Original HIATUS Horror Mystery Psychological Sci-fi Cyberpunk Male Lead Post Apocalyptic Ruling Class Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Waking up on a farm that appears to be out of the early 1800’s, Cole has no recollection of the past. He stands in line as the landowner and his two farmhands explain the rules of the farm along with the consequences of breaking those rules.

But for the sweet taste of freedom, questions will be asked and rules will have to be broken to find the truth, leaving Cole in the fight for his life as he seeks to fulfill the dying wish of an old man who longs to see mankind back on top of the food chain once again.

This book is intended for an adult audience and contains graphic language, violence, and sexual content.

Reader discretion is advised.

The Farm was originally published on www.mossthewriter.com/the-farm


This book will be removed from RR and my personal website on August 27th. 

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Author Matt Moss

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Intriguing and clean beginning

A group of men suddenly find themselves without memory, being forced to slave on a farm in the 1800s. Intriguing story, written clearly and cleanly.

The MC comes across well, in his few observations, ie guessing what the black guy's name will be and stating that this grave will not be for him. Shows wryness and grit.

I like the dialogue and the turns of phrase aren't intrusive.

The biggest problem I have is with character reactions.

I can't imagine a line of men just standing there, without what-the-hell-ing, when they find themselves suddenly without memory in a strange place with strange people. Why aren't they perturbed at not being able to remember anything? I get the sense that this is a group of men somewhat outside society in normal life, but it's quite hard to understand such a very strong lack of reaction. Perhaps, though, it will be explained. The MC keeps wondering why no-one is saying anything. Those would be good places to show us why HE isn't saying anything.

Also, that memory thing.. They know their names, home towns, occupations and ages, so that's actually quite a lot to be going on with, despite the MC's comments.

A more interesting and organic way to introduce the age discovery is needed, because I don't see why men would ask each other's ages. 

I'm definitely reading on, and am intrigued by the 'food chain' part of the blurb, especially as so far, humans having slipped down it hasn't been brought up! Are the farm's people non-human? Or are there other things we're going to meet? Very page-turny. