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Saying White Glitch was nervous had been an understatement.

The Age Foundation, the place where Golden Blast had been held, was her target. She had theorized that her brother, Purple Smile, could be brought back from death via Teal Age’s abilities. The Mask himself could avoid death’s grasp so why couldn’t he just bring someone back from the dead? He certainly acted as he could do so.

But her plan was easier said than done.

She wanted to break into the base and either interrogate the Mask or hopefully find an alternative to that, maybe finding a machine that could duplicate cells back to their animated state…. Hopefully…

But Alternate Golden Blast was another concern, he had given enough evidence that he was from an alternate universe but seeing as he survived… White Glitch didn’t want to think what would happen if some unsavoury folk managed to escape into their reality as well…

Speaking of the Mask, he was stalling the other Masks outside, talking and speaking, using words to confuse the Masks as well as Golden Blast’s mother, the golden Mask seemingly stared into the other’s soul with her aura, trying to decipher whether this was her offspring.

Masks identified their young from others by many things, aura, scent, looks, gut feelings. All of those reacted that proved he was her son, but they were divided at the same time, saying he was and wasn’t her son, it confused her.

Putting her hand on her friend’s shoulder, White Glitch whispered.

“We need to find a way into the foundation’s walls, we might be able to find a way to revive Purple Smile,”

At his name, Golden Blast’s aura went down, gloomy and depressed.

“Yeah…” Her voice was dampened, hurt and guilty, this was met with White Glitch’s aura seeping into hers.

“Look, you made mistakes and were a total dick to everyone below you, cowardly when you met someone stronger than you and whimpering in fear the first few seconds you were a female, but you quickly matured, changed and now look at you. You may be a girl and might not possess the physical strength and endurance males have, but you realized your mistakes as a female and changed for the better, few males are in the grand council because of this fact, and now you can reverse your errors, switch everything around and make it all right,” White Glitch encouraged, putting her other hand on the Mask, “Now will you join me?”

Golden Blast inhaled and exhaled, putting her two hands on the white Mask’s shoulders.

“What do I need to do?”

Alternate Golden Blast was running out of things to say, he did his best impression of his native self’s voice and he tried to make himself appear as feminine as possible but he was running on very thin ice, and the other Masks seemed to be picking up on this fact.

A Mask with green glowing binary on his coat with zero’s for eyes on his mask, in particular, was emitting an aura of frustration despite his best effort to hide it, he was crushing a rock with his gloved hand, pissed and angered.

“How…?” Alternate Golden Blast’s ears picked up from the Mask, “How could his code be this?!”

The binary Mask soon noticed the golden Mask looking at him and his body grew tense, Alternate Golden Blast’s aura starting to flare up as the binary Mask took a stance.

The golden Mask’s mother and the surrounding Masks suddenly felt a chill down their spine.

“Tell me, what’s your name?” Alternate Golden Blast asked as he activated his power.

The binary Mask was silent before he replied.

“Call me Code Zero,” The Mask answered, “I’m Teal Age’s assistant,”

A massive collision of aura spread throughout the area, so powerful and suffocating that golden hues and green glows could be seen coming off the two opposing Masks.

“Tell me, how did you get so powerful within a small timeframe?” Code Zero asked.

Alternate Golden Blast’s hand came up to his mask and seemed to tear off a fabric, revealing a frown underneath the smile.

“I’m not Golden Blast…”

The two Masks suddenly sped forward and met with a punch, powerful shockwaves blasting from the opposing forces as they pulled their fists back and repetitively punched each other.

Spectating Masks backed away from the fighting duo, Golden Blast’s mother watching with a stunned aura.

“G-goldy..?” Her voice was of disbelief, wasn’t this male her son? Wasn’t her son turned into a girl? It gave her a headache.

Alternate Golden Blast’s aura was as suffocating as Teal Age’s, it was clear how powerful he was compared to the others, had he gotten stronger in a comatose state? How had he reverted?

As Alternate Golden Blast was sent back by a punch from Code Zero, the binary Mask’s hands began to cackle with sparks.

“Teal Age hired me because of my power, when many saw a Mask who could change codes of things, they were quick to flock to me. But when they couldn’t teach me how to use it, they abandoned me…. Then he came along, I thought he’d abandon me just like everyone else, but he didn’t…. He stayed with me and eventually got me to control my power, I owe my life to Teal Age and I know you oppose him,” Code Zero explained, “Your code says so,”

The golden Mask stared into the binary Mask’s zeros for eyes, the awkward side mouth below the two zeros made him on edge even more, usually, it was those who had poker faces or similar were the dangerous ones.

“But your code is also different, last time I checked you didn’t have three zeroes and five ones, you may be a few numbers off Golden Blast’s code, but your strength is off the charts, where did you come from?” Code Zero’s voice was daunting.

