Auntie toasts the VRMMORPG

Auntie toasts the VRMMORPG

by Joan_Ninja_Hen

~~ On Hiatus ~~

After Flora Fluss burns down the kitchen, her son insists she is too old to live alone. She's got two choices. Either move into a retirement home or spend the rest of her life within a virtual reality game governed by society's most advanced artificial intelligence. When you've worked a lifetime as an engineer for home appliances, naturally, you go with the option that has more toasters. 

Soon, Flora finds out that the virtual world is more familiar than she thought. Though, it takes her a while to get used to the idea that tanks don't hold water or oil but the aggro of mobs.  

Auntie toasts the VRMMORPG contains cute crafting, complicated game-mechanics plus how to exploit them, unconventional training methods, and a lot of toasters.


New chapters: Mondays and Thursdays.


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Top List #400
3rd Anniversary
Word Count (14)
Table of Contents
188 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Polyester Hat cooked Dragon Eggs ago
2. To the new World ago
3. Engineering a Body - The Skeleton (Part 1) ago
4. Engineering a Body - The Skeleton (Part 2) ago
5. Engineering a Body - Ligaments, Muscles, and Tendons ago
6. Engineering a Body - Blood and Organs ago
7. Engineering a Body - Nerves, Senses, and Skin ago
8. Welcome to the Metaworld ago
9. Central Bank Robby ago
10. Banking and getting an AI ago
11. Nocks ago
11.b In the Loser's Corner ago
12. Riverstones and Jerkies ago
13. Riverstones and Crafting ago
14. Animated Skins ago
15. Tricky Beach ago
16. The Seven Masters Dojo ago
17. Potion Guzzler ago
18. Free-Running Workshop and Coffin Optimization ago
19. Trick-Animations ago
20. ToDo-List ago
21. Anti-Collision ago
22. Lawyers ago
23. Meeting Squad Four-One ago
24. Grinding XP ago
25. Martial Arts Mannequin-Routines ago
26. The Garage ago
27. Doom Moon - Part 1 ago
28. Doom Moon - Part 2 ago
29. Wing Tsun Advancement and Eddie ago
30. The Trail of Worlds ago
31. The Class System ago
32. Preparations ago
33. Doom Moon Second Attempt ago
34. Doom Moon 2 - The Sewers ago
35. Doom Moon 2 - Energymaster Flora ago
36. E21 ago
37. Workshop Expansion ago
38. Robo-Melee Crafting ago
39. A new Lair, Charade and Books ago
Bonus Chapter: Genesis ago
40. Octopussy, Library and Stehaufmaennchen ago
41. Doom Moon 3 - Deja Vu ago
42. Doom Moon 3 - Escape ago
43. Doom Moon 3 - Conclusion ago
44. 3D-Printer and Class-Tree ago
45. Priesting and Smithing ago
46. Plans ago
X-Mas Bonus Chapter ago
47. It's a Trap ago
48. Robot Handler ago
49. Conference ago
50. Focus on the Focus ago
51. Fire-Flies and Fire-Tigers ago
52. The Virtual WS in the Virtual WS in the Virtual Reality ago
53. Elemental Classes ago
54. It's a Trap not a Turret and Hammering ago
55. Refining Metal ago
56. I'm the champion! ago
57. Cluster Short Circuit! ago
58. Unusual high-grade AI ago
59. Project Four-Hands ago
60. Robo-Melee Training ago
61. Robo Melee Training - The Battle ago
62. Tigressa Flameante and Ranking ago
63. Tidying up the Skill Tab and Mia's Batticle ago
64. Batticle Modification ago
65. Ready to sleep ago
66. Counting Sheep ago
67. Bulldozing and Super Mario Aunties ago
68. Building the Pyramid - Part 1 ago
69. Building the Pyramid – Part 2 ago
70. Building the Pyramid – Part 3 ago
71. The Mini-Masters Lounge ago
72. Player versus Player - Lesson ago
73. Player versus Player - Matches ago
74. Robo-Melee - The Arena ago
