In the deep emptiness of space, there was a tree. This was no ordinary tree at all considering that it was doing perfectly alright for itself, here in the empty expansive of outer space!

The tree was of a blindingly pure white color, with a hint of gold here and there. The leaves of the tree were the same pure white shades, and they were as massive as small islands. The branches of the tree were as thick as regular-sized continents, and they each stretched on endlessly into the horizon. The trunk of the tree was so immense and broad, just as it should be for a creation so grand and magnificent-- that it took up a scope which your eyes could not see from one end to another.

The great tree stood on an enormous landmass which stretched on and on for what felt like forever to a mortal's mind. The roots of the tree were tethered to dozens of planets of varying sizes and coloring-- clearly indicating their various temprates, and they acted as anchors to the tree so that it could not drift off into whatever which way.

A myriad of different stars glittered brightly in the background of the tree, bathing the tree with many different colors; which in turn created a sight of pure beauty and wonder for which all who laid their eyes upon would stare in open wonder and fascination.

Here stood the World Tree!

The first tree to ever come into existence, and the greatest one in all of the Known Cosmos!

On its body lived countless lifeforms, and many different and strange races. Some knew of the existence of the tree, but many more did not even have a clue that the land which they stood upon and called home was alive. Regardless, the tree did not care about that at all, since in its view they were all nothing but small little ants which it enjoyed watching benevolently from time to time.

Yet, for those who know very well and grasped their place in this realm, they worshiped and cared for the great tree with absolute dedication and devotion.

At the crown of the tree, three women of striking elvish beauty converged on top of the mass of leaves and small branches that made up the crown of the tree. The place simply looked like an endless white expanse to them which stretched on as far as the eyes could see.

A slight wind rustled the leaves causing the branches to sway in the wind and created a mesmerizing sight. At that signal, the three women immediately fell to one knee and bowed their heads right away. They stayed on their knees for a while until another wind blew once more in the meadow-like expanse, indicating for them to all stand-up.

Then the elven women in the middle with pale purple skin and hair of the same color, spoke up. Her voice was so heavenly and divine that it sounded like birds chirping away in the morning dawn.

"You called for us father?" She asked in a respectful and solemn tone that which her luminescent purple eyes carried as well.

At the elven women's question, a deep, gravel-like ancient voice spoke up from out of nowhere and everywhere all at the same time. The voice was no louder than a whisper at all, but it was perfectly clear for all to hear.

"Yes... I did... Keara," was the only response, given by the ancient voice.

Seeing that there was not another answer forthcoming, the elven women on the left stepped forward. She was simply pure gold, just like how the other elven woman, was completely purple. She had long pointy ears, a yellow golden skin tone that shined like that of pure gold, and hair like that of a small ray of golden sunlight.

Her golden eyes were downcast towards the ground in respect as she spoke up with that rich, angelic voice that all these women seem to carry. "For which purpose did you call us for, father?"

After a long moment of silence, the voice spoke up once more as it came from nowhere and everywhere. "Ahhhh... it seems like.... change... is upon us... Tameriel."

Not letting the silence rein once more the elven women on the right articulated the question all three women had on their minds. "What is this change, you speak of father?" This elven woman was pure white all around from head to toe, her hair was a white flowing sheen and her skin was like lustrous pearls. Not stopping there, at only that question only, she also raised her next question too.

"And what does it have to do with us, father?"

The gravel voice finally gave the three elven women an answer that they could comprehend, and it was something that shocked them to their very core and had their thoughts swirling in a mist!

"Another... True... Eternal being... is on the... rise Miriel!"

A picture to get an idea of how big the Ethereal World Tree is:

The coloring of the Ethereal World Tree:

A picture of the Three Sisters:

Moon Elves:
Sun Elves:
Star Elves:

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