Codename: Raven

by SevensDjinn

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Dungeon Female Lead LitRPG Magic Mythos Post Apocalyptic Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

After the world is thrown on it’s head by the abrupt addition of 'The System', Dawn Brenner is betrayed by those she had once believed to be her comrades and left to rot in the depths of the Infested Jungle.

Struggling to survive in this new hell, she will use every asset within her grasp to grow powerful. Leaving her weak self behind and becoming a legend spoken in hushed, fearful whispers, she will get revenge for the pain and suffering she was forced to experience, slaughtering all those who would dare to stand in the way of it. She will become an apex predator. She will become the Raven.

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Ron Arnold
  • Overall Score

good start, keep the chapters coming.  I  like the mc so far.  Martial arts and magic are the best in my books.