Whisper Of The Void

by Moxxi

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Short Story Dungeon High Fantasy LitRPG Magic
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

There once existed a very strong magician who had somehow infused two opposite elements together and created a new type of magic, this magic was so powerful that no one could stand up against it. But the power was so great that in the midst of a battle, the magician charged up more magic that he couldn’t control. As a result, the whole world got consumed by his spell, leaving only a sphere of void behind. About 3000 years later, the void opens, releasing evil upon the world. Amidst the chaos, there awakens a man who possesses strange magic, and he makes his own party of powerful people, with the goal of defeating the void and reclaiming peace within the kingdoms.


This novel is a work in progress, and chapters will be edited. If you find any grammar mistakes etc, please PM me so I can fix it, thank you. Also, if there's anything you'd like to send as feedback, please PM me that as well.

I have a fandomwiki for this novel, were you can find extra information about characters and other things. The wiki does include backdoor information though, so if you don't want spoilers, I don't recommend you entering it. The fandomwiki also has illustrations of both characters and weapons, created by me. (Link Here)

I release a new chapter every Sunday at 11:00(CEST)

I can give a quick disclaimer that chapter 1-7 is going to be completely rewritten once I've finished chapter 25. The chapters will include the same content, but just written better. When I first started writing, I was a completely newbie with no experience what's so ever. I've like never read a book seriously either, so that's why dialogs and everything is really formatted weird. But when I finish chapter 25, which is the end of Volume 1, I'll go through each and every one of my chapters, and reinforce them, so they look much better. I do this because I don't like the way I've done it, plus it's just not the way it's supposed to be. When I finish that, I'll move on and start working on Volume 2 of this novel. I have a layout for four volumes at the moment, but I only think I'll write two volumes. If I get a lot of feedback and positive comments, I might start working on another volume. Each volume is 25 chapters by the way, and each chapter is around 3500 words, or 13 pages.

I do have a lot of both school and work, but I try my best to finish a chapter per week. If I end up getting to much IRL work, I might make it one chapter every two weeks, but we'll see.

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When doing this review, there is only seven chapters, so my score might change later, but here is what I think of it right now.

Story: 4

The story is pretty intresting, even though we have a lot of fantasy, action, adventure genre novels on Royalroad, and on other placesl, this story still feels a little bit unique. But I must say that it feels a little bit rushed, so that is why it got a 4 star.


Character: 3.5

The author tries his best to describe the characters, but he does it very little. I'd like to see a little bit more detailed description of each character. I want to be able to imagine the character before me.


Grammar: 3.5

The grammar and the English is pretty good, but I keep finding the same mistakes over and over in some areas. Words which sounds the same, but spells different and mean different things. I'd like the author to look out for this in the future.


Style 3

The way the author formats the novel is kind of weird. There are a lot of black spaces in between sentences, and everything is quite sepereated from eachother, it makes it very weird to read, though this has been getting better the past chapters.


Overall score: 3.5

I think this novel has potential, I will keep reading this novel to the end, and then give a more detailed review. It's nice to see new authors writing and see what kind of ideas they have. I would recommend this novel, but keep in mind that the beginning is very slow and weird, especially the first chapter. But it gets better as time passes. It's going to be interesting to see how this novel end up, I really look forwards to it!