75. Robo-Melee - Battle Royal (Part 1) ago
76. Robo-Melee - Battle Royal (Part 2) ago
77. The Quality of Flowing Flowers ago
78. Technomancer ago
79. Prep Crafting ago
80. The Duel - Round One ago
81. The Duel - Round Two ago
82. Doom Moon Four - Engines ago
83. Doom Moon Four – Patching ago
84. Doom Moon Four - Resolution ago
85. The Hero's Entrance ago
86. The Sewage ago
87. Garbage Disposal ago
88. Garbage Disposal - Sewage ago
89. Garbage Disposal - The Alchemist ago
90. Wrapping up the Hero's Entrance ago
91. Temple Business ago
92. The Banquet ago
Glossary ago
2.0 Dear Diary – Recap of Book One Flora Style ago
2.1 Temple Cleaning ago
2.2 Temple Cleaning - Favorite Home Appliance ago
2.3. Temple Cleaning – The Burden of Proof is on You ago
2.4. Temple Cleaning – The wayward Pope ago
2.5. The Woes of Gods ago
2.6. Training Academy ago
2.7 Building a Training Facility ago
2.8 Building a Training Facility – Affinities and Abilities ago
2.9 Building a Training Facility – Boxes ago
2.10 Building a Training Facility – Construction ago
2.11 Building a Training Facility – Construction Part 2 ago
2.12 BBQ Planning ago
Mia's Backstory ago
2.13 Teaching the Pebbles ago
2.14 Contribution Analysis ago
2.15 The Opposition is rearing their white Heads ago
2.16 Teaching the Pebbles – Part 2 ago
2.17 Weekly Chat with the Goddess ago
2.18 Investigating the defiled Shrine ago
2.19 Dull Spoons ago
2.20 Stake Out ago
2.21 #CancelFlowingFlowers ago
2.22 Stake Out – Part 2 ago
2.23 Stake Out – Part 3 ago
2.24 Planning ago
Chapter 2.25 Sweeping Blow Aptitude Test ago
2.26 SBAT – Attributes ago
2.27 SBAT – Attributes 2 ago
2.28 SBAT – Attributes 3 ago
2.29 SBAT – Weapon Talent ago
2.30 SBAT – Party Role – Ranged DD ago
2.31 SBAT – Party Role – Damage Dealer ago
2.32 SBAT – Party Role – Melee ago
2.33 SBAT – Party Role – Tank ago
2.34 SBAT – Party Role – Healer ago
2.35 SBAT – Effects ago
2.36 Animator ago
2.37 Animator – Part 2 ago
2.38 Animator – Part 3 ago
2.39 SBAT – Companion Administration ago
2.40 SBAT – Wrap Up ago
2.41 Breach ago
2.42 Breach – Part 2 ago
2.43 Consolidation ago
2.44 Brain Boils ago
2.45 Healing ago
2.46 Spa Day ago
2.47 Riverstones versus Brooklyn Bowlers – Pre Game and 1v1 ago
2.48 RSvBB – Tag Team and 3v3 ago
2.49 RSvBB – 4v4 Relay and 10v10 ago
2.50 RSvBB – 10v10 – Part 2 ago
2.51 Training Montage ago
2.52 Achievement Hunt ago
2.52 Bonus-Material ago
2.53 New Ride ago
2.54 Homebody ago
2.55 Homebody – Part 2 ago
2.56 Real Life ago
2.57 AI History ago
2.58 Questing ago
2.59 Questing – Killing Production Line ago
2.60 Questing – Cavern of Squack ago
2.61 Questing - Rewards ago
2.62 Zauberberg ago
2.63 Elemental Caverns ago
2.64 Elemental Caverns – Part 2 ago
2.65 Elemental Harvest ago
2.66 Babysitting ago
2.67 Entourage Selection – Meeting ago
2.68 Entourage Selection – Meeting 2 and Test 1 ago
2.69 Analysis of the Shrine Attacks ago
2.70 Entourage Selection – Test 2 ago
2.71 Entourage Selection – Result ago
2.72 Mia sleeps, Flora hustles ago
2.73 Holy Tolly ago
2.74 Speed-Run - Elemental Challenge ago
2.75 Speed-Run – Part 2 ago
Money, Money, Cetviwos Money ago
2.76 Relaxing, or at least attempting to relax ago
2.77 Nock Jam-Session ago
2.78 Crafting and Shopping Spree ago
2.79 Skin Carver ago
2.80 Last-Minute Grab for Goodies ago
2.81 Tutorial Tower ago
2.82 Tutorial Tower – Part 2 ago
2.83 Tutorial Tower – Part 3 ago
2.84 Tutorial Tower – Part 4 ago
2.85 Tutorial Tower – Part 5 ago
2.86 Remote Arms ago
2.87 Leveling Up! ago
2.88 Playing around ago

