The Eighth Warden

The Eighth Warden

by IvyVeritas

Cast out from his knightly order for using magic, Corec has no idea what lies ahead. Leaving his homeland to make his own way in the world, he finds himself linked to a beautiful woman through a mysterious rune. With otherworldly forces manipulating events behind the scenes, the two must seek help to free themselves from the unknown magic. But when the runes continue affecting others, Corec and his companions—an elven druid, a con man with a hidden past, and a thief who wants to be a bard—must work to discover truths about themselves and the world in which they live.

I post the chapters here as I write them. There's also a revised version of each book that's collected and published as an ebook and paperback. That version is compatible with the version posted herethe story itself hasn't changed; it's just gone through additional rounds of editing.

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Book 2: Chapter Eighteen ago
Book 2: Chapter Nineteen ago
Book 2: Chapter Twenty ago
Book 2: Chapter Twenty-One ago
Book 2: Chapter Twenty-Two ago
Book 2: Chapter Twenty-Three ago
Book 2: Chapter Twenty-Four ago
Book 2: Chapter Twenty-Five ago
Book 2: Chapter Twenty-Six ago
Book 2: Epilogue ago
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Book 3: Chapter Nineteen ago
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Book 3: Chapter Twenty-Two ago
Book 3: Chapter Twenty-Three ago
Book 3: Chapter Twenty-Four ago
Book 3: Chapter Twenty-Five ago
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Book 3: Chapter Twenty-Nine ago
Book 3: Chapter Thirty ago
Book 3: Chapter Thirty-One ago
Book 3: Chapter Thirty-Two ago
Book 3: Chapter Thirty-Three ago
Book 3: Chapter Thirty-Four ago
Book 3: Chapter Thirty-Five ago
Book 3: Chapter Thirty-Six ago
Book 3: Epilogue ago
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Book 4: Chapter One ago
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Book 4: Chapter Three ago
Book 4: Chapter Four ago
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Reviewed at: Chapter Fourteen

This is one of the most professionally written story on royalroad and it stands out quite differently in both story and characters. The story, while slow in the begining and simple in it's description, is much more realistic and believable than all these Wuxia or wish fulfilment stories that plagues royalroad. The strength of this work, howver, lies in the characters and their interaction.

The characters are very well thought out with their own personality and purpose. The story, could use a little more spice but it's still a very good and entertaining read!


IvyVeritas has a very good writing style, very good grammar, and writes very well engaging you in this story. All the characters have a real depth to them. There is plenty for everyone in this story, Love, Hate, Friendship, Betrayal, the list goes on. Again it is a very enjoyable read.

:D CHEERS (c)   

Aspiring Sage

Exceptional world building, intertwined story arcs

Reviewed at: Book 4: Chapter Two

The detailed world-building is absolutely exceptional. The story told within that world is also superbly crafted. The author does try some time-jumps and scene-shifts that are hard to follow in the early chapters, but become more meaningful as you read ahead.

The full plot is slow to develop, but very satisfying as elements of it are revealed. Still a long way to go to the finish, but much of the path, if not the eventual destination, is clear at this point in chapter 4.

Some of the complexity is not easy to follow, but enriched if you are willing to dive deeper or re-read the entire work. It is not a mindless read! If you enjoy internal cohesion within a story that has multiple moving parts, you will like this read.

This epic has the potential to be a best seller if the story gets a good break or if some PR work is done on its behalf. 

The characters are quite immersively developed with individual believability and group cohesiveness. I do feel that some of the internal group dialoge was stilted or mechanically slowed down to serve the plot, which is the slightest critique I have. The comedic lines are very well devised and delivered however.

I am immensley impressed by this story and wish it would make it to the top 5 on RR.


This story started intending to be a setup for erotica I think (some sort of harem setup), but then switched to a fairly standard RPG fantasy story without the harem. It's slow (it could advance about three times as fast as it does without losing anything important IMO) but the characters are well-developed eventually, and it gets addictive.

If you like a well-developed cosmology and magic system there's that here. The writer's clearly skilled at the technical aspects of her job; there's no typos to speak of and the character speech appears natural, two problems I've seen a lot with less skilled writers. There's signs of a planned plot but remember what I said about it being slow? This may be 29 chapters into 'book 3' at the time I'm writing but by the standards of a fantasy trilogy, we're barely into the plot of book 2. There will be more than a couple of books more I'm sure.

