A Beginner's Guide to Napping, Sunbathing, and Slaughtering Your Prey

A Beginner's Guide to Napping, Sunbathing, and Slaughtering Your Prey

by TigerCannon

Fang is a simple cat. 

Fang likes napping in the sun. 

Fang does not like being called Chairman Meow. 

Fang likes his belly being scratched for precisely 17.329 seconds. 

Fang does not like being punted between dimensions. 

Fang likes hunting and killing defenseless wildlife. 

Fang does not like mysterious blue boxes that appear out of thin air. 


Fang is having a Very Bad Day.



A few things to note:

Fang is a cat soul in a cat body, and that's not going to change any time soon. No cat girl evolution or possessed puppet or any of that. 

The slice of life tag is there for a reason. There is no epic tale here, only a cat doing cat things in a (hopefully) interesting setting. 

The game elements are pretty light, mostly there for flavor, so don't expect a huge amount of crunch.

Nature is cruel, and cats are crueler than most. 

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An adorable little romp following a psychopath

As of chapter 7, this is a lighthearted romp following an isekai's journey through a fantastical world where our protagonist murders and/or tortures almost every living thing he finds. The only reason this is lighthearted is because we love cats. Cats are evil creatures to anything smaller than them, but because they're tiny predators we find them adorable.

This tiny story, too is adorable. I look forward to seeing what it's like as it grows. 


The only flaws:

There's a very occasional typo/grammar issue, but it really is minor. 

The characters are very one-dimensional. We've only known the humans for a single chapter, so I look forward to revising the character score if they become more rounded out. The protagonist is a simple creature (so far) and so lack of character growth is understandable, but I really hope that we see some growth from them all.


Just Makes You Want to Meow Your Heart Out

 I love Fang. Chairman Meow is certainly a better name, but Fang doesn't like to be called that. And I respect that. And I fear him. So I'll refer to him as Fang. Being quite the deadly creature, Fang inspires fear in all his enemies, and admiration in everybody else. He is perfectly aware of his superiority, and represents my old house cat near-perfectly.
I'd have to say that the story definitely caught me with its title, and the story is absolutely fabulous. Four and a half stars to grammar just because I noticed a few errors, but I know I always miss those, myself. And they're not too prominent, so it really has no bearing on the rating.
Five stars for the unique idea and original character, as well as how much it makes me miss my old feline friend.

Endless Paving

It’s kind of weird to imagine a story being both a comedic slice of life and an action adventure at the same time, but this one is going for it. Thus far it has not been very serious or grim to any degree, other than the ruthless slaugher of forest animals, but the MC is so hilariously adorable that I’d call this a light hearted story. And with how the story develops with fantastical travels and encounters it is very much an adventure. A cat adventure. Who doesn’t love the tales of tiny non-human things?

This is a story without shame, it knows what it’s doing and it doesn’t hold back. The protagonist is an amazingly self-confident feline that happened to jump down the rabbit hole of GameLit Isekai and gained the power of being an awesome litRPG hero. He is the most perfect being there is and any claim otherwise is slander. Sometimes there are creatures that are powerful and massive... and he graciously devides to let them live by searching for prey elsewhere. He has Skills, leveling would imoly he wasn’t perfect already?! Sometimes, he can even sort of deal with numbers bigger than two!

He has human pets, and they do his bidding, because of course they do, at least when their tiny brains understand his obvious intentions. He is superior after all. See how they offer the tribute of food and petting when he demands them. No one can tell him what to do, he does what be wants, not even reverse psychology could fool his cunning wits.

This is of course a high fantasy magic story, and our hero wield the force of warm sunny feelings gathered from napping, sunbathing, and slaughtering his prey. All these things give power, probably, and it’s a hard day’s work to lie around so much, but those forest animals totally deserved it.

Th character and style shine out as the best parts of the entire story, in fact they are the story. The only lacking is the plot, in that there is only 9 chapters! Where are the rest? I want my plot! Tell me what happens next! There is always something about to happen, but the story also knows not to rush things, not to rush the cat, because sometimes just napping for a while om the nice sunny rock is fine.



A beginners guide to napping sunbathing and slaughtering starts with Fang just having another normal day, living with his pet human who clearly loves him, but then a pesky prey appears in the garden and decides to flee in the rabbithole which coincidentally is a one-way portal to another world. Now there in that world, full of new prey to hunt and good napping places, Fang is having the time of his life, or atleast would have, if there werent those pesky Blue boxes appearing in front of Fang.

