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as per request, a Dolly chapter. So now we've got Day on his crusade, Dolly planning a conquest, and Charlotte forging her epic.

Recently I’ve started attending a thing called “school.” A place of learning with pretty flowers and all kinds of fun people.

But I’m not actually learning much? In the first place, the things they taught are all things Day went over with me years ago. So I always dozed off during class. Which really made the instructors angry. But I can’t help it. And anyway, the things they’re teaching is really inefficient, right?

I pointed out several much better formulae Day taught me one time in class when I was yelled at.

“Detention? What? No fair! What’s wrong with going to sleep? I’m not learning anything here! Big dummy, you just want to talk, talk, talk all the time and don’t even teach anything useful. Hmph, what’s there to learn from you? Look at that formula, are you making fun of me? Is this punishment? it’s way too long! Just do this and that and change it like this and it’s way better. Why do we have to do so much extra work?” I rewrote his formula in anger and rearranged a couple of things that cut the work in half.

Then I went back to sleep.

Oh, and not only that. Something else is weird too. LIke in History when we were given our textbooks. I read it all in a week out of boredom and got confused about several things. So I went to the teacher and asked her about why there wasn’t anything about the development of trains or airplanes anywhere. That had to be a pretty important piece of history, no? It’d completely change how you transport goods and what you could transport, too.

It’s true I’ve never seen those things myself, but Day taught me about them so they had to exist. But she didn’t seem to know what I was talking about? She even called the headmaster to see if he understood. He didn’t.

In the end, I had to detail the concept of steam engines and aerodynamics to them in an attempt to explain. Maybe they just didn’t have those things in this part of the world? But still, shouldn’t they know about it?

I was left frustrated and unsatisfied, thinking they were also making fun of me like that big dummy from before. But the other party seemed wildly enthusiastic as I slowly explained the theory. To make matters worse they even had the audacity to have me elaborate on the process of building such things.

I didn’t want to because I was very mad and tired by that point, thinking this some kind of elaborate plot hatched by that big dummy in revenge. So I just drew a few designs Day had me memorize and handed them over since, really, I wasn’t sure how to explain the ideas any other way except by example. 
I took the opportunity to run away while they were absorbed in the pictures.

This school was really very old, wasn’t it? So behind the times! They didn’t even know about the concept of railroads. I was starting to think Mother sent me to one of those Amish places Day mentioned to me once, those weird guys who rejected modern conveniences.

Although many of those modern conveniences I had never really seen myself...

I wasn’t here very long and I’m already at my wit’s end. It wasn’t fun here at all.

Remembering all these things made my head ache, making me distracted. I barely responded in time when I heard myself being addressed.

“...You’re so lucky to be the Prince’s fiancee! My father took me to attend his 11th birthday, he’s so handsome and cool. The future KIng! Isn’t it amazing? Aren’t you excited?”

I nodded, recovering my senses. “Alex is a good friend. He is very nice and polite, I like him a lot. He’s a very good boy.”

But a bit weak-looking. Ah, and a little of a crybaby. As for handsome, I don’t know. He’s average? Day’s much prettier to look at anyway so I don’t notice.

“I knew it. Really so lucky.”

“Speaking of fiancees, my eldest brother just got married to his. Father gifted them a lovely Estate near Rotherham.”

This tickled my ear for some reason.

“Indeed? How nice.”

“Why’s he moving away?” I asked on instinct. It’s really strange, isn’t it? Why would he move out?

“Huh? Well isn’t that the obvious thing to do?”


“It just is...Oh! Continuing the topic, what about yours?”

“My what?”

“Your brother. Does he have a fiance by now too?” A cough and averted gaze.

The others were in an uproar. “Lily, so bold!”

“Not fair, stealing a match on us like that.”

“How shameless!”

“So, does he?” The girl asked again.

I smiled. “Day has a lot of them. They’re okay.” Except that insufferable Evie! That girl...I want to bop her head every time I think of her! But as for fiances, Day’s got loads of female acquaintances now. Lottie, Minnie, Milly, Evie, Cakey, and Bubbles.

But that Bubbles gave me a bad feeling. Mother gave me a very smooth and shiny crystal orb when she brought me here as “entertainment.” She said I could see Day whenever I want if I use it. It’s one of my treasures. Seeing Day through the ball and watching him go on all his adventures is the only highlight of my time here and I take it out whenever I can.

It’s just that recently Day’s been going back to his old job. Not publicly, but privately. I think he had some sort of deal with that Bubbles? She teaches him things and he rubs her.

It wasn’t strange, but somehow…

I was very suspicious. I wasn’t sure why.

The girls were stunned. “A lot? Eh?

“H-How shameless!”

“So bold!”

“Day’s fiances are good people too, mostly.”

They all looked at me with shocked faces. One raised her hand hesitantly. “Um...Dolly, you do know what a fiance is, right?”

Why do I get asked that a lot?

“Of course I do.”


“Friend!” I replied confidently.

“She’s an airhead."

“Totally an airhead.”

“Such an airhead.”


I didn’t get it.

“Dolly, fiance means you’re marrying that person. It’s not a friend. Although it sort of is too….”

Yup. Don’t get it. It is and isn’t? Ah, so complicated.

“Marry?” I hung on the word. “You mean like Mother and Father? That thing? Like...lovers?”

“Exactly. Lovers.”

“They’re future lovers, to be precise.”

“You understand lovers, but not fiance?” Their lips twitched.

“I’m not stupid, okay?” It was hurtful they thought I didn’t know something so simple. “I’ll have you know I’m VERY Knowledgable in that area.” I asserted proudly, not bragging at all. Really, I wasn’t.

