My Sister The Villainess

by Anoncommander

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem High Fantasy Male Lead Reincarnation Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Tell me, what does one do when they discover they were reincarnated into an Otome game as the villainess' playboy older brother?

Of course I had always been aware of my situation as a reincarnated person, but it was only when my sister's engagement to the Crown Prince was announced that I finally encountered a piece of my first life after all these years.

I thought, "Hey, this is exactly the same situation as that Otome game I was playing that day!"

But wait. My sister becomes the evil, hated villainess whose fate doesn't ends well at all, you say? As if I'd allow that!

The protagonist wants to steal your man and ruin you? Too arrogant! This daddy(brother) will mess her up good!

I'll completely crush all the people that want to harm my precious, adorable little sister!

Just fall in love with the Crown Prince and achieve your happiness, my sweet sister!

This is such a story.

...Except my sister seems to be a blooming bro-con? And the heroine keeps looking at me funny...


If you guys like my story and want me to continue writing for a long, long time then feel free to donate, like, a dollar and help support my soda addiction. 


Or maybe I should stick with Agua de Sandia drinks. Y'all ever have one of those before? Basically watermelon juice with ice, sugar, and sometimes other flavorings.

 Fucking. Amazing. You should try it. Report back. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Glossary ago
Prologue ago
Engagement? ago
Love Orgy ago
Arrival ago
Snap It Off ago
Side Story: Bird? Dog? Dragon? ago
Charlotte ago
The First Daughter ago
When Upset, Papa Says Things He Doesn't Mean ago
Proposing To A Queen, Stealing Her Husband (Pt. 1) ago
Proposing To A Queen, Stealing Her Husband (Pt. 2) ago
Make Crusades Great Again ago
Saint-Hero Damien, Angel Extraordinaire ago
A Tale Of Two Princesses (pt. 1) ago
A Tale Of Two Princesses (pt. 2) ago
The Dragon Race's Unfortunate Circumstances ago
Settling Accounts Before Leaving ago
Holy Artifact? No Thanks ago
Side Story: Vera's Treasure ago
Side Story: Dolly's New Rival ago
Owing The Hero One Holy Sword ago
Getting Kicked Out ago
Side Story: Minnie's Sinful Heart ago
No One Ever Expects... ago
King Of Hearts ago
It's Not Me, Its You ago
Mercy ago
Tale Of The Dragon God ago
Unexpected Visitors (pt.1) ago
Unexpected Visitors (pt.2) ago
Another, Barkeep ago
Fun Time With Bubbles-Sensei ago
Oh Boy Here I Go Killing Again ago
There Can Be Only One ago
A Humble Merchant Of Herbs And Spices ago
Side Story: Not Such A Bad Dragon? ago
I'll Build my Own Cartel, With Blackjack And Hookers ago
You Didn't Know It, But He's A Siscon ago
A King-Sized Blunt ago
What Goes Up Must Come Down ago
Side Story: Vera's Golden Heart ago
Ten Steps Back ago
Time To Make Some Magic ago
Side Story: Dahlia The Great ago

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Honudes Gai
  • Overall Score

It has so much potential, if it was just written by someone a little older that wasnt born into "meme" culture...

it would probably be as good as "My death flags show no sign of ending" and "Trash of the count family" if he just wasnt so cringe with dialog

So many points you will actually be enjoying the story to be ruined by the 14 year olds first "memes" level of writing

the character is suppose to have died at 22, remember that if you decide to read this

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score

Current as of July 17 2019

Easy chill read 

Ok so there is problems with this story it's a bit cringey at times and sometimes it doesn't flow well and the grammer sucks sometimes 

But if you can get past those things it's not bad 

I enjoyed the story

  • Overall Score

Every chapter I laugh so hard. Just wish he would lose his v card . But I can wait

  • Overall Score

Best whimsical OP trainwreck roller coaster I've read in ages!

  • Overall Score

Obliterated expectations.

It's filled with good refrences, and plenty of jokes. I found the whole experience to be pretty damn funny. Not many errors that I noticed or any that really bothered me. Good read, desperately want more of this masterpiece.

  • Overall Score

This is a dark comedy if any. The main character is a hilarious, Playboy pervert that has all the aspects of an OP MC, at least to the Nobel families he torments. LOL. He’s a demon king to some but an angel to others. His hole family is a mess of interesting characters and I love them all. Great character denamics and BRO humor. I recommend this read to all! Give it the chance it so desperately deserves! 

Dear Author,


P.S. if you ever need more than spiritual support I recommend uploading your novel to PATRON. Please make sure to never quit writing.

  • Overall Score

I've read halfway into the story, and this story is a cringe induced mess. 90% of the writing is about our MC monologuing about his sexual preferences and idiotic memes, there is very little actual dialogue.

Characters aren't developed, MC and his actions are very annoying. This is basically a very badly-written wish fulfillment fantasy. You can read 2 sentences in the entire chapter and miss nothing of importance. I know that royalroad doesn't always have the best writing, but this story is probably rock bottom in terms of quality.



  • Overall Score

good easy to read story

if you have spare time and want to read something funny read this