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Warning This fiction contains:
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A mage's quest for vengeance quickly devolves into a fight for survival when he and his lord are dragged into a nightmare realm filled with terrors unlike anything they've seen in the waking world.

Eleanor meant the world to Titus. So when an opportunity to bring her murderer to justice appears, Titus jumps on the chance. His quest, however, would mean traversing the dangerous world of Nivandor, a land infested with monsters, mage hunters, and corrupt kings–nothing he and his lord, Lady Priscilla, couldn't handle.

Their plans change, however, when both of them are dragged into a nightmare realm, a dimension filled with strange and powerful terrors unlike any they've ever seen. Titus's skill as a kinetic mage is put to the ultimate test as he must defend his lord from the increasingly dangerous monsters that hunt them as they desperately search for the three keys that would open the Wakening Door, their only means of returning to the real world.

But can they find the keys before the end of the third night, the night when the Night Terror, a nigh-unstoppable monster, appears? For while death can be avoided in the nightmare realm so long as the Night Terror slumbers, when it awakens, there will be no more places to hide and no more second chances.


The valley of water, 

a city of fire, 

the graveyard of angels.

Three keys for the Wakening Door,

 three nights to pass.

The Night Terror will stretch its wings and soar,

and fill the world with broken glass.

Target Date for Chapter 4: September 28, 2019

This is a work in progress that I hope to update every 3-4 weeks. Between graduate school and work, delays may happen, but I will try my best to keep production on schedule. There are bound to be grammatical mistakes/inconsistencies here and there since I won't be able to hire an editor until I have enough content to justify doing so. Until then, I hope the mistakes don't get too much in the way of the story. Enjoy!

Cover art credit goes to Brosedesignz, who has an awesome selection of both premade and custom book covers at great prices on her website. She can also be found at thebookcoverdesigner.com, which is where I found my cover.


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