The Raven - A Tale of the Apocalypse

by SevensDjinn

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Dungeon Female Lead LitRPG Magic Mythos Post Apocalyptic Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

After the world is thrown on it’s head by the abrupt addition of 'The System', Dawn Brenner is betrayed by those she had once believed to be her comrades and left to rot in the depths of the Infested Jungle.

Struggling to survive in this new hell, she will use every asset within her grasp to grow powerful. Leaving her weak self behind and becoming a legend spoken in hushed, fearful whispers, she will get revenge for the pain and suffering she was forced to experience, slaughtering all those who would dare to stand in the way of it. She will become an apex predator. She will become the Raven.

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I swear some people actually don't know how to read

Reviewed at: Chapter 4

I don't really ever leave reviews, but decided to after I saw a review on this novel that said to skip it. After looking at the rating they gave I thought 'how could such a bad novel get on trending?'

*****spoilers for the first 4 chapters by the way

I read up to chapter 4 like the other person and wanted to give my own personal thoughts on the matter.

1. They said the MC is the only person who was calm when the system arrived. Well the MC was not calm. She was actually excited and happy. Apparantly getting a system was her fantasy. You know like when you day dream and think about the what ifs? Apparantly the world getting a system was her what if, so of course she would not be panicing like the rest of the students.

2. They said she is the only one to check her stats. Well first that is wrong. It does not specifically say it, but the author those note that there are other students who are looking back and forth infront of them as if reading something. Sounds to me like those students are checking their stats or at least reading the system notifications to learn what is happening. It also says that she is a gamer and reads and watches anime and manga, so what would be the first thing someone those when they are put in such a cliche situation? You guessed it try to open up their status page to find out what's up.

3. They say MC comes up with a way to save everyone. Well once again that is false. First off 16 of her classmates die from a damn badger. All she did was think I want to get up to the roof by scaling the side of the building. She just brings up the idea to her classmates which she says are the only people she cares about in the school. Plus the only other exit which was the door is were the badger that kills pretty much half the class comes from so... also the reviewer calls the other students fearful and pathetic when the author never did. Author said some of them where panic, while some calmed down.

4. They said MC just "suddenly" started to vomit and get injured. Well it states that fear started to get a hold of her and plus she was scaling the side of the building high up in the air. She only got nauseous when she looked down saw how high she was and reality started to hit her with how she could really die and that it isn't all fun and games. For the injury it slightly confuses me, but I could understand since she was climbing up a drain pipe which was typically metal that was falling apart as she (who says earlier is the first time she has ever done so) climbs it.

5. After making it up to the roof with her legs injured and bleeding. Her teacher who despises her says to leave her behind. The other students who survived now in an apocalyptic situation suddenly turn bad like the typical human. One of the male students tries to take advantage of the situation and tries to rape the person everyone has been lusting after because of her "divine" beauty. This is the only part that actually urks me. Its how quick every last person who was supposed to be her friend decided to just discard her. Its the only part I can agree on with the other reviewer.

6. The other reviewer said some demigod decends from heaven and saves her. Bro what are you even talking about lol. It said the felt a vibration from underneath them and a monster, yes a monster that is level 34 attacks the boy and tries to fucking eat her. The only reason why she survives that is because they all, not just her, but everyone has a shield that protects them for 7 days from anything above lvl 10.

6. Later she wakes up in a cave and finds some super attractive guy right? Maybe this is the demigod the reviewer was talking about right? He even says something along the lines of 'oh i do look different from what you remember' so this has to be the demigod. Nope he transforms back into the same monster from before that tried to eat her. She has a skill called intuition that is a passive and guess what? Something tells her not to trust the MONSTER in front of her.

Well that was my review for the first 4 chapters. Tbh I don't even know if this novel is even good, but I just did not like the unfair rating the other reviewer gave. So far the story doesn't even seem like wish fufillment. Thay can obviously change, but the only advantage she seems to have is her intuition and the fact that she was a blackbelt in ninjustu or something.

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Everything is just hamfisted

Reviewed at: Chapter 3

I couldn't get past chapter 4 because this is such a mess.

This is some sort of wish fulfillment story, don't expect a good read.

Here are some of the reasons why you should skip this story:

MC is the only one to be calm and collected when the system arrives while everyone else panics, hyperventilates, ect. , MC is the only one who checks out their stats and skills, MC is the one who comes up with a way to save everyone while all the other students are "fearful and pathetic", MC somehow starts vomiting and gets injured, attempted rape in chapter 3, all the students just stand by and watch(unrealistic), some sort of demi-god descends from heaven striking down the evil doer saving the MC in the process and apparently KNOWS MC from somewhere.

Ron Arnold
  • Overall Score

good start, keep the chapters coming.  I  like the mc so far.  Martial arts and magic are the best in my books.