There is a little sex and occasional violence. Not enough to be a problem for a fantasy reader I think. There are some fantasy gypsy-oids whose culture barely appears despite a viewpoint character being one of them but otherwise it's pure western fantasy with no sign of cultures from elsewhere (standard elves and dwarves don't count). This avoids some forms of racism tho' invisibility is its own kind. 

Ethernet Storyhunter

interesting, innovative and developed

Reviewed at: Book 3: Chapter Ten

Great story and worth your time ( first)


Now to the grit

the way this story is built between many different characters creates some confusion at times. The author does a good job smoothing it over but simply because the constant perspective switching it makes droping back into the story harder at times. While this adds to the depth of the characters it makes the story a bit choppy at times. This is especailly the case when jumping between locations. 

The characters and well devoped plot are where this story shines the most.

want to read a story with exellent characters, deep back stories and complicated motivations. This story is for you. Is it a little haram ish possibly it could even turn into that but the main character is not looking for that. Doesn't want it and is actively trying to fight that happening. 

The story is deep the world building is well done and how it is presented is slow and well integrated into the story. The villans are characters in there own right less shallow then just an asshole. then add in the whole divine relm and you get a very deep world to discover. z

as I said before great story( also ( I cant do spelling and gramer so I do not rate) )

God Bless Storyhunter


Noble warrior with uncontrollable magic

Reviewed at: Book 2: Chapter Two

Decent, if slow paced book about a guy who keeps accidentally binding women to him. It's like a harem book without any sex. He eventually sleeps with one of the girls, but it's all rated-G stuff.

Pacing needs to increase because boredom was setting in by the time I caught up to the author.

Mr Tibbles

The worst part about this novel is how amazing the author is at using proper grammer and thier world building and charecter development are not bad. The plot and story however comes off as bland and even after 20 chapters it feels as if any excitement and progression are absent. The multiple POVs in the many beginning chapters also do not mesh together well in my opinion as you can almost skip any POV that is not the MC and still be fine  with understanding the plot


Still great story, but not as good as the first chapters

Reviewed at: Chapter Eighteen

Review as of Chapter 18:

Still very entertaining story, but it seems like the author is gradually returning to well worn tropes: Evil guys with gloing red eyes, probably controlled, slaying dargons - well, drakes - and, much to my dismay, the beginnings of a harem. Main cahracter started of quite interesting and faceted, but seems to approach the generic good guy. Still very entertaining and highly recommended, but no full fife star material any more.

Old review:

It's only five chapters so far, so I'll update the review around chapter ten - not really enough to judge characters and development yet, and I have seen many promising storys dropped early.

Great high fantasy with almost no mistakes in grammar and storytelling, nice style with frequent backflashes. Highly recommended. 


Great Style of writing. not the best, But really really good. And by best i mean NY times best sellers level of writing so me giving this a 4 and half star for style score shouldn't discourage you. It also started out as a 3 star in style and grammar but the author NOTICEABLY improves with every chapter. I can see my review changing to 5 stars by the time i get to the 20th chapter if the trend continues. 

As for the story, i found some inconsistencies with the setting, perharps why bards wouldn't accept a woman when women have the better singing capabilities of the sexes? it just doesn't make sense. In a world where there are bards, the male to female ratio should realistically be 30 to 70% and should be a matriarchy rather than a patriarchy, this is my only gripe so far. The other inconsistensies have been handled so well by the author's great story telling that i simply forgot them/accepted them fully. if this author were to write a book where the sky was red then i would be looking up at the clouds and wandering why in reality skies are blue. my reason for giving the story a 4 and half star is due to the plot not really holding my interest as much but the way it's told has be going chapter after chapter wandering what is going to happen next and that for me is the greatest talent an arthur can have. to grab the interest of someone with no interest in your genre.

Character score? 5/5 because they all have their own personalities, their own likes and dislikes. there are no inconsistencies with their actions. very fleshed out without info dumps. they genuinely feel like real people. 

great story so far. looking forward to more and a published book perhaps?


This novel seems waaay too slow, it was interesting at the start then nothing of major consequence happened for the first book besides just picking up annoying side characters.

Honestly I with it had just been Coric the bard the elf and bobo and then the main plot without the others