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This… is Helion Online. I am Cruel. And I work here. 





Author Announcement 08/29/19:

I update bi-monthly. If you cant handle waiting that long, then you can sod off. You are not my boss. I refuse to be pressured by deadlines. This is not my job. But dont think for a second that I am not passionate about my hobby. K. Bye. 

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Wicked Wicket

Wicked Wicket

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Great and amazing.                                                                                                                                                                     

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amazing and keeps me wanting for more. Please create more content like this. Please release a chapter everyday I NEEEEDDD MOREEEEE!!!

Legiondary Gaming
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If you are that sort of LitRPG reader who enjoys math and would like to see the world through the eyes of an online game gold farmer, then look no further than Heal Die Cry. The author didnt lie about the story being a slow burn, but to me, thats how i like my story. Good thing though is that every chapter is short enough for a 20-30 minutes read and then you can move on to another fiction. It is not the greatest, but it does make a good addition to your weekend read. Something to look forward to every update. Cheers !

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Hmnn. Good read so far. I hope the author doesnt get burned out like the rest of the writers in RRL, leaving the readers high and dry more often than not. Hope he'd keep this up. He doesnt post regularly tho. But i can wait. Just dont drop this, capische?