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The Dark Lord ruled the land for centuries through fear and sorcery. Even the lands and sky obeyed his will, and the undead walked freely throughout his domain, a group of heroes, chosen by fate, arose to challenge his rule. They uncovered powerful artifacts to arm themselves, recruited brave allies, severed his influence over the land before directly challenging him in personal combat within his own lair. In this final climactic battle, several of the heroes and their allies perished in the fight to end the reign of the Dark Lord.

I, Gwenyth was one of those heroes, and in the moment of my death I inherited the Curse of the Dark Lord…

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Interesting setup, but lacking follow-up

Reviewed at: Mortus XVI

The story starts out with a decent and interesting setup, but quickly looses steam afterwards.  The biggest problem probably lies in the lack of interesting characters. Mainly, the main character. Exept for having some morals and not accepting the murder of innocents, we more or less know nothing about her. We dont even know anything about her appereance. Additionally, she lacks anything resembeling a clear stance on the things that happen around her and what she wants to do. Especially lacking is the information about the world at large i.e. the world building and information about the past of the protagonist and her companions. A result of knowing absolutely nothing about the past of the mc is that the eventual reunion with one of her past companions lacks any dramaturgical weight. The fact that the people that support the ruling endevours of the mc (or more or less force her to) seem to just have sprouted from the ground and also lack anything resembeling a personality doesnt help the case.

The story itself isnt to bad, interesting things happen at a resonable pace, it is just that you cant easily write a good story with wholly lacking characters.

The grammar isnt really something to write home about: just some mistakes here and there.

In conclusion: It had some potential, but it couldnt keep invested enough to go on reading.


A good vampire debut novel.

Reviewed at: Mortus VI

Follow Gwenyth as she wakes up the victim of a curse, having become what she had sworn to destroy. Her path will lead her to make new allies as she seeks her old companions.

This is a debut novel by Antler Inscriber and my grading reflects that. Although the story is not perfect, it does have its moments and I believe that it will only improve in time.

There are some mistakes, especially spelling or your instead of you're but it rarely happens, some of the story feels a bit rushed but in general it's interesting. Some of the character's decisions feel a bit forced but the story moves forward nicely. The combat sequences lack detail but the fights themselves have a real stake. All in all, what you have here is an unpolished gem with living character who have a personality and if you like vampire stories with a style that's closer to Anne Rice and  Bram Stoker than Stephenie Meyer, then give it a chance.