A Gentleman's Curse: Arc 2

by Vistiel

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Moving forward from his past wasn't easy and the world of magic he has accepted continues to be drawn deeper and deeper into turmoil. Finally turning of age, the Mage Academy and all it holds awaits Damien, ready to turn his expectations upside down while the ones he loves must decide what it is they want in life.


This is the second Arc of my series. Find the first part at https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/15983/a-gentlemans-curse. The unedited versions of these chapters are also up there after chapter 27, if you can't wait for the edits, and I will be posting my edits there and here. I'm making this in an attempt to separate the two arcs in the future, and pave an expectation for arc three later this winter. Thanks for your support!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: New Beginnings [E] ago
Chapter 2: New Companions [E] ago
Chapter 3: Arrival [E] ago
Chapter 4: Initiation [E] ago
Chapter 5: First Tracks [E] ago
Chapter 6 : First Communion [E] ago
Chapter 7: Orientation [E] ago
Chapter 8: Advanced Sadist [E] ago
Chapter 9: Break [E] ago
Chapter 10: Knowledge Is Power [E] ago
Chapter 11: Tours [E] ago
Chapter 12: Advanced Manipulation [E] ago
Chapter 13: Advanced Manipulation 2 [E] ago
Chapter 14: Beast Handling [E] ago
Chapter 15: Cheaters Get Special Love [E] ago
Chapter 16: Death Alley [E] ago
Chapter 17: Calm Before The Storm [E] ago
Chapter 18: The Storm [E] ago
Chapter 19: The Storm Pt. 2 [E] ago
Chapter 20: Excursion Pt. 1 [E] ago
Chapter 21: Excursion Pt. 2 [E] ago
Chapter 22: Excursion Pt. 3 [E] ago
Chapter 23: Rest Day [E] ago
Chapter 24: Woodcutting [E] ago
Chapter 25: New Things [E] ago
Chapter 26: Sound Decisions [E] ago
Chapter 27: Crouching Tiger Hidden Damien [E] ago
Chapter 28: Intermission? [E] ago
Chapter 29: Training [E] ago
Chapter 30: A Day In Town [E] ago
Chapter 31: Angry Hippies [E] ago
Chapter 32: Decisions [E] ago
Chapter 33: Conductor [E] ago
Chapter 34: The Whole Family [E] ago
Chapter 35: Savior [E] ago
Chapter 36: In-Laws [E] ago
Chapter 37: Party Time [E] ago
Chapter 38: Breathless [E] ago
Chapter 39: The Shadow's Company [E] ago
Chapter 40 : The Fallout PT 1 [E] ago
Chapter 41: The Fallout PT 2 [E] ago
Chapter 42: Planning [E] ago
Chapter 43: Parting [E] ago
Chapter 44: The Fae and Iron [E] ago
Chapter 45: Revolution [E] ago
Chapter 46: Water [E] ago
Chapter 47: First Strike [E] ago
Chapter 48: First Strike pt 2 [E] ago
Chapter 49: First Strike pt 3 [E] ago
Chapter 50: Revenge [E] ago
Chapter 51: A Trade [E] ago
Chapter 52: Stalking [E] ago
Chapter 53: Second Strike [E] ago
Chapter 54: Heartbreak [E] ago

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A improvement on a already great story

Reviewed at: Chapter 22: Excursion Pt. 3 [E]

this is a revision of his orginal story and so far it helps smooth out certain little inconsistencies and overall grammar improvment. still one of my favorite novels on this site and cant wait for it to eventually get to new material


Excellent book, signed up to rate/ follow so I wouldn't loose track of the story.  I'd agree with an editor and would recommend at least putting it up on kindle unlimited at minimum.

Felix Acroama

Isekai? Check

Interesting magical system? Check

Unusual powers that have the potential to become op? Check

Fiery lover? Check

Kind lover? Check

This was one of the best novels on rrl, now it's a gaping hole in my heart. 
Consider this review as part of an arcane ritual to summon author-san back from wherever he's hiding.