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The mad-engineer meets the energizer bunny

Reviewed at: 23. Meeting Squad Four-One

This story takes to you.

the Virtual world is currently an open world with many possibilities, from Sci-Fi to toaster competitions going through the magical slash-hack.

The MC is fun, with a down-to-earth kind of humor mixed with a tinkering-engineer spirit.

She is both trying to min-max for the technical aspect of it, but totally into granny-stuff, and not at all interested by the normal gaming things.

She is more a tinkerer-inventor than a pure engineer, but she has enough of the engineering part that it's great.


A surprisingly pleasant read that tickles your funny bone.

Reviewed at: 16. The Seven Masters Dojo

I will not lie.  I'm not the biggest fan of the whole VRMMO scenario, but this story puts a smile to my face. The story gives us a very interesting main character who is one of the rare elderly main character in these stories and web novels in general.  I love the character and her adventures in the virtual world and I can't wait to see what comes next.


So this is a nice story. I just need one word to describe. Toast. 

Yet it is already in the name. 

A rapid summary to keep things simple and technical:

Character: Aunt, and son. Those are the most important ones on first 16 chaps. The Aunt is 3d while son, the AIs, the bleeper and others are just there to show MC. But thats the purpose, we care about the aunt... And the hidden char: Toaster-kun. 4.5 although it should be a bit less. Guess I am in good mood. 

Grammar: Minor typos not important or relevant. I am not one of those grammar nazis, I read harder stuff with worse grammar and it isn't relevant if you don't have OCD or work as a writer/editor. 5. 

Style: Good yet simple to me. It is enjeoyable. Nothing exceptional but it works for the story. 4. 

Story: Auntie in VR is a very simple plot. Yet I haven't seen one like this so both fused gives a 4. What do you expect an aunt to do in VR, well to upgrade her body to a point that's different from her real life one and for an odd character-comedy-driven reason, to make toasters. Kill mob make a toaster tank, toaster plane, using a toaster to fry a dragon into bread... Well, something like that I imagine... How far can it go depends on author as potential of the story is enough for a story but not for a series. In my opinion. 

Overall: 4.5 

Conclusion: enjoyable, freshly toasted bread made by an engineering M auntie that toasts herself. Beware of explosions and failures in experiments. 

PS: For engineers and others. 

Spoiler: Spoiler



The crazy virtual adventures of a retired engineer auntie!

Reviewed at: 14. Animated Skins

Hahaha, this story is just so fun to read, so many reasons but mainly the main character.

Flora Fluss is a retired German engineer who even after her retirement retains her intense passion for engineering, and that does get her in quite the weird situations. After one such and a discussion with her son, she discovers about the existence of the Virtual World and is told how useful playing the game may be for her hobbies, thus she decides to go Virtual, just that she knows near nothing about games at all, and will undoubtly have a intense ride, causing chaos at times, much to her son's dismay.

What i like about how the author wrote the characters, is that with the MC, the author went for a unusual choice, and made the character a retired engineer,  it is just so rare to find human characters of old age in webfiction.

Flora Fluss is just a great character, the author has captured the fact that she is a engineer very well. Along with that she is of age, and behaves like it (most of the time anyways), she is not afraid of discovering new things due to her engineering hobby, but has a low interest in the normal gaming stuff and rather does her own things. She can be quite eccentric at times, and especially a perfectionist when possible.

This story takes place in the near future, where Virtual reality technologies have been developed to the extent that your brainwaves can be used, so far not much else has been shown of what happened in the real world, rather the focus of the story so far is on the Virtual Reality.