“I came from what you guys call an alternate universe, believe me or not, it doesn’t make a difference, I’ll still find Teal Age and destroy her,”

“Her?” The binary Mask was confused, throwing a rock and the golden Mask caught it.

Suddenly Alternate Teal Age’s hand was reshaped, making him drop the rock as his hand morphed into a rock and the rock into a hand.

“Well, I guess Teal Age is a girl in your universe, but in our universe Teal Age is male, he was a father of sorts to me, he even taught me how to code swap, that’s why your hand is now a rock, and it can’t be changed back unless I wish it so,”

Alternate Golden Blast started to laugh, pointing to his hand.

“The fact you can see the codes of things means you must see things very differently…”

Code Zero’s voice started to chuckle darkly.

“Yes, I’m what you would call blind…. I cannot see a colour other than green and black and it is only in ones and zeros, but I can differentiate codes from each other quite easily, I’d say it’s better than eyesight as I can even see the binary make-up of your organs, actions and even your thoughts…”

The alternate golden Mask internally frowned while the binary Mask stepped forwards.

“Shall we see who is more powerful now?”

Alternate Golden Blast chuckled as he activated his ability, the golden hue amplifying his aura.

“I don’t need to,”

And then he cut off the rock that made his hand, golden blood spurting from the large wound.

“Because I’ve already won,”

And then, right there and then he instantly regrew the hand while covering the sight of it regrowing with his other hand, making it look like a magic trick and letting out a painful snarl as the tissue was forcefully regrown.

“W-what?! There’s no hyper regenerative code in you! How?!” Code Zero panicked, looking at the Mask with shock not visible on his mask.

“I come from an alternate universe… My name is Golden Blast but, in this universe, I can be called Alternate Golden Blast, Purple Smile was my best friend and Teal Age killed him and almost ended my existence,” The golden Mask said, not answering Code Zero’s question as he approached the binary Mask.

“And I was originally female, and your universe’s Teal Age is going to change me back with his rainbow genes…”

Code Zero lashed out, charging forward with a hand outstretched, the golden Mask just sliding to his side and grabbing the binary Mask’s arm.

“Your power is located in your hands, otherwise I would’ve died long ago, too bad I figured it out,”

Then he slammed the binary Mask into the ground and unleashed a barrage of punches into his body, both feet on his arms to prevent the danger of being code swapped with the dirt.

“And to answer your question of how I regenerated my hand, you forgot the rock you turned into a rock, I merely picked it up and re-attached it, my tissue forcefully regrew to re-attach, why do you think I covered my hand when I did it?”

Code Zero couldn’t respond as he was hit with punches and punches, unable to respond or do anything with his hands restrained.

‘THINK! What can I do?!’ He was getting punched harder and harder with each second before an idea came to him.

‘If I can’t change the codes of others then I’ll change myself!’

The Mask clenched both his fists and focused on his own code, everything around him slowing down as he got to work, rewriting his code and genetics.

“Let’s see you get out of this!”

Suddenly the Mask had three arms on each side, with two being held down.

The four other arms were suddenly upon Alternate Golden Blast who jumped backwards, wary of the binary Mask.

“What’s wrong? Going to try and kill me?! Or are your two other friends going to join in?”

Alternate Golden Blast began to panic.

‘Shit! White Glitch and Golden Blast!’

He immediately turned around to look at them but was suddenly rushed by Code Zero.

“How about we restore that problem of yours?”

A hand brushed against Alternate Golden Blast and he felt his body scream in agony, his genetics being reassembled.

“It’ll be slow but painful, and now I need to clean up Purple Smile’s mess of Golden Blast and White Glitch so stay there, got it?” The binary Mask sighed.

“Y-you’re just like Teal Age!” The golden Mask spat; voice being distorted as Code Zero’s power did its work.

“I was raised by him as my parents couldn’t teach me anything, he was my father and Blue Frown was my mother, but then I grew up and became Teal Age’s assistant while Blue Frown had Purple Smile and then White Glitch, cheating whore really couldn’t get enough dick huh… Ironic how she can see the future…..” Code Zero replied, walking to the cave that the other two Masks were in.

“Teal Age’s familial line truly is strange, isn’t it? An adopted brother, a full born brother and then a half-sister that isn’t even acknowledged by him as worthy… How did she even get her morphing ability? Natural mutation?”

He brushed his hand against the cave and simply shattered its code, shattering the cave and revealing the white and gold Masks in a corner, White Glitch with many hands full of weapons while Golden Blast had her arms full of her ability.

“Golden Blast, I sense rebellion in you, perhaps I can incite you?” He offered.

“Back off or else things get ugly,” She hissed, Code Zero internally smirking.

