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Resurgent is the story of a man by the name of Marcus Diamandis and he begins his journey in an unexpected location, the skies. On the day of Armageddon, or later commonly referred to as Integration, Marcus begins his fall that hopefully preludes an eventual rise to greatness.

Humanity has become stagnant in its ideals, no one quite knows what would happen if it were forced to change. Cataclysm now arrives in modern times, can we adapt, or will mankind fail its greatest test?


Resurgent is a story that will include LitRPG and GameLit systems. Will not include any Harem elements whatsoever.

This story is my first posted attempt at writing an episodic piece of literature and constructive criticism is always welcomed. The New World and The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound heavily inspired me so if you haven't read them please go give them a read!


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Randidly Ghosthound on steroids

Reviewed at: Chapter 23 - Advancement

This series isn't bad, it's a fun story that takes its influences heavily from stories like Randidly Ghosthound and The Genesis System.

The main issue I have with it so far is that it is going Full-Tilt with the pacing from the first chapter, in Both Randidly and the Genesis system, we are given time for the MC to spend acclimating to the system and the new world over months, and quite a few chapters, as they experiment and survive in this new world.

However in this series, it just starts and doesn't stop, this gives little chance for Characterisation, and doesn't give us as readers a chance to gain some familiarity with the setting and themes of the work.


The series needs editing, and the author needs to work on what perspective he is writing in, is it 3rd person omniscient or 3rd person limited? I can't tell most of the time.


Again, too fast paced, not giving us time to think about and digest the events of the world before the next events are already occurring.


Again, needs editing, their are some typos here and there that really mess with the flow.


Just like the rest of the story, we haven't been given enough time with each of the character beats for each character to give them impact, Marcus, the MC, goes through some serious shit in quick succession, but he kind of just brushes it off and keeps going, this may be intended to show fortitude, but it really just makes him kinda unrelatable, making us not empathise with him, and the small time given to each various tragedy makes it seem less significant.


I'm adding this in myself, the mechanics are reminiscent of LORG, but different, and in a teacher odd way, making leveling way more common, and paths less prominent, which I feel shows a lack of understanding to how the core system design is intended to function, with leveling being a significant event and skill levels and PP being the more wrote and continuous form of progression 1100 chapters into LORG, Randidly is only in the 40's for level (though he is an outlier for level to strength Ratio.)

This story has potential, it just need to slow down soon, and give the characters, the world, and the mechanics time to settle in for the readers, as they aren't just cookie cuttered from the inspirational series.

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Like all the other are saying, everything go too fast, im not in the story because of it. 

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I really like this story. There's a lot of action and tension so the story is exciting and fun all the time. There's some mystery and the plot hooks are good. I'm looking forward to reading more.

I recommend this story to anyone that likes litRPGs.

On to small gripes. The main character has no flaws. Personally I think that's totally fine in a litRPG, but I think drawing out a few small issues would add to the story a lot. Maybe more trama from the plane crash would spice things up?

The start of the story is rushed. A few explanations about the system are skipped and make it a little confusing. Also the level ups are jammed in almost like the writer is embarrassed by having to put it there. I think we all want to put ourselves in Marcus's shoes a bit, but and consider his stats and what we would do, but we can't because he keeps saying 'by the way I learned all about this when you weren't here'. Maybe some people will skip it all, but I personally read to get to the level up and skills and don't want it compressed or skipped too much.

Lastly I hope to soon see some comparisons between him and other people. So far he's totally OP and that can be ok, but it's going to be hard to maintain the threats and keep him accomplishing more and more. I hope to soon see you lock in that sense of progress with a fight between him and a "regular" strong person.

Like I said those are only small issues. Keep up the great work!

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Fast but not in a good way

Reviewed at: Chapter 10 - Answers..

The story pacing is far too fast.  The MC is too accepting of what is happening and far too trusting as well. Like the concept (although very heavily inspired by Randidly Ghosthound and other stories) but the growth needs to be slower.

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There are a few typos to clean up, but it is overall a fun and great story. 
keep them coming!

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Great start to a marvellous new story. Fast-paced action awaits, get amongst it fam!

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Pretty good story so far. I wish the main character would push into the crystal thing a bit more but thats just personal preference.

orandel garnett
  • Overall Score

despite what others say its a good story

Reviewed at: Chapter 24 - Respite, and Departure

it is a great story and completely worth the read even though the first 2 chapters are a drag by chapter the author hits it hard and so far there hasn't been a dull moment

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As of chapter ten this story is pretty interesting. It has began with the common system comes to the world but with a few twists with how the MC interacts with it and the latest chapter as opened some interesting doors for the story.


The style is consistent and the grammar is pretty good.


The main character is still being fleshed out but so far he is interesting and somewhat relatable in wishing for a more exciting life at first then having some regrets when he gets his wish.

  • Overall Score

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