The Game is quite well developed, with some fresh idea's used, nothing truly unique seen so far, but that is not necessary. Im liking how the MC can use glitches and exploits, but within a certain limit, since they will be patched. She is quite overpowered though, but not invicible at all. A thing i sort of have a doubt with is, the amount of ingame currencies, there are like 5 different ones, all intended for other things, i just feel like its a bit overdoing it with that amount,  Real money trading is also possible, but has been limited to a set amount so it cannot be seriously abused.

Good grammar in general, especially considering the fact that the author is not a native english speaker, few errors and typo's spotted, but they are still here. Normally they shoulnt pose a problem  for reading this story.

Nice style, it reads well, is enjoyable to read, it may be very slow paced (the character creation chapters are a good example of this) but it does not get boring. This is partly due to the fact that it is funny, with many moments that should make the reader laugh! One of the problems i noticed is that the stat tables get quite clunky, with how much numbers they have.

This story features quite a decent amount of technical terms, mainly due to the fact that the MC is a engineer. Dont be scared of the slow pacing however, its fun to read!

Greatly recommended to come read, it is so enjoyable while being slow paced, Flora Fluss is also a fun character to read about, and then there is the fact that this story is a VR one focused on comedy!


Interesting concept.... is mostly numbers.

Reviewed at: 2.41 Breach

I love the premise of this story, and the main character (Flora) is incredibly fun to read about. 

That said, it's too much about the litrpg numbers for me to really get into it. You'd need to be someone who is really into the maths behind games systems to be able to truly immerse yourself into this one. 
As an example, we just recently got past a10 chapter streak of Flora going through a test/experience thing in game, where she throughly deconstructed all her varied Skills, how they worked, and what to do to improve them going forward. 

I skipped the bulk of it, but it was apparently something that was voted for on her Patreon. If I am remembering correctly. So, to each their own, I guess. 

That said, I am still following along and reading what story development there is between all the number crunching. And I am enjoying it still. 

F.L. Riley

Not just well written. Well written with humor.

Reviewed at: 69. Building the Pyramid – Part 2

Hard to believe that this character is so fun and relatable.  The MC is so not your typical character.  She's a Granny, and proud of her age and her accomplishments.

She brings a fresh perspective to character creation and leveling philosophy.  Why level when there are so many stats and skills to gain at level  1?

Skateboarding to increase stats?  Why not?  And make a skateboard with a holographic projection that displays Granny's knickers while at it!  The better she does, the more those  Knickers get stained!

It really came as a surprise to me that I would find Granny staining her Knickers so damn funny.  Give this a try.  It really is worth it!


The characters are all original and fun, particularly the MC. Not to mention a seriously underrepresented demographic here (60+ women AND women in tech). The story (10 chapters) hasn't really gone anywhere yet but we've got a great understanding of the main character and a little world building on the side.

Honestly, I'm just happy to find another story that has the comedy tag that is comedy first.


After reading to chapter 50, i've lost interest here.  The story started strong with a great plot of an underestimated granny who leverages her design experience and fresh perspective to get a strong start to the game and earn some money. But the story loses focus.  Like an entire 50 chapters have gone by and she is still in Metaworld and hasn't entered the Cradle noob area of the actual game yet. 

moreover the chapters are starting to really be repetitive in some sense with the same kind of thing happening over and over to earn a new skill or class or scenario. basically a lot has happened but no real progression.  alot of stats talked about but its unclear what it actually means or why we should care. 


really enjoyed this but got a little lost as the series went on. Too much information added on without enough time to adjust to it. Some really cool concepts and the characters(or really our dear grandma) are well defined. I like a lot of the ideas and some of the foreshadowing makes me really curious to where this is going. But! She sounds busier than I am and I'm in university! What the heck man! You should cut down on the sheer amount of things she is doing. It would also help to have some of the acronyms in brackets (aka ac(alternating current)) for the more out there acronyms. 

i like the grandmas knowledge, take on life and general humour but felt it was going way to fast for me to keep up. There is also very little conflict so far, however that's ok if the story is interesting without it. 

anyways continue writing good stories like this one!


I really like crafting in games I play and theres not very many litrpgs I've read that focus enough on crafting for my tastes. Great story about an elderly woman who's schooling the kids about how to really be an elite gamer which I love. Plot is in it's early stages but I've enjoyed what's happened so far and hope it continues to expand.