Great character in this story! Fang(the other name is forbidden) is a such well written cat, behaving like a cat should, being pure evil and a selfish-jerk at all times while also rightly convinced of his own perfection. Seriously Fang alone is a reason to read this story, he is plainly amazing.

A thing i noticed is, that so far characters other than Fang havent been shown to be much overall, but once again, this is most likely due to the fact that the story is short currently.

Not much to say about the world, its so far nicely done. And the plot, well... Hahahaha, even if it is only a cat being a cat, with some additional adventures, it has been a amazing read, so far Fang has terrortized the entire forest, annoys a big monster to death, finds some new toys and pets to play with.

I can see some people having problems with the fact that this story has no concrete plot direction outside of Fang being a cat doing cat things in a Fantasy world, personally i dont mind reading such for a while, but i hope that eventually changes, since it could become stale and that would be a problem.

No problems with grammar so far in this story, maybe could be done better with some odd wordings, but all is fine to me.

Im really liking how this story is written, great pacing, easy and enjoyable to read, with just the good balance of comedy, action and other elements. New information is handled in a good way, throughout the story, and it helps that Fang is just such a character that doenst care about such meager information.

I just dont know where this story will go next, but i dont care! Fang's current adventures are already so fun to read about. Please keep writing without making the story go stale, this is a legit funny story.

So thus this story is a fun lighthearted adventure that will get some good laughs out of you, so stop lazing around like a housecat, and start chasing the words in the chapters!


Hilarious and lighthearted cat isekai story

Reviewed at: 10: Man vs Wild

(as of chapter 10, i.e. very preliminary)

This is the very humorous story of Fang, the cat who hunted a strange rabbit down a hole and arrived in a very different place. There he naps and sunbathes all day and slaughters prey all night, demonstrating his supreme mastery over all the small forest animals, the marble-formerly-known-as-monster-core and even those insidious blue boxes until finally a human comes along to become his servant.

The story is told in third-person style, mostly from Fang's point of view. As this POV is that of a cat, its focus is clearly superior to and different from than that of a boring human.  The descriptions are colorful and interesting and the choice of words makes this a hilarious story to read, keeping it lighthearted at the same time. The pacing is okay, some events took place in the few chapters so far but not so many to appear hurried. The litRPG elements are kept simple but enough to get the information across. Grammar is good and I don't remember seeing any typos.

Fang's personality is that of a cat, i.e. he's not only perfect, but he's also without flaws and does everything in the best way possible, except when there is a superior reason to do something in another way. Anybody who knows about cats will recognize it as the perfect representation of our favorite felines' characteristics (arrogant but a bit stupid), instead of being just a human soul with fur and claws. The young humans the reader soon learns about have characters that so far look varied and interesting without being overly complex.

In total, while this story isn't very deep in complexity it is a fireworks of fun to read that every cat person will love. Even dog people should give it a try.


Categorically Cathartic Cat Fiction

Reviewed at: 1: Down the Rabbit Hole

Fantastic, story, would read again. Chairman Meow for head feline!

A s h e s

Simple, elegant, funny, and heart warming. Though, not on the way you would think. An adventure through the eyes of a nassisctic cat.


Who knew santa delivered early.

Paul Sheenius

I wanted to wait a month until writing a review for the trendinglist to pick it up, but really hard to not support this Novel instandly.

Those Animal-Litrpg's are around for a while and its been a month since i asked for something like that in the Forum. I was thrilled to see a novel actually being made which fit those criteria.

Our MC is everything you would expect from a Cat. Basically having the arrogance from hundreds of dragons, lazy and only caring about his whims, but still a bit dumb. :D

The Story isnt far and we only got to know our MC at this point, but his Character is well established and the Story seems to start progressing at C7/8. It's starts beautifully and with something many should have expected and waited for.

I cant wait enough for the Story to go on and really hope it gets some attention after it gets enabled for the trending algorithmus.


This is the most inventive and interesting litrpg I've ever read.

Perhaps the best part about it is that the MC never really goes through the whole "new world" shock and surprise phase, and skips right over the training montages and gets right to the murder.

Which I quite liked.

The style is familiar, the plot hasn't really started rolling, the grammar is good, and the characters are where this story really shines so far.

Its gonna be a character driven plot for sure.

Marbles are the best prey.


The protagonist is a cat! And I truly mean that - his priorities, thoughts, and self-image all really sink that in. This is a fun read!