In the year 2077, everything changed.  The government had long prohibited the scientific community from performing a certain experiment with a large Hadron collider for fear it would create a black hole that would destroy the Earth.  However, when global warming threatened mankind with extinction, a group of scientists decided that the world was likely to end anyways, so they might as well try it out. The result: something unexpected.  It turns out, when you collide particles together like that, you don’t actually create a black hole, but a wormhole to another dimension. A being passed through the wormhole that day, a being I can only call God, or a god, to be more accurate.  

I can hear what you’re wondering: how do I know all of this?  It’s simple. The being spoke to us as soon as it appeared. And by us, I mean every human being on the planet, all at once.  

“You all have made a right mess of this world.  I’m going to give you a chance to change things.  In exchange, I have one demand. You must all worship me.  I don’t care about morality, I don’t care about money or power, nor do I care about what you do in my name.  However, I am a jealous god, and I will not tolerate any other worship. Anyone who doesn’t must be purged. It won’t be hard.  After all, worshipping me will provide you new abilities. If you agree to this demand, please click accept.”

In that moment, a screen appeared in front of everyone on the planet, displaying a curiously familiar phrase: “Do you accept the terms & conditions?”  

People made their own decision that day, and they dealt with the consequences.  There was no such thing as converting, or a second chance. If you didn’t accept, you died or were chased to the outskirts of the world, forced to live a nomadic, solitary lifestyle.  If you did accept, then your entire life changed.

I was 8 years old at the time and a voice from the sky claiming to be a god offered me a chance to gain powers like something out of a game; of course I said yes!


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About the author

Andrew Reise

  • United States

Bio: Author. My novels at the moment include Luxury Cafe Owner, Dungeon Ecology, and Grave of Heroes. Luxury Cafe Owner is complete at 57 chapters and available to read on Amazon. The first book in the Grave of Heroes series, Evil Star, is on the back burner. I hope to pick it back up once I finish Dungeon Ecology. My latest LitRPG novel, Dungeon Ecology, is currently being released chapter by chapter here and on Moonquill! There will be sequels, but they will not feature the same characters (think Magic of Recluse if you're familiar with that series). After Dungeon Ecology is complete it will be put on Amazon, and all future novels in the series (The Book of Janus) will not be released on RoyalRoad.

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