The Planar Archivist

by Dissonance

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Female Lead High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Secret Identity Slice of Life Strategy

Night comes. Thunder booms. Rifts tear open the sky. The Nine Realms of Beyond have long converged, and the bitter Convergence Wars have long passed, but a fact remains true years later.

There will always be conflict. Always.

Ystveln, the City of Smoke, rests upon a crucible of fire. A hidden war of politics rages beneath its polished surface, decorated by poisoned daggers and bloodied hands. Enter Theodore Auric, aged thirteen, with all the lack of muscle to back it. A mere boy, standing among the standards of men.

A courier. A thief. A coward. A pawn. He is three of those, except one.

It is time to find out which.

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Looks to be just as excellent

A reimagining of a previous story the author started this one looks to be just as excellent as the original. Certainly a cut above the rest of the fiction here 

mr paradox
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You won't find many novel in royalroad with such beautiful prose. It's pretty clear Author took a lot of time into writing this. The flow of story is also smooth but the best of all are the characters. You're definitely gonna love their interactions. There won't be flat characters to look at here. I'm loving the story more and more as I read the next chapter. In fact, I'd probably even enjoy the story with just the casts doing routine slice of life stuff (But in reality I we the best of both world and the story is intriguing as well).


Oh and don't forget we also get illustrations for the characters as well.

The only cons (not really a con) is I found this series too early and there weren't a lot of chapters to binge read XD.

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If you're looking to read something, this is it!

I was already hooked to the first version of this, but from reading the first 2 chapters it looks even better thn the last version. The chapters are big and the flow is really nice. Overall I have very high expectations of this novel. love the characters and like the choice to go with the city a lot. very fucking good.