Auntie toasts the VRMMORPG

by Joan_Ninja_Hen

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi Female Lead GameLit LitRPG Magic Martial Arts Reader interactive Slice of Life Strong Lead Virtual Reality

A retired German engineer enters the VRMMORPG because her son thinks she can't burn it down. He might be wrong ...


- Toaster, lots of toasters

- Crafting, especially crafting toasters

- Training

- Complex game mechanics

- Slow pacing, I mean really SLOW

- Octopussy companion

- Jokes about elves and paladins

Contains no / nearly any:

- Romance

- Plot


New chapters in September: Mondays and Thursdays.


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The crazy virtual adventures of a retired engineer auntie!

Hahaha, this story is just so fun to read, so many reasons but mainly the main character.

Flora Fluss is a retired German engineer who even after her retirement retains her intense passion for engineering, and that does get her in quite the weird situations. After one such and a discussion with her son, she discovers about the existence of the Virtual World and is told how useful playing the game may be for her hobbies, thus she decides to go Virtual, just that she knows near nothing about games at all, and will undoubtly have a intense ride, causing chaos at times, much to her son's dismay.

What i like about how the author wrote the characters, is that with the MC, the author went for a unusual choice, and made the character a retired engineer,  it is just so rare to find human characters of old age in webfiction.

Flora Fluss is just a great character, the author has captured the fact that she is a engineer very well. Along with that she is of age, and behaves like it (most of the time anyways), she is not afraid of discovering new things due to her engineering hobby, but has a low interest in the normal gaming stuff and rather does her own things. She can be quite eccentric at times, and especially a perfectionist when possible.

This story takes place in the near future, where Virtual reality technologies have been developed to the extent that your brainwaves can be used, so far not much else has been shown of what happened in the real world, rather the focus of the story so far is on the Virtual Reality.

The Game is quite well developed, with some fresh idea's used, nothing truly unique seen so far, but that is not necessary. Im liking how the MC can use glitches and exploits, but within a certain limit, since they will be patched. She is quite overpowered though, but not invicible at all. A thing i sort of have a doubt with is, the amount of ingame currencies, there are like 5 different ones, all intended for other things, i just feel like its a bit overdoing it with that amount,  Real money trading is also possible, but has been limited to a set amount so it cannot be seriously abused.

Good grammar in general, especially considering the fact that the author is not a native english speaker, few errors and typo's spotted, but they are still here. Normally they shoulnt pose a problem  for reading this story.

Nice style, it reads well, is enjoyable to read, it may be very slow paced (the character creation chapters are a good example of this) but it does not get boring. This is partly due to the fact that it is funny, with many moments that should make the reader laugh! One of the problems i noticed is that the stat tables get quite clunky, with how much numbers they have.

This story features quite a decent amount of technical terms, mainly due to the fact that the MC is a engineer. Dont be scared of the slow pacing however, its fun to read!

Greatly recommended to come read, it is so enjoyable while being slow paced, Flora Fluss is also a fun character to read about, and then there is the fact that this story is a VR one focused on comedy!

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Creative and Zany and odd

This is probably going to be an odd fun read if your interested in silly geek stuff.

jamie mackay
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Technical minded people beware this novel will put your knowledge to shame

Very enjoyable series with a unique quirky theme. Thoroughly enjoyed it keep up the good work.

One thing to note... not enough tech speak and jargon we need more. MORE I SAY!!! :)

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Better than sliced bread: Toast!

The characters are all original and fun, particularly the MC. Not to mention a seriously underrepresented demographic here (60+ women AND women in tech). The story (10 chapters) hasn't really gone anywhere yet but we've got a great understanding of the main character and a little world building on the side.

Honestly, I'm just happy to find another story that has the comedy tag that is comedy first.

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A surprisingly pleasant read that tickles your funny bone.

I will not lie.  I'm not the biggest fan of the whole VRMMO scenario, but this story puts a smile to my face. The story gives us a very interesting main character who is one of the rare elderly main character in these stories and web novels in general.  I love the character and her adventures in the virtual world and I can't wait to see what comes next.