Silver Fox and the Western Hero

by MH Johnson

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Wuxia Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Alex was dying, and all the millions his father had left him meant nothing.

The life he had been so eager to embrace, to do the memory of his father proud, would soon come to an end.


That ugly, terrible word.

He had tried to be strong for his mother, even when the treatments left him violently ill, his body wracked with pain, his friends and even his girlfriend leaving him almost as fast as his once impressive physique wasted  to nothing under the ravages of his illness.

And just when he thought all hope was dead, a couple discrete referals placed by high-powered friends of his family got him an exclusive spot at the most sophisticated cryonic facility in the world.

He didn't know if there was such a thing as an afterlife, but part of the package included uploading a copy of his cortex into a digital universe filled countless worlds to explore, where he could embrace whatever class or profession he could dream of.

All of which sounded hell of a lot better than the miserable death waiting for him in the real world.

In the end, he signed the paperwork, putting his pathetic flickering life in the hands of potential quacks and charlatans.

After all, with death just days away, what did he have to lose?

Even if he could never be successfully revived, he could at least adventure his heart out.

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MH Johnson

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapters 1 & 2: Cryogenic Sleep & Unexpected Awakenings! ago
Chapter 3: Abandon Ship! ago
Chapter 4: Justice is blind. ago
Chapter 5: The Fox's Toy. ago
Chapter 6: Angry Gods, Laughing Fox. ago
Chapter 7: A Path is Chosen. ago
Chapter 8: A golden enticement. ago
Chapter 9: Did I make the wrong choice? ago
Chapter 10: Any port in a storm. ago
Chapter 11: Happy just to have a job! ago
Chapter 12: Perseverance ago
Chapter 13: A soldier's lessons. ago
Chapter 14: A Cultivator's first insight. ago
Chapter 15: An enemy is made. ago
Chapter 16: Recovery and playing to one's strengths. ago
Chapter 17: Alchemical Insights ago
Chapter 18: Cultivation breakthrough achieved! ago
Chapter 19: A warrior is forged. ago
Chapter 20: Do you dare take the High Road? Are you truly strong enough? ago
Chapter 21: A vast and wonderful world to explore! ago
Chapter 22: Death is nothing. I must save the girl I love. ago
Chapter 23: Recovery ago
Chapter 24: The Disciple grows in strength. ago
Chapter 25: Alchemical Secrets ago
Chapter 26: Rank 5 Basic Cultivation achieved! ago
Chapter 27: Foxworthy Alchemy ago
Chapter 28: The Warrior Alchemist grows in strength. ago
Chapter 29: Giving priceless gifts to the Kitsune girl who stole my heart. ago
Chapter 30: Desperate hope, deadly training. ago
Chapter 31: Demons slain! The ultimate sacrifice. ago
Chapter 32: Epilogue Part I ago
Chapter 33: Epilogue Part II - Close of book 1 ago
Book 2 - Chapter 1. - Oh crap, what's in store for me now? ago
Book 2 - Chapter 2 - Bitter Lessons & A Hunter's Pride ago
Book 2 - Chapter 18 - A Sweet Prize Revealed! ago

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'The difference between a skilled artist and a master is the latter knows when to stop.'

I remember this tip from some article on paintings and find it equally valid across all fields of art.

When the story started, the focus was on the MC solely for his life experiences, his personality and his reaction to adversities. The author should have built the story on these foundations. And to some extent he has done so. 

However in his latest chapters the slant has been towards MC's use of  his OP ring and abilities to structure the plot. This is a common failing of both Chinese wuxia/xianxia and English web novels today.

'Ohh..  look at his big sword, what is he compensating for? giggle....' is as cliche a saying as it gets. The saying is not only valid for characters but also for authors of said characters. (Not targeting Mr. Johnson, just a comment on a common thread I have observed in works on RRL .😣)

I have observed that many authors get lazy after putting in efforts at the beginning. For example they structure events such that the MC has to rely on their OP abilities to succeed and use the said event to stretch the ability further to be used in the next event! It is an empty and self fulfilling loop with the sole purpose of increasing word count. 

This is my first review on RRL. I hope that the author takes some time to review and deliver on the potential he showed in the beginning.

  • Overall Score

This story starts with a fairly standard litrpg opening. It then moves into a D&D inspired western system meeting an eastern cultivation society in a violent clash of cultures. The protagonist has a full game system, with an A.I.

Things suddenly change. Power escalates, and we’re in the big leagues. The story turns fully to cultivation, the A.I. abruptly disappears.

Things suddenly change. Power de-escalates. The story is now about a modern westerner surviving in a classic eastern cultivation setting. The system is still there, but softer and much less emphasized.

Things change, and now we’re shifting to romance...

This is quite well written, and there are a lot of great ideas here. There are in fact too many good ideas. It feels like the author has repeatedly changed his mind about what kind of story he wants to tell in a very short period.

This is still interesting, and worth a look, but it would benefit from a bit more focus.

  • Overall Score

Good start from a solid author.

MH Johnson is a talented author who tells fun adventure stories where periodically things will escalate WELL over 9000.... 

His stories are colorful, violent, virtuous and villainous.

His previous works can be found on Amazon, cheaply if you have Prime/KU, if you like the taste of what you read here and want more flavorful goodness that's already complete, his Risen Queen series was first -- and it's a wonderful read.

Then came his Oblivions Blade novels -- dimension warping LitRPG.

As for this particular story, this review is somewhat of a placeholder. I like what I've seen in 2 chapters... but that's only two chapters so far. This story is kicking off in a LitRPG/Wuxia realm, and really, with as colorful, vibrant, and over the top as some of his previous works have gone -- Wuxia seems like a natural progression for his works to dip into.

In any case, I've read all this author's previous works, they are good. This looks to be good as well. 

zeel steel
  • Overall Score

Very good, look forward to more.

I do not often write reviews, I have done so maybe twice or thrice before. I write this review both because I am very much in love with this story so far, and because I feel that Telchar was overly harsh with their review. 

This novel is full of believable characters in believable situations. The world is large, beautiful, and deadly. The MC is quick on his feet and isn't afraid to take the initiative. He's worked for everything he's gotten so far and isn't some over powered Mary Sue that Walter's through all obstacles before him. 

The MC's ring is indeed OP, but only in it's potential. (Spoiler?) Yes, it has saved his life and the life of someone he cares about, but it has done so in a believable way. 

Henry Joseph Thiel
  • Overall Score

Not doing a detailed review cause mobile, but this story has almost no technical problems, the characters seem to remain in character, and the cheats are limited.

I saw the story on the front page under recently updated and decided to give it a go - and finished it in one setting and am now writing this review. 

Give it a go!

  • Overall Score

There are minor grammar issues that look to be just mistyped other than that great story so far.