures. Also important to avoid damaging the cauldrons (each has its own heat limit resistance).

2. Onem

When used, all the elements present in the cauldron react to create a new one. Note: watch out for the temperature beforehand - all reactions liberate heat.

3. Etepart

Separate ingredients from each other - the bread and butter of alchemists. Essential to brewing potions, even though it can't eliminate impurities.



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