The Big Waste (Preview)

by CWA

Original HIATUS Action Harem Post Apocalyptic Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

You can't save the world, when it has already ended.

The 'Skirmishes' have left the land in absolute ruin. The last few remains of civilization are Corrupt Citadels; oppressive and dangerous for most who inhabit them. Outside is 'The Big Waste'; a stretch of endless damaged landscape that has been scorched, poisoned and left to decay by the horrors of constant war.

When an accomplished destruction derby driver decides to take a seemingly simple delivery job outside the citadel for a little adventure, he learns very quickly why the first day in the Big Waste can often become your last.

Disclaimer: This book contains brutal violence, unconventional morals in a post apocalyptic world, detailed sex with a harem, and a little bit of dark humor for good measure.


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Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score

Ch 23

Glad i waited to binge this (but when I caught up it had to end on a f'in cliff huh... lol)

I liked the style and flow

Story is good (I dont read much in the post apocalyptic genre so I dont know if it super cliche or not) 

I like the different dynamic with the characters and the mc isn't annoying so far (another big positive in my opinion)

Tldr worth a try 

  • Overall Score

Frantic action with a bit of sex on top!

Reviewed at: Final Chapter: Loose Ends

A very fast paced story with just the correct ammount of smut. I cheered for the MC and at the same time facepalmed with his ineptitude outside his car. It's fun and it's completed, read it and then anoy the author so he can release a sequel soon!

Scesce Scesce
  • Overall Score

good fight scenes,   interesting portrayal of know beings, a mc that despite his normality, has balls, what do you need more than this?