Noah, by his new name, was between a rock and a hard place. Not only was his head pounding like a hammer, but new problems appeared, all of which came from the letter being held with all his strength by his hands.

Minutes before his new state of being, which could only be described by bewilderment, he was cursing at an innocent owl while with the face planted on the floor. After pouring out all the rage he felt with profanities, he finally started making questions about his new predicament. The first one which was of course:

What the hell happened to me?

He somehow felt smaller, out of place. Reaching out for a small mirror inside a drawer, he immediately discovered the root for his dilemma.

He wasn't him anymore in practice. The young face and malnourished body weren't his, to begin with!

What the hell indeed. He repeated to himself.

Firstly, this isn't a dream, because my head hurts even more than during the exams week. And I am pretty sure dreams don't go that far.

Surely right?

Well, with that possibility out of the way, then... He stared at the mirror once more as he pondered over his existence.

Am I crazy?

I mean, I never considered myself the prime example of a normal teenager, but this is way too much. Even for myself. No crazy punk can have such realistic dreams after all.

I think.

I hope.

Also, do maniacs concern themselves about their sanity?


Well, no way to find out. Enough of that, I'm not reaching anywhere.

I am not crazy nor dreaming. 

Noah nodded to no one in particular. For all he was worth, the past Samuel regarded himself as a pragmatic and resourceful person. He never strayed far from the presented reality, so he knew it was essential to analyze his current situation, otherwise, he would be fucked in an unknown place.

Okay, baby steps, baby steps. First, what is this letter?

He took it to inspection.

Although he was quick-witted, all he could do when turning around the strange piece of paper was gasp in utter shock.

There lay in all its glory, a red seal. A seal which he knew deeply and intimately. A seal which brought back memories from his orphan childhood.

The Hogwarts Seal?!

He stood there like an idiot for minutes. So much so that a high pitched voice rang through the old building walls.

"Get your ass down here NOAH!" An elderly lady shouted.

It was then that all the pieces of the puzzle locked themselves into place.

1. He had another body

2. A stupid owl hit him on the head

3. He received a Hogwarts letter

4. An old lady was shouting at him

It all made sense now!

It was obvious from the very start, how didn't he perceive what was going on?

He lost his sanity!

Ha, just kidding! I am in Harry Potter's fictional world.

Of course I am, why not? Right?

Right? He asked himself in despair. 


...This fucking owl had loosened some nails on my head and I am going to fucking kill it.

"NOAH!" The yell came even louder than before.

And now I am getting my ass whipped. Just how fortune can I be?

Hiding his treasure under his bed, he walked down the stairs towards the unknown. Along his way, he spotted many children running through long hallways. As he passed, the lousy children would snicker at him, often acknowledging his unavoidable punishment.

"Hehe, good luck up there with miss sympathy." A boy with brown messy hair giggled as he passed.

"Good job. Your fate is now sealed." A blonde with tidy hair stated as she adjusted her glasses, a giant book being carried by her delicate arms.

"Thanks." He murmured under his breath.

It looks like I am an orphan again. Jackpot!

Arriving there, he met eye to eye with who he could only describe as a stark and frigid lady. Her dark hair was tinted with white spots, but her face held to its former glory years. And if the ocean could describe someone, this someone would be her, for her eyes were blue and held a deep passion but unbending discipline.

"Great, he is finally here!" She bellowed while staring him up and down. "Now... would you mind to start explaining your absence at breakfast?" She asked with a frosty tone.

"Sorry, but you wouldn't believe if I said why." He stuttered while staring sheepishly down at the floor, trying desperately to get her compassion. Getting transported to another world just to get his ass handed wasn't on his bucket list after all.

Speaking of which, did he kick the bucket in his former world?

"OH, how enigmatic!" Her lips contorted between a laugh and snicker. "I am sure you have a good reason. Mind telling me for once or would you like me to use underhanded methods to open your mouth?" She cracked her knuckles. 

He looked up to her eyes and after 20 seconds of debating the pros and cons, he said as a matter of fact:

"An owl hit my head."

A smile was the only response he got... and 1 more hit to the head.

A great way to start indeed. He mused to himself while holding a pack of ice on his calluses. 



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