And You Thought Your World Was Harsh!

by KlaashD

Original ONGOING Comedy Contemporary Psychological Satire Multiple Lead Characters Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Take everything that you know about this world. Now turn it upside down.

Welcome to Harshtown, United States Inc., where everyone things life is swell, and society is a utopian paradise-a world where people are run over and punished for it; where opposing junior football teams beat each other up in a bid to win; where policement arrest innocent men- where saints are sinners and sinners are saints.

Set in this dystopian reality, readers are presented with the interlinking stories of some of Harshtown's key players, which deftly paints a portrait of a society in ruin-a society that isn't too far off from our own. Many of Harshtown's citizens want to help, while others want to remain neutral-and others believe every moment is an opportunity for exploitation. A story within several stories, readers are able to look through a fictional lens to discover and explore many of the current issues and controversies we face today.

And You Thought Your World Was Harsh is a satire on the nature of our current society-and the potential absolute devastation we're capable of creating for ourselves if no one takes a stand and figureso ut a better way.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Episode 1, Act 1 - Crossing The Street ago
Episode 1, Act 2 – Hard Work Pays Off (Fingers Crossed) ago
Episode 1, Act 3 – The Incompetent Worker ago
Episode 1, Act 4 – Not so Selfish ago
Episode 1, Act 5 – Just Want to Fit in ago
Episode 1, Act 6 – IeyeMeMee Syndrome ago
Episode 2, Act 1 – Productive Counseling Sessions ago
Episode 2, Act 2 – Prophetic Visions ago
Episode 2, Act 3 – Power Underestimated ago
Episode 2, Act 4 – Whatif Syndrome ago
Episode 2, Act 5 – The Key Player and Underachiever ago
Episode 2, Act 6 – Personal Space ago
Episode 3, Act 1 – The Dark Ages ago
Episode 3, Act 2 – Terrible Youth? ago
Episode 3, Act 3 – The Insane Conspiracy ago
Episode 3, Act 4 – Unpunished Sins ago
Episode 3, Act 5 – Dog Lover ago
Episode 3, Act 6 – If One Person Sees it... ago
Episode 4, Act 1 – Behind Closed Doors ago
Episode 4, Act 2 – Misplaced Faith ago
Episode 4, Act 3 – New Staff ago
Episode 4, Act 4 – The Customer is Always Right ago
Episode 4, Act 5 – Something Needs to be Done ago
Episode 4, Act 6 - Eighteenth Birthday ago
Episode 5, Act 1 - One Positive = +5 points, One Negative = -50 points ago
Episode 5, Act 2 – More Personal Space ago
Episode 5, Act 3 – The Ostracized ago
Episode 5, Act 4 – Nice Guys Finish Last ago
Episode 5, Act 5 – Atonement ago
Episode 5, Act 6 – More Atonement ago
Episode 6, Act 1 – Climbing the Corporate Ladder ago
Episode 6, Act 2 – So close, yet so far! ago
Episode 6, Act 3 – So far, yet so close! ago
Episode 6, Act 4 – Finally Made it! ago
Episode 6, Act 5 – Freedom of Speech? ago
Episode 6, Act 6 – Seriously, what is freedom of speech? ago
Episode 7, Act 1 - Fanaticism ago
Episode 7, Act 2 – Nice Shoes ago
Episode 7, Act 3 – The Skeptic ago
Episode 7, Act 4 – The Lies Can Set You Free ago
Episode 7, Act 5 – The Auction of the Century ago
Episode 7, Act 6 – The Desperate Struggle ago
Episode 8, Act 1 – False Advertising ago
Episode 8, Act 2 – Illusion of Sanity ago
Episode 8, Act 3 – Another day of patrol...? ago
Episode 8, Act 4 – Dark Karma ago
Episode 8, Act 5 – Justice is finally being served! ago
Episode 8, Act 6 – A new hero! ago
Episode 9, Act 1 – An old friend ago
Episode 9, Act 2 – A way out ago
Episode 9, Act 3 - 50th Story ago

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Fascinating, Different and Wholly Unique

AYTYWWH reminds me of a dark comedy and complete reverse of WWJD. Contrary to a slice of life story, vingettes of happy times and moving stories AYTYWWH is like a pot of nihilistic chili.

I'm going to reference some stuff, but here's the TL;DR:

It's a series of dark comedy stories and vingettes that amount to a shitstorm of tragic stories about genuinely decent people. There's some great continuity and it takes the existing tropes and idioms of modern life and shows a negative result. Not quite cynical, but it depicts a different view of certain pieces of "life advice" and "good habits".


Long review below:


Black mirror, Grim Dark, Punishing, unforgiving, and Bennett Foddy's "Getting Over it" video games are things I would compare it too. I like my title of a nihilistic pot of chili as a good contrast to chicken noodle soup for the soul or something like a cold chowder serving of reality as a contrast. As I noted above it's a story subverting common tropes in such a way similar to how simulacrum adapts common tropes, this is definitely a satire about "life lessons", "life advice", and certain ideas from self help books. It's an original and unique idea portrayed on the characters written.


Enough about the plot, the things that make the writing great is the continuity between characters, the world is kinda cookie cutout, but the characters are who we really care about. It's well woven and thought about, there's not a main character but a slew of lessons similar to storytales like anasi the spider or aesop's fables. For those into tragic stories, nihilism, ennui and existential stuff when reading this book is for you. There's plenty of witty moments and commentary and it's very straightforward. The grammar is easy to comprehend and the dialogue flows well. Due to the size of the stories there is so sense of time continuity or world building, but it's fine as is.

The ending after each story is great and I'll let you read it. I hope more people find this and the author has plenty more to write!