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CH.5 Preparing For A Journey


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One week has passed since I got my grimoires. Under this week, I’ve practiced all my spells that I currently have. They aren’t that powerful, but at least it’s something. I need to become an adventurer so I can get my job classes that lets me use my special spells. But I can’t just start right away. Being an adventurer is a hard job, and your life is always on the line. Most adventurers band together to form a so called “party”.


If you’re in a party, defeating higher leveled monsters and bosses becomes much easier, since you’re more people. A party is often built up on a standard meta, consisting of a Warrior which is in the front line, doing most of the attacking, Warriors often have high mobility and fast attack speed. Then there is the Tank which also is in the front line, the Tank is the person responsible for distracting enemies and “tanking” their damage. Typically has high defense but low offense. Then there is the vanguard consisting of the Magic caster, which can vary in fighting style, some magic casters choose to be more on the supportive side, others choose to be more on the offensive side. The magic casters have a lot of mana but can lack in other stats. Lastly, there is the Healer, the Healer’s job is to support the team, healing someone which is wounded, or buffing stats.

If we take Olivias party for example, Olivia is the Magic caster, Olve is the Tank, Ainz is the Healer (believe it or not), and lastly it’s Kenshi, the Warrior. Out of all of those people, I’ve never met or heard anything of Kenshi, other then that he is in their party. Apparently he’s a very good warrior, and often carries the party, so Olivia often call him “captain”.


-”Hey Kūkyo!” shouted Olivia from the distance.

-”Huh?” I mumbled.

After a few seconds, I could see Olivia standing about 20 meters away, I quickly ran up to her.

-”I got a job for you!” stated Olivia.

-”A job?” I asked.

-”Yes a job! You’ve practiced your spells for a while, right? Well a scout just came and said there was a few low leveled skeletons coming this way so I thought you might want to try your new spells on them!

-”Oh, okay, uhm sure, I can try.


I was nervous. I was about to go into a real battle, even if it was just against mere skeletons. I went to the gate and talked with the scout to hear more about the details.

-”Excuse me, are you the scout?” I asked.

-”I’m a scout yes” replied the guy.

-”The one who saw the skeletons just now?

-”Yeah that’s me.

-”Okay great, I got the job to take care of them, I would just like to know the details.

-”Yeah sure, I saw a total of seven skeletons, all of them were unarmed. It should be very easy to take care of them. You’ll found them if you just keep walking north.

-”Oh, okay, thanks a lot!


It was time for my first battle. After I had talked with the scout, I immediately started walking to the designated destination. I was a little bit nervous, but I knew I would be fine, after about 10 minutes of walking, I come across a little hill. I decided to go up it, and when I got to the top I looked out, and just beneath me, there were a few skeletons. I currently had three spells, one of them was Magic Arrow which summons an arrow made out of mana, which shoots out to pierce the enemy. Then there is Acid arrow, which works similar to the magic arrow, but the acid arrow is more effective against armored enemies. Lastly there is Shockwave, a spell that emits an invisible shock wave that can even distort the air. The skeletons were unarmed, but I still decided to keep a distance, I opened my void grimoire and casted my first ever spell against a live target... 

-”Magic Arrow!” The arrow appears in front of me and shoots out, hitting one of the skeletons in the head, killing it instantly. The other skeletons notice me, and starts walking towards me, that is when I cast the same spell again.

-”Magic Arrow!” I once again one-shot another skeleton, but I didn’t have time to cast all these spells one after another, the skeletons were getting closer and closer, so I had to use something even more powerful.

-”Shockwave!” Nothing happens for a few seconds, but then.. A distortion in the air emits before me, and it traveled at an incredible speed forwards as it shouted a loud noise, the shockwave was so strong that the skeleton’s bones got crushed, pulverized to ash.


My grimoire started to blink a few times before it stopped, I didn’t know why, so I opened it. It showed that I had leveled up and asked me to use my skillpoint. I decided to put my first ever skillpoint in the Wizard job class so my magic casting abilities would become greater, since I wanted to wait until I got my job class that gives me the ability to use void magic or atomic magic. When I chose the Wizard job class, my grimoire flipped pages and started writing new spells, I got a total of three new spells, Fireball, Water Stream, Earth Blast, three spells of the four elements. I really wanted to try them at the scarecrows back at the village when I got back there. Now that I had gotten my grimoire, I noticed that when I extracted mana from my body, it went out very fast, in large quantity, just like how it does when Olivia does it. It honestly felt pretty awesome, so I wanted to go back to the village and tell Olivia about my achievement. The skeletons didn’t have anything I wanted so I just started walking back.


But it didn’t take long until I felt that something wasn’t right…

Something’s here, I’m certain of it. But where?

I looked around, but I couldn’t see anything, but just when I gave up on the idea, I heard something in the forest behind me.

-”Who’s there!” I shouted as I turned around and opened my grimoire.

I didn’t get an answer, but I heard something walking closer and closer to me. I shouted once again.

-”Who’s there, final warning!

I didn’t get an answer… 

-”Shockwave!” I casted.

The wave of distorted air blasted forth with a boom, cutting trees and leaves in half as it travelled.  And that was when I saw it, there really was someone, no, something behind the trees. Two skeletons with shields and swords, the scout only said there was only those seven unarmed skeletons, but he must’ve missed these two. I had no choice but to attack them.

