Noah was sure he could get through Oliphia's questioning.

He knew he could deceive his sister.

He even prepared plans B, C, and D. He did it all because letting the truth out about the wizarding world can be and always was catastrophic.

What he didn't know though, was that one of his future teachers already awaited him at home.

"Good evening Noah, please take a seat. We were waiting for you." His teacher said with a slow-paced and musical voice. He was a man of etiquette with various years of expertise under the belt if Noah was to guess. If it wasn't for his walking stick, then the messy white hair and short, but rigid spine, said everything about his age.

We? Noah looked around the dining room only to find two shadows coming from the kitchen.

"Indeed, I also expected this, although his awakening came at such a late age." Came a familiar voice from behind the counter.

"I knew it, there was just no way he-" His sister came out in the kitchen, followed by Oliphia. "Oh... hi Noah! Where were you all this time?" His oldest sister asked with a huge smile on her face. She and Oliphia both carried their wands while mountains of books levitated behind them.

"..." He gazed at them, wondering if there was an end to his surprises.

"You two were wizards?!" He looked between the two of them, demanding an answer right away.


"... Yes? How did you know about wizards? Just this morning, you were a muggle." Oliphia narrowed her eyes.

Shit, I wasn' supposed to know that.

Seeing her brother's pitiful face, his sister defended him with all her strength. "He should have received Hogwarts letter by now...  so... wait..." She stuttered at the middle of her defense as she realized something. "Then... was that letter from Hogwarts Noah?" She asked in disbelief as she realized her youngest brother's ability to lie like a gambler.

Can this get any worse?

"Sorry sister!" Her bowed 90 degrees down. "I didn't know what to do with the letter, so I lied about it... can- can you for-forgive me?" Tears welled in his eyes as he mumbled. The perfect move against an overprotective person, he said to himself. Politicians would have to learn from him the art of lying. Although he didn't like to lie to his new family, sometimes it was necessary.

"It's alright!" She soothed her brother. "Of course you didn't know! Don't worry about it okay, now come here." She said before hugging him.

"Tch, enough of crying." Oliphia clicked her tongue. "We need to get your materials, and quick! The first term is just around the corner! It still baffles me how late your awakening was Noah, every child can access their magic by their 7th birthday, I already thought you were a squib." She crossed her hands.

"A squib?" He asked already knowing the answer, what he wanted instead was another thing entirely.

"Yes, it's when a child born from two wizards can't do magic." She replied.

A glint of light shone on the kid's eyes. "My parents were wizards?"

"Yes, great wizards if I dare say myself. Mrs. Ayla and Mr. Drummond were known throughout all the continents for their revolutionary discoveries." His teacher admired them.

"Then, what happened to them?" Noah lamented.

Oliphia had a bitter smile as she heard those words. "They... they disappeared." She explained. "One day they came to my orphanage asking for your protection - I asked why they feared for their lives... but they only answered me they needed to delay an imminent war. Which war? I don't know. After that, they never came back." 

Everyone was silent.

Wanting to end the depressing mood, his teacher got up from the chair and declared. "Well, my time is short, so we should rush right away towards the Diagon Alley. As for your books, Miss Lisa will be kind enough to give you her old ones. Lady Oliphia will give you money to buy your wand and alchemy materials." He made his way to the door.

"Thank you, but I already know how to get there, Professor...?"

"Walt Scamander, pleased to meet you. If you get sorted into the Ravenclaw house we will be seeing each other more." He shook hands with Noah.

Scamander? Is he a relative of Newt? Probably, but I can't ask about it. A new wizard such as myself isn't supposed to know.

And one more thing... if I am sorted into Ravenclaw? Are the professors different depending on the houses?

"Ravenclaw? What is that?" 

"Patience Noah, you will know it when is time. Right now, your professor is late." Lisa scolded his curious mind.

"It won't be a problem Professor." Oliphia put a hand on Noah's shoulders. "Noah here said he knew how to get there, correct me if I am wrong." She grinned. 

Before his poor student was further scolded, his teacher eased them. "Don't concern yourselves about it, it is good to ask questions little Noah." He comforted his pupil. "You remind me a lot of your mother, who always questioned everything."

