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"I didn't hear you boy, mind repeating yourself?" His voice was deep, Noah thought, way more than it was supposed to be.

Steeling his determination, he insisted on his proposal. "You heard me right, I want to work here!"

"And?" The man shrugged.

"And I can prove my capability if you give me permission." He stepped forward, maintaining his ground. 



The silence stretched for long painful seconds as they stared at each other. Noah didn't look away from the bulky man though, because he knew this moment was essential.

He is just like a job interviewer, I need to show confidence and determination or I won't get the job.

Yeah, that's right, just keep your cool Noah.

"HAHAHAHA, that's a good one." His loud voice vibrated through the shop, a few glass counters trembled as he laughed his ass off. 

"First time I saw you I thought it was just another stupid child running around." He stared Noah up and down once more, nodding to himself. "Now, would I look at that..." 

"Never seen such determination inside a brat's eyes before, can I know why such a thing?" 

"I need money." He said absent-mindedly.  


Crap, ran my tongue a little too far.

"Answer me like that one more time, and the last thing you see will be my foot, as I kick you out of here." His narrow eyes narrowed even further, almost closing themselves.

"Sorry." Noah apologized while bowing slightly. "The reason is that I got a Hogwarts acceptance letter, only problem is: I am dirty poor to buy the school materials." 

"You don't have money even for that? Are you a muggle-born?" He frowned.

Oh fuck, don't tell me he is one of those Pureblood supremacists! Can't lady luck be more gentle with me?!

"Why do you ask?" His words escaped his lips.

"It's just that... you don't need to go through all of that trouble to get the money." The shop owner explained.

"Huh, what?" His previous frown went even further.

Perceiving the kid's confusion, he continued "You do know that the Ministry of Magic recently passed a law which helps muggle-borns on this matter, don't you?"

"Wait... do you even know what it means to be a muggle-born, or what the Ministry of Magic is?" The burly man finally realized his mistake, there was no way muggles would know any of that in the first place.

Unaware to the owner questions, Noah was in deep thought for entirely another reason.

 I don't understand, why would they do that? From what I've known, the courts are controlled by the Sacred Twenty-Eight, families with strong Pureblood belief. They would prefer to die than approve something like that.

Once more his words found their way out. "No no, I know what those are. It's just that, I wonder why would they do that..." 

"Well, if it weren't for that... Hermione Granger, this law wouldn't exist. I've heard that she is a real high up in the Department of Magic Law Enforcement." As he was speaking his frown came back at full force. "I mean, she is meant to enforce, not make laws, but I guess defeating Voldemort have its perks." He spat on the floor, getting lost into his own musings, which Noah took as the frame of time to leave the Apothecary. By reading the owner's expressions, he was sure the man didn't like people of his type.

But soon his worries were replaced by deep passion, and the young man traveled through the bulk of people while lost on his prayers. Hermione, if you were my crush back on those days, then now you are my goddess!

 Promptly, he arrived at the Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

Damn... this is way more magnificent than in the film. He gawked at the entrance.

Instead of a normal facade, black marble streaked with red veins adorned the stairs leading to the reception, and columns were decorated with dragon engravings. Huh, these sure get the message across. "Don't steal, or we will do worse than cutting off your slippery hands." He stood there appraising the architecture, something his previous life could never provide him. So much so that a few passing people directed strange looks at him as they entered the bank.

"Papa, what's he doing?" A young girl asked while pulling her dad's robe to get attention.

"Don't look at him my daughter, must be a mudblood! Look at his clothes." His father rushed her inside, the previous curious expression of the young girl changed into a great mix of fear and disgust. Even the absent-minded Noah noticed the odd treatment.

It hurts when you look at me like that. Ha, no surprise on that though. But still, don't these wizards learn nothing from their past mistakes. Like... I don't know, the rise of a murderous overlord, old Voldy?

Entering the magnificent building, he quickly realized that magic was at play. On the inside, space increased ten-fold than it was supposed to be. Being surprised once more, he made his way through the workaholic goblins which didn't even spare a glance at him. Well, at least they don't care about me. 

"Excuse me, I would like to make a request." He respectfully requested while eyeing the grumpy goblin.

Turning a page of his dusty book, the goblin didn't even glance at him. "Which request?" His voice was nasal and low, making it hard to hear and understand.

"I am requesting for muggle-born protection?" Noah stated in doubt. He didn't know what to say, but he was sure he could work things around.

Finally, the goblin took his eyes away from his book. "Name?" He asked.


"No surname?"

"I am an orphan." 

"Wait a minute there then." He grumbled as he left his seat. "I'm gonna go get the book of recordings."

1 minute passed... 10... 30 minutes and the goblin finally came back. By then Noah was already considering to go looking for the bloody creature himself.

"Very well, follow me." He motioned with his disproportional hands. "As per the 5th regulation on Muggle-born rights, you have the right to receive the quantity needed to buy your school materials and 10 additional galleons for personal use." The goblin recalled as he walked in a fast-pace, for tiny legs that is.

Noah nodded as he followed the tiny creature towards the vaults. How such underground system could exist in the middle of the city was beyond him. Must be magic then. He reasoned as he got on a cart-like compartment. The machine was so fast that in less than 15 minutes they found themselves on the bottom of Gringotts. 

"Public Vault No107." A loud gust of air got out of the machinery as they arrived at their destination. 

"Lamp, please." Noah took a heavy lamp from under their carriage and gave it to him. 

"Key, please." He demanded. Why hold the lamp if you need to get the keys? He sighed inside his head before helping the clumsy goblin out.

CLICK. The key found its way inside and made its magic.

Various clicks went along the metal door as it transformed the keyhole onto a full-fledged door. Damn! He was once more surprised by magic. Seeing it in the movies and the real world is totally different, no wonder why Harry stood like an idiot every time there was magic. 

"Come in at once, or are you going to stay there?" He hissed at Noah's antics, after all, how much money could he be making instead of spoiling the brat.  

Yeah, stood like an idiot, just like me. He went into the enormous vault, which was overflowing with coins. There he got his money, which was less than 1% of what was available. One day I will have more than that. He promised to himself.

1 hour later and he was back at the orphanage. Although he desperately wanted to buy his wand, he couldn't. He needed to get back or his "foster family" would be worried.

Which will be my excuse anyway? I can't disappear without a reason. He wondered as he walked leisurely along the streets. 



Then he remembered his talk with his older sister and got an idea.

I am deeply sorry Madeline, but you will be my scapegoat. 






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