“Very well child, have it your way, I need funding for a little project of mine and the reward for getting you back is more than I’ll need for it, and if I bring you back as a male…. Well, then I’ll be almost set for my life,”

And with that, White Glitch was restrained by a cluster of metal covering her body, the binary Mask affecting the air and turning it into metal around the white Mask.

Then he zipped up to Golden Blast who had no time to react and slapped her across the mask.


Golden Blast then simply disassembled and then reassembled; his body reverted back to a male and he was on the verge of mentally collapsing, landing on the ground with his knees and hands.

“You have been restored to your natural state, are you not happy?”

Golden Blast stared at his, HIS hands, HE was now male again… Yet why did he feel so… Conflicted?

“I’m…. Male….” He couldn’t find words on how to express his sudden outburst of emotions once he loaded and processed what happened.

Happy, sad, relieved, confused. He was hit with a wave and now he was drowning in emotions…. What did he do to deserve this reward? Punishment?

Code Zero’s aura was still widespread, but it had overtaken Alternate Golden Blast’s, said Mask was on the ground still screaming in agony.

“W…Why?” Golden Blast was confused, “Why would you restore me…?”

The binary Mask’s aura suddenly covered Golden Blast and he couldn’t move, neither could White Glitch.

“Because you have the energy of a rainbow Mask within you, I can see it’s code now. But if I took it out when you were female then you’d die and I wouldn’t get my reward, but you…. You are now male and can withstand the rainbow effects on your body, when I take it I’ll give said power to Teal Age, then he’ll truly be a god…” Code Zero explained, putting a hand on Golden Blast’s shoulder, said Mask trying to escape the other’s pressure.

“Bastard… That’s Purple Smile’s power! You and Teal Age have no right to possess it!” White Glitch protested.

“Y-yes, It’s his power! Not yours!” Golden Blast found himself having a little room to move.

“Tch, you cursed his name not even half a month ago, filthy hypocrite,” Code Zero kicked the golden Mask in the gut, “Now pass out or else I’ll-

A massive concentrated explosion of golden colour sent the binary Mask flying across the field, Golden Blast standing there, his aura suddenly flared up.

“That’s much better…” His voice echoed through Code Zero’s head, said Mask was laying in the dirt with clenched fists.

“Well… Don’t say I didn’t warn you…”

Golden Blast charged towards Code Zero as said Mask rapidly changed codes and swapped numbers.

Massive chunks of metal rose out of the ground in front of the binary Mask, Golden Blast jumping to sides and avoiding the sharp ends of the chunks, spikes coming out of those chunks that missed.

A beam that came out of nowhere made the golden Mask slide across the ground on his knees until the ground turned into ice, Golden Blast’s sliding suddenly becoming uncontrollable.

“Sorry, but I’m not that stuck up coward anymore!” He yelled, slamming a hand into the ice and charging it with energy, making it shatter to reveal dirt underneath as the Mask jumped from his knees and continued to run.

Code Zero suddenly started laughing, unnerving Golden Blast.

“Being naïve gets you killed,”

The golden Mask was hit by a chunk from his side, its make-up turning into various metals with jagged edges oozing some kind of liquid.

“Try and beat my code with your energy,” The binary Mask challenged, “You may think that your abilities are something new but there are always those Masks who have simple abilities that they refine and perfect every day because they aren’t given a better one, and those abilities almost always beat the likes of yours!”

Golden Blast stuck a middle finger at his foe, the opposing Mask chuckling as the golden Mask was sandwiched between another metal chunk that was oozing a liquid.

“I didn’t take you to be this sore of a loser after being humble for so long, old habits sure die-hard….” Code Zero sighed.

“No…... I just…. Needed to… Distract you…” Golden Blast gasped, his body being slowly crushed.

“From w-“

The binary Mask’s entire set of left arms were cut clean off by a sharp axe attached to a black and white Mask.

“F-Fuck!” Code Zero turned to face White Glitch and jumped backwards.

“Though…. Not from… That…...”

Code Zero’s foot suddenly touched a part of the ground and then it exploded, blowing his leg clean off as a golden hue flooded the floor.


Golden Blast was still being crushed but he could now use his power to fight back by charging his arms with energy.

“Heh… I learned how to do that…... From a little training….”

He then put both his arms on the chunk that was crushing his chest and shot his energy into it, breaking down and over-charging its molecules until it exploded, and he was freed.

Alternate Golden Blast was still on the ground, agonized and screaming in pain.

“S-shit!” The alternate golden Mask swore, voice becoming more distorted as code was slowly and painfully rewritten.

“Hold on Alternate, we’re c-“ White Glitch was punched in the face by a large metal fist covered in binary and got sent through the floor into a massive elongated crater.