-”Magic Arrow!” The magic arrow appeared in front of me and shot forth at one of the skeletons, but it hit the shield, and didn’t do anything. Those shields could probably deflect all my spells, besides the fireball. But if I casted fireball here, it would burn down the whole forest. But I did unlock water stream, so I could potentially use it afterwards, It sounded like a good idea, so I wanted to try it out.

-”Blast Forth, Fireball!” A flaming ball appeared above me, and then shortly after, it shot out and hit one of the skeletons, causing a small explosion. The explosion started a fire in the trees, but the skeleton that I hit, exploded into bits, and the other skeleton lost his shield. I had to quickly kill the other skeleton so I could extinguish the fire.

-”Earth Blast!” One of my new spells, it takes rocks and dirt from the ground below me, and then blasts it forth, I was lucky since I had a lot of rocks in this area. Several medium sized rocks flew forth, crushing the skeletons bones in an instant. 


Now the only thing which was left was to extinguish the fire, but that would be hard, the fire had already spread quite a lot, but I tried anyways.

-”Water Stream!” Water started to stream out of my right hand, and I immediately took out my arm and started extinguishing the fire, but it was just too much, I got a few trees and bushes, but I wasn’t fast enough. The fire just kept growing and growing.

-”Hey kid, you need some help?” Said a man in fancy clothes walking up behind me.

-”Who are you?” I responded aggressively.

-”Oh, you don’t know who I am?

-”I should?

-”I mean, yeah, I’m kind of famous. I am Trent, the Headmaster of the swordsman.

-”You are one of the headmasters?

-”Yeah, and by the way, your shoulder is on fire.

-”WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME EARLIER?!?!Ahhhh, hot, hot, hot.”

-”While on the topic, do you need help or not with the forest fire? It has gotten quite a size while we’ve talked.”

-”Yeah, I would gladly accept your help.”

I wonder how strong a headmaster is.” I thought to myself.

There are a total of six headmasters. The headmasters are a party that protects the six kingdoms, there is often one headmaster in each kingdom, but sometimes they band together to fight off high level bosses in dungeons. You could say that the headmasters are the strongest six people in the world. 

-”Well then, let me show you how it’s done.” Stated Trent.

Trent crouched down as he grabbed his sword.

-”Ion Water Magic: Concentrated Water Slice!” Shouted Trent.

His blade started glowing light blue and a few electricity shocks came a little now and then, he then drew his blade as a huge slice of water shot forwards at incredible speed, extinguishing the fire in an instant.

How did he obtain such a power?!

-”That, kid, is the power of a headmaster” stated Trent.

-”Wow, you’re so strong!” I replied.

-”Hah hah, of course I am, now don’t you have to go back to the village?

-”Yeah you’re right, thanks a lot for the help, I hope we’ll see each other again!

-”Yeah, and next time I’d like to see what magic attribute you have, I only saw you use standard spells back there.

-”My magic attributes are Void and Atomic, I can’t use them yet, cause I need a special job-class.

-”V-v-v-void?? A-a-a-Atomic? You have two attributes?” stuttered Trent.

-”Yeah, I got two grimoires for some reason, I know, it’s quite unique” I replied.

-”Okay, uhm, take care, I’d love to see that magic in action, but don’t do anything crazy, hah, see you later kid!

-”Yeah, see you!


I started to walk back to the village.

Why did Trent react that way when I told him my magic attributes, I knew that no one has ever gotten two grimoires, and that both Void and Atomic magic is world magic, but still, he looked so scared. World magic is basically magic that should either be impossible to make, but someone did somehow obtain it, or it’s magic that only gods should be able to wield. I knew that void magic was a magic that shouldn’t be possible to create, because the Legend of Vali clearly states it, but Atomic magic is a magic that only gods should be able to wield, and I am not a god, this made me quite confused.


Before I’d noticed it I had already talked to myself so much that I was already at the village. I went and told Oliva about what happened, and she was very surprised that I had encountered a headmaster, not to mention, defeated two skeletons which was armed.

-”Kūkyo, I think you’re ready to become an adventurer”. claimed Olivia.

-”Really, are you sure, I still have a lot of things to learn” I replied.

-”The best way of learning is to find a way that suits you, find a way to do things your own way, there are no rights or wrongs.

I thought about it for a few seconds, sure I was able to defeat those skeletons quite hard, but becoming an adventurer already was a big deal. I could easily die if I did a mistake.


-”Start to pack your things, you’re leaving in two days” said Olivia.

-”Two days?!” I stated.

-”Yes, I’ve already talked to Ainz. Listen, when you get to the kingdom, you have to become an adventurer, to do that, just go to the Adventurer's Guild. Fighting alone is a risky thing, it’s good to find some people to party up with, but be careful, some people may just use you for their own benefit. I recommend going into a party with someone you trust.

-”Uhm okay, I got it!” I responded.

-”Good, remember, it’s a long journey so start packing your things now and get plenty of rest!

-”Sounds like a plan!


Next Chapter: An Interesting Journey.

A note from Moxxi

This chapter will be reworked in the future

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