"Thanks Walt, but I don't want to delay you even more than I already had." He denied yet again his teacher's help. The reason for his insistence was because he needed to buy things in a shady place, Knockturn Alley.

"... Well, then take your letter with you, the listed materials are there." He excused himself seeing that his help wasn't needed, leaving the three of them alone.

"I will go get you some galleons to buy. Also, don't come back late." She warned him.

"Yes ma'am!" He saluted his new commander. Moments later, Oliphia apparated together with Noah to their destination. The feeling of it was quite nauseous and disorienting, he almost puked his empty stomach on top of a not-so-friendly wizard.

"I will be waiting for you here." She gestured towards a candies shop.

She likes... candies? That's good, now I can bribe her with it.

"Okay, I will be going then."

My first destination will be of course... Ollivander's Wands. I wonder who runs it now?

The moonlight shone on his black hair and amber eyes as he walked through the alley. The shop he knew since a child continued the same; dusty and disorganized, filled with hand-made wands.

"Hi there!" A young woman with fiery red hair exclaimed from behind Noah.

"Ah!" He jumped from his position, hissing like a cat in distress.

Why does this shop owner always scare the shit out of the customers?! Is it a requirement to work here?

"Might I ask what brings such a youngling to my humble shop?" She bowed in mockery.

He snapped at the question. "What do you think? Buy potions?"

"Hahaha, don't get so angry, I am just bored. Anyway, my name is Petra Olllivander and I will give you the perfect wand!" She declared. "Now, raise your hand for the measures."

"Fine..." He sat on a bench and did as told. Soon enough, she came with dozens of small boxes.

"I will ask you to take a wand at a time and try using it." She handed one box.

"That one is one of my finest, made of dark oak and dragon core. I am su-"

The wand exploded.

"Well, that could have gone better..." She said as pieces of the wand got stuck on her hair.

"Try this one then-"

Another one exploded.

"Huh, unusual." Her eyebrows trembled because of the waste of money.

"But I am sure that at least this-"

The boy once more tore apart the owner's money.

"Am I going to pay for this?" Sweat started pouring from his face.

"Even though I want to charge you, I can't. Sigh!" She sighed.

"Let me go get one of those behind the shop. Perhaps that old man is still better than me." The last part came out as a mutter, which didn't escape Noah's keen hearing.

10 minuter and a lot of money lost later, Petra came back with an odd box.

"By now I am betting my luck." She relented.

Noah opened the box expecting another spectacular wand, only to find... something.

"What is this?" He took on his hands a small ball.

"It was made by the previous owner. He named it: The Incomplete Wand. He explained that if the wand didn't find the wizard, then it was up to the wizard to find the wand. I don't know how you are supposed to use it, but... I don't know, it is better than not trying I guess." She shrugged.

 What do I do with this? If it's incomplete then I just need to discover what is missing.

Problem is... I don't know what it might be.

Come on, think! I am already late, Oliphia will for sure argue with me.

I don't want that!

He felt something getting out of his being, almost like his will materializing into the ball. His open eyes stopped seeing. And one by one, he lost his senses.

What is happening?! Did I touch something cursed?

As panic started to set in, everything turned white and a gentle breeze brushed across his soul, and somehow made him feel at ease.

Images flashed through his mind. Memories of his harsh childhood collided themselves with other memories, recollections of a good past.

Samuel and Noah, two different people were having a clash of minds.

He knew what this was about, those outside memories were from the young boy known as Noah. Of course, he could overcome the child's will, he had a stronger mind, result of his former struggles and mature intellect. He could do it, but he didn't want to. Erasing them was the same as killing the child, and he wasn't a murderer. Other than that, he owed him, for making this new life possible.

He willed to stop the attack, and instead embraced those memories and thoughts.

They became one; Noah.

Together with it, the ball transformed itself according to Noah's traits and strengths.

As he opened his eyes, the first thing he noticed was Petra staring at him with a pale face.

At his hands, an 11-inch wand emanated power in waves. The head of a powerful dragon, which held a white gem in its mouth, made the pommel. The handle and shaft had a twisted and spiral shape, featuring the engraving of a vicious snake making its way towards the pointy end, which could pierce the flesh. The material surprised Petra even more than the previous beacon of light which came close to blinding her; it was black metal.

"Mesmerizing." She uttered.





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