Tammy, my ginger-haired friend with freckles overfilled her cup as she poured herself more tea. The dark liquid spilled all over the table.

The bookworm Janette nearly fell out of her chair or and the brown-eyed Serina choked on her biscuit

“What!” They exclaimed together, standing up in fright.

I grinned, not at all smug to have finally gotten a chance to prove myself entirely NOT airheaded like they claimed.

“B-But” Tammy stuttered.

“Wah, how mature!” Janette marveled.

I giggled, totally not gloatingly. “Surprised? Hehe, who’s airheaded?”

“Hold on!” Serina held up a hand. “Just who’s this lover of yours?!”

I calmly took a sip of my tea. Sat it down. And touched my cheek with a sigh. “...Day’s quite an excellent lover if I do say so myself.”

“An Incestuous relationship!”

“A forbidden love!”

“What a thorny path!”

“...He’s very doting.” I acknowledged. “Day’s a kind and giving lover, you know. Always spoiling me.” Although that’s gone down lately.


“...Just as I imagined...”

“What...ahem. What do you guys...d-do?”

I gave them a smile as I recounted the details. “Day give me all the head pats. His hand is very warm and comfortable.” I kicked my feet happily, which dangled over the tall seat. “ He likes to pinch my cheeks, too. Sometimes he spins me around and throws me up, then catches me...ah, so fun. Oh, right, he also brushes my hair. But that’s not often much anymore. And when I sneak into his bed he’ll even tuck me in and tell me stories till I fall asleep…”

“I want to hit her.”

“ A sweet summer child, she’s too pure.”

“A true airhead through and through.” Serina sighed. “Dolly, listen, that’s not a lover at all!”

“What? Of course it is. Day told me lovers are people that you let hug you and kiss you on the cheek and rub your head and everything. But only if you’re really close to them, like me and Day.”

They shook their heads. “Dolly, a lover does way more than that, okay?”

“Huh? Like what?”

“Uh, that’ know...those things.”


“Think like…” And they started whispering into my ear. I froze. I could feel the heat in my cheeks and ears. “Perverts!”

“We’re being called perverts?!”

“Such injustice.”

“I’m unwilling.”

I cradled my head in pain. “You guys, you’re too much! That’s what fiance means?!” I lost it. “Wait, what was that you were saying about your brother moving way?” I felt a dread creep down my back.

“I mean that’s what married couples do, though?" Lily spoke up. " Someday your brother will get married too, you know.”


“Although he probably won’t move. He’ll inherit the land and title, after all. Unlike my Eldest Brother he's not born of a mistress. He’ll stay even if he does marry.”

“Really?” I felt the light at the end of a tunnel. Day moving away is too horrible. I don’t want him to go and not see me anymore. “Phew...You guys, you had me worried for a w--”

“Maybe. Some heirs do leave their homes, work from somewhere else. Like my cousin Jeremiah.” Serina cut in.

“And you’ll be leaving even if he doesn’t.” Tammy stated.

“Say what?”

“Well, you’re the Prince’s future wife. Of course, you’ll move away and live at his palace after you wed.”

“That can’t be!”

“Don’t be like that,” Serina said gently. “You’re marrying Prince Alex. A lot of girls would be envious of you. “

“What? Envious? Why, who’d be envious?”

She shrugged. “He’s very popular, after all. He has a lot of girls looking at him favorably. He’s almost as well-liked as your brother. Though I say that, I'm actually in the Day faction myself. See?” She pointed to a pin in the shape of a sun near her sleeve, somewhat embarrassingly.

“What do you mean, well-liked?”

“About that...remember when Lily asked about him having a fiance?”

I felt the horror wash over me as I witnessed her smile turn bashful. The other three were also blushing faintly.

A sense of emergency clutched my heart.

T-They wanted to do lewd things!

“You’re all bad women!” I shouted at them sourly. I was so sure that all those girls who tried to appeal to Day, like Cakey and Evie and all his past clients, were just coveting my status as the sister, but I was wrong!

They want to take Day away from me! They’re all bad women!

“Day can’t marry! I don’t want him to go! I don’t want to leave either!” I sniffled.

“Hey now…”

“I-It’s okay. It’ll be okay…”

“Yeah, it’s not the end of the world.”

“How can there be a world without Day?!” I argued.

“Oh, i like that.”

“Shut it, she’s crying, it’s not the time. But add it to the list.”

“You two are just...hah.”

I didn’t care. “All of you can shut it, okay? You’re part of it! You want to split up me and Day forever! You’re all bad women who just want to do lewd things!” I accused, nearly making them spit out blood.

They became unforgiving, revealing their true selves. “Now you’re just being mean. You can’t get so upset over something like this. This is just life, you know? Life!”

I hate life! LIfe can go suck turtle eggs!

“Yeah.” Janette pushed up her glasses, causing them to flare. “I mean what are you gonna do? It’s not like YOU can marry him.”

I looked at her, dazed. “Wait...say that again.”


“About Day. I can marry him?”

That...that would work! It’s genius! It’s so simple, I’ll just marry Day myself! Then we’ll be together forever!

“No, as I said, you can’t.”

“Obviously.” Serina laughed. “You can’t marry your own sibling, after all.”


“Why not?”

“You just...can’t...right?” She was suddenly unsure.

“Um, yeah. You can’t. Incest is illegal throughout the whole continent.” Tammy explained.

“I see. So it’s a conquest, then.”

So what if it’s illegal? I’ll just become the Empress and MAKE IT legal!


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