“Sorry, but I don’t think so,” Code Zero hissed, now supporting a giant metallic left arm with a restored leg, “I could always rewrite my own code but the extreme pain that comes during and after reminds me that my power is limited, good thing I can just rewrite the codes of other things…”

The metal arm suddenly became spiked and refined itself to a smoother shape, Code Zero suddenly turning around to punch Golden Blast who had attempted to sneak attack him.

“Sorry, but this arm also has small cameras which I can see through, you’re not getting me,” The binary Mask simply sneered, White Glitch getting up and arming herself by making her skin as hard as a planet’s core and her arms into weapons.

“Come at me,” She challenged, Code Zero looking at her with interest, his other three arms painfully fusing into a regular one.


The white Mask was suddenly rushed by large earth chunks and metals, the binary Mask turning around without care while a large Mask was formed out of the earth and metals that weren’t being used to attack White Glitch.

Golden Blast was laying on the ground, painfully clutching his shattered shoulder.

“Oh, don’t be a baby, you know us Masks can heal any injury and overcome any disease within a short timeframe, speaking of that you sure did learn more moves, maybe it wasn’t the best choice to revert you,” Code Zero mocked, kneeling and looking at the golden Mask, “Gold is the most powerful colour but that’s all there is to it, in the end, Inverted Failsafe only has the strength of a black Mask because that’s his defining colour,”

He then put a hand on Golden Blast’s other shoulder and broke it, making the Mask scream in agony.

“Just like how I only have the power of a green Mask because that’s my binary’s colour, many species call us racist because we have this system but that’s because they lack the Mask’s colour advantage in their biology while it’s in ours, yet here you lie, defeated by my hands and my simple ability of rewriting an object’s code to change it,”

Golden Blast looked at Code Zero standing above him, the two Mask’s having vastly different auras.

“And now I’m going to simply take the rainbow energy out of your body and convert it to Teal Age’s. Sure they’re powerful and we revere them as gods but they aren’t invincible to regular Masks, I’ve got an ability to steal their gene’s code and give it to others or just outright destroy it while Teal Age simply takes their years until they hit the reset point and die, well he did until recently… But enough monologing,”

The binary Mask then crushed Golden Blast’s legs, arms and only left the bare minimum to survive as the Mask screamed in agony.

“Now, let’s take that energy,”

He reached into the golden Mask’s code, his perception of time growing slower.

“There we go… And done...”

Golden Blast screamed even louder as the energy was forcefully ripped from his body and was taken by Code Zero.

Said Mask’s arm was now cackling and brimming with rainbow lightning arcs, the numbers along his arm turning rainbow as well.

“I-It’s even more intoxicating then I thought…. This is what all those hundreds of Masks felt when using this? Teal Age needs this power!”

“T-Teal A-Age? W-why don’t y-you call h-him father...?” Golden Blast choked out.

“Because even though he raised me, he only calls those who share his genes his children, but he does slip up and call me son from time to time,” Code Zero explained, “Now I’ll take you back to the Age Foundation without hassle or else I-“

And for a second, it seemed the universe was changed, for a tiny split second it seemed the universe was changed.

“I... Wh-“

Golden Blast focused energy to his arm and instantly healed it.


Then he punched the dazed Code Zero in the groin and snarled.


And then he unleashed a powerful and focused blast of energy right into the Mask’s genitals, blowing his entire hip section off and making the binary Mask scream in pain.

“Mask’s can heal from any injury within a short time frame, I’d like to see you do that now,” Golden Blast shot beams of energy at the chunks and earthen Mask that were keeping White Glitch busy, destroying them instantly,”

“I may have been trapped in a nightmare for most of my time but during that time I also learned how to fight back and think instead of blasting things apart, then I almost went insane before I came here. Ironic isn’t it?”

Code Zero still had his giant metal arm but it was of little use against the golden powerhouse before him.

“I’ve regained arrogance, something every male has, though I can’t say I miss it,”

Both Masks knew if they touched each other, powers would be exchanged and one of them would die, but Golden Blast had the ability shoot the power out his feet as well as fly while Code Zero could change his code at any time to suit his environment. A stalemate considering White Glitch also needed to touch her opponent with weapons.

The binary covered Mask simply laughed, the rainbow energy slowly growing more violent.

“Yes, but arrogance was your downfall…”

Golden Blast was then hit with a colossal blast of rainbow energy, Code Zero holding his large metal hand out with awe at the power.

“Interesting…... I’ll have to study it for later…”

He turned around at blinding speeds and punched a yellow Mask, quickly reverting to White Glitch as she fell.

“Teal Age will deal with you once he gets his research back, for the time being, I have my own research...”

White Glitch could only see the fading figure of Code Zero walking towards the golden Mask’s fainted form, slowly becoming rainbow-like before she passed out…


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