Gerald poked out of the corridor leading up to the armoury, "You not coming? There's a bunch of stuff here!" he said, waving around a metal tower shield, "And it's all free!"

The large shield was big enough to be carried by two people — and it was.

Although one wasn't exactly carrying as much as he was being carried.

Hannah looked down at the monk that had his body wrapped around the other side of the tower shield.

"Items on the left only," said the monk, forcing a scowl, "Limited to 1 item each."

Gerald considered this for a moment, then lightly shook the shield. The skinny monk on the other end fell off. "Ack," he said, losing a flip-flop.

"All this stuff here," said Gerald, brows moving suggestively, "They want us to be their heroes, right?"

Her mind was a bit of a mess, but right now the only thing Hannah was really sure of was that stealing was bad.

Hannah's fingers moved across the icy dimples in her arm, cold to the touch.

The entire tourism department, just Steve, looked towards her with shaky eyes.


[ Judgement ] To the looter go the spoils

  • Suggest to the players that they take whatever they need
  • Convince them to stick to the agreement made with the monks


Reader choice:
Convince them to stick to the agreement made with the monks

Hannah might not have seen the inside of the armoury, but she had seen the murky eyes of the cultist.

No amount of stolen armour or weaponry would've saved her from it. She shook her head, "So, it takes about thirty minutes before you decide to back-stab somebody?"
It didn't quite get the response she had been expecting.

"I will back-stab anybody," replied Gerald matter-of-factly, "If given a very shiny dagger to do it with and more on completion."

An uncomfortable silence spread across the room, it wasn't used to old stuffy temples like this.
It's stuffy and too big, and jeesh — those people seem to be at odds. It left.
The atmosphere seemed to ease up somehow. Kyle stepped between them.

He gave Gerald a flat stare, then turned towards Hannah, "You know he's only being edgy like this because the both of you agreed that I'm getting the next item?"

The monk's stern, resolute face shattered, revealing the greedy child beneath it, "I wish I never agreed to it!"

"Well, it's too late now!" snapped Kyle, "You promised. The both of you."
Kyle whipped out the air quotes, "'The next item we come across is yours'", he quoted, "After I passed you the potion, remember? You said you-"

"-d prefer to not be dead," Hannah finished, "Yeah, I remember."

"Good," said Kyle, "That's settled then."

He walked off towards the armoury, then paused to flash a smug smile towards the both of them, "I suppose I can permit you to look."

Gerald followed. The battle wasn't over just yet.

Hannah and Steve exchanged glances. "Thanks," said Steve.
"I wouldn't worry too much about him," replied Hannah, "He wouldn't have done anything."
A statement laced with doubt.


[ Judgement ] To the looter go the spoils

  • [Explorer Hannah] has been granted the [Benevolent] trait

[Trait] [Benevolent]

"Shared wealth doubles in value" ~ Grand Merchant Dimitri

User enjoys increased reputation gains with all factions.


She offered a hand and helped Steve up, "Though, we best follow them."

Hannah flashed him a wry smile, "Though I wouldn't say they're bad people," she said, then paused, "Let's go."

  • Reputation increased with the [Underground Monk Training Temple Of The Water God Inc. ™]

When they entered the armoury they were greeted by the sight of Kyle feverishly stuffing a bag with small items.

Daggers, trinkets, rings. Whatever fitted, really. Occasionally Gerald would step in to hold out a large axe. Kyle held the bag of items beside it, compared the both of them, then continued stuffing more items into the bag.

When Kyle noticed Hannah, he flashed her the smile of somebody who thinks he's being exceeding clever, "Hear me out,-" Kyle began.

She snatched the bag from his hand, "Doesn't count as one."

Gerald defiantly held the large axe beside it, "Well, if you ask me..."

"One item," growled Hannah, "Each."

Kyle cleared his throat noisily, standing there — arms crossed.

Hannah was pretty sure she had never seen anyone tap their bicep as smugly before.
She rolled her eyes, "Alright, alright."

Whereas Gerald had a strong identity to him, Kyle had made do with whatever had been handed to him.
Was there even any weapon he favoured? Any class he wanted to pursue?
Sure, there had been the iron bar, but she wouldn't exactly call that a weapon.
From what she'd been told he had been following Gerald on his quest to become a monk, but having spend some time with Kyle and his personality, she figured he just sorta went along with it.

After Hannah watched him sheepishly put back the items, she spoke, "Kyle, before you pick your relics. What exactly is the class you're trying to obtain?"


[ Party ]

  • NPC - [Explorer Hannah]
    • Snakeshift sword - [Madam]
  • Player - Gerald - No class
    • [???] Potion
  • Player - Kyle - No class
    • Kyle


A note from Vill

Poll for Kyle's class is on the quest website (closed now)

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