Time flew by in the headmistress office. Nothing was happening, nothing to worry about. She was bored out of her wits, but Minerva McGonagall liked it that way. After all, she had her banquet of problems, just managing the school was good already. Yawning, she turned her back to admire the two portraits behind.

“Albus, it seems our worries were for naught, there will be no troubles this year around Hog- “ An engraved pen lifted itself from the desk and started writing on an enormous book. Turning herself around again into the leather chair, sweat started forming on her forehead.

“What is it now, wizards appearing this time of the year? How curious…” She clearly hesitated, before relenting and reading what was being written.

Samuel - It wrote, but it wasn’t done yet, and for the first time since its creation, the pen wrote two names.

Samuel or Noah – And just like a puppet cut from its strings, the pen fell to the floor.

“How is this possible?” She spat in the book. "How can there be two names?" Her confusion was as much as a muggle witnessing magic for the first time.

“Can there be such a possibility?" She asked herself. "No, definitely not. This is not plausible or attainable by any means. An individual can only have one name... and why doesn’t he have a surname, an orphan perhaps?” As more questions started to settle on her mind, she looked once more to Albus Dumbledore’s painting with doubt written on her face. 

“It seems trouble always find its way inside our walls. No matter how much we try to protect our students.” A bitter smile formed on her lips.

“I can’t do anything about it, now can I?" She sniggered at her own misfortune. "Might as well start writing the admission letter and see what this young man will bring to the college. Will he be a bright student or another one which falls towards the wicked dark arts... only time will tell.” She took the pen back and started writing on the paper.


Where am I?

Was the first thought that Samuel had.

I was supposed to be entering the campus of my university…

Then his face turned a deep shade of red, but not because of panic.

How am I going to do the admission test now?!

Not at all, he was furious instead. Because all the time he spent studying went right through the window.

And for what? Me being kidnapped?? I am a freaking orphan, why would anyone kidnap me?!

Rather than the old-fashioned campus, filled with statues and fountains, now he was in an old bedroom, quite rustic filled with long-forgotten spider webs. A claustrophobic would feel its heart jumping in this compact place. Analyzing the surroundings, he perceived the lack of bindings and a relatively open window.

First, they kidnap me on a grand day and then they don’t even give themselves the work of securing the hostage. Damn you, incompetent hijackers! He screamed on the inside.

The doorknob rotated, and the door opened. Filled with dark thoughts, Samuel prepared himself to throw all the seven curses on the culprit for his misfortune. Gone was the fear of a possible hostage situation, for he was too angry to think about that.

“Damn YOU! Do you even know the WORK I had put into studying for that test?!" He glared at the approaching shadow. "And then WHAT, I get fucking abducted?! You motherfu-” 

The door opened to reveal a petite girl around her teenager years with curly black hair and freckles marking her face. With a bored face, she said in a monotone:

“Stop your daydreaming Noah, get your shit together and get down for breakfast." She narrowed her eyes at him. "Oliphia is waiting for you, and you know how bad that can be.” Then the door closed.

A shit face Samuel/Noah stared at the door, almost burrowing holes on it.

“Noah… breakfast… daydreaming” He repeated her words.

“The fuck?”

And just like that, an owl entered like lightning into the bedroom, hitting Noah right into the head. The letter it carried flew into the air, landing perfectly on top of the poor boy.


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