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Warning This fiction contains:
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Things go awry when the forces of chaos recruit a new Dungeon Master. From underpaid pseudo taxi driver to underground murder labyrinth builder, one young ladies life is getting flip turned upside down!
-The author


I guess being a Dungeon is better than doing rideshare for a living?
-The MC

A daringly competent attempt at literature. All the stars for typing the words in a generally correct order.
-The entirely real review of a person who chooses not to be named

I was given a bag of cheesy poofs to give this a thumbs up.
-A technically unpaid anonymous review

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Another dungeon story, I will follow

The number of dungeon stories I was reading that last year was superior to 42, but I find this story pleasing, the dungeon is in the first phase of development and I hope that many chapters s will follow.

I found a few typos or grammatical errors, but their numbers are negligible compared  to certain stories I read on RR or elsewhere.

The dungeon master and her dogs are interesting characters, I liked the details of the lava pool.  

  • Overall Score

Its a different take on dungeons. Not massive but just different. I like it.

  • Overall Score

family lines full of characters i havent seen or heard off one chapter prior is scary and leaves more confused me than interesting story but i love pretty much everything else.

Characters that we actually see are fun and the world feels well built and connected i like the doggos they bring life and love

  • Overall Score

(as of chp 6) Interesting premise

An accidental dungeon master who became one because he valued the lives of innocents above his own in his old life. Curious how that's gonna play out, especially now that his emotions are kinda-adjusted.

Not much to see yet, the MC is still in the building phase but the direction seems crafting/trade heavy with more direct interactions between dungeon and mortals than normal.
[edit - nothing much more to say yet and typo issues should be solved very soon after chapter 7]

Pale imitation
  • Overall Score

Story felt a bit slow and hollow. A little more depth in the characters would have been nice. Managed to slog to ch 6, does the story get any better?