When coming back to retrieve his treasure, Noah just smiled. His new fellow brother and sisters wondered whether he had gone crazy or if Oliphia went a bit overboard. After all, it was strange to see a child pressing ice on the head while wincing slightly, but also smiling like the lottery's winner. There was no way they would know why such optimism.

Damn, I struck jackpot this time around.

Even though he was an orphan, again.

The caretaker has a gentle heart, way better than that witch.

Even though she hit his head pretty hard.

She can't fake her personality to me. She is a good person, and I have a lot of friends in this life.

Despite all the circumstances, he could only smile. All in all, he had it rough in his past life. Not only did his past caretaker try to make everyone's life miserable but he also didn't have any money to buy books, which were important for his future. The education of the public school he enrolled in was lacking in every possible way, so he needed to study by himself (something made impossible by the strict senile woman). He still painfully remembered all the mornings he woke up earlier than the others to slip out and go to the library, which was 9 blocks away. In addition to that, there was no public transport nearby. He went as far as working illegally in a shady restaurant to gain money, all so he could buy a bike to move faster around the city.

But against all odds, he made it through. He became a cunning and smart teenager by the age of 16. Along with his life, he prepared and studied to enroll into the best universities, which were far, far away from the orphanage he hated so much. If someone asked Noah what saved him from his unavoidable future, he would say:

Books, as simple as that.

Other than educational ones, he liked to read about fiction and fantasy, which allowed him to forget about his life's difficulties and carry on. Although what made the most impact on him, reminded a lot of his life; Harry Potter's saga.

Similar to him, Harry Potter's adoptive family was as good as trash. Nevertheless, he became a wizard and his life changed forever.

Change. That's what Noah craved for.

He wished his life took such a turn around.

Still, there was no magic, in reality, there were only harsh truths. He knew what fiction and reality were though, so he never lost himself into the books. They were more of a motivation to him, the promise of a better future.

And here he was, with the Hogwarts letter underneath his bed cushion and a new family. He knew they were good people, after meeting with all types of individuals he could judge well people's character. Although he wasn't informed why or how he got there, he was focused on his new objective, which was getting inside Hogwarts and learn some god defying spells. 

How I got here? Why am I here?

I don't know and I won't discover in the near future, so let's focus on other things.

You got to do what you can. And right now, I need to get into that college, and that's all I need to know.

Speaking of which...

He looked around his bedroom.

I'm poor...

He stated as dread crept its way up to his spine.

So how am I going to buy my school materials?

...Shit... I am feeling just like a Weasley.

"Oh hey Noah, are you okay?" A soft voice came from outside.

"Shit" He urged, raising his bed to hide the letter back. "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine, no need to... worry about me!" Noah insisted. 

"Are you sure-" A tall girl with long black hair opened the door. Her face showed all the worry on the world.

"Shit." He was caught red-handed. 

"What's that in your hand?" Her eyes sparkled at the sight of the paper.

"Oh nothing, just... the postman weekly letter." Noah blurted while trying to hide it behind his back.

No way I am getting out of this now.

"Of course... the postman, right?" An evil smile crept its way on her face.

"It looks like something else though..." She suggested while approaching closer. "Why would you try hiding it otherwise?" She asked with a thoughtful face.

My cute Noah! Receiving love letters! How could I, his sister, not know about this? She asked herself.

As the oldest in the house, it was her duty to know everything about the younger ones. Especially Noah, who was so cute and defenseless that she took him in as her brother - without his saying on the matter of course. 

"Who is the lucky one?" She demanded with her best intimidating stare. 

"Lucky one?" His face contorted in confusion.

"You won't fool your sister! Who is the girl we are talking about?" She got closer.

Girl, are you mad? What are you... OH! I see.

"Is not from here..." He babbled while making an embarrassed face and staring at the floor.

"I knew it! Is it Madeline?" She concluded, making a triumphant smile.

He gasped for air and was surprised for a moment, then got back to staring down.

"How did you know?" Noah stuttered, refusing to look up.

"How? I am your sister." She kneeled and hugged him. "There is just no way you can hide your secrets from me." A gentle smile replaced her previous one.

Are you sure about that? He thought while hugging back.

"You could tell me about it. I can give you a few hints of what a girl wants." She winked.


God, please no!

After 30 minutes of a long and painful session of cringy pieces of advice, he was by himself again.

I feel dead inside.

At the very least, during that torture, I could brainstorm some ideas about how to raise money.

Yup, that's right.

I am getting myself a job at brewing potions.

... I do wonder if they will accept a youthful boy with an 18 years old mind filled with potion recipes.

Thank god I still have a good memory.

I also discovered that I am very close to the Diagon Alley. Such a strange coincidence...

Not that I am complaining though, I already had my fill of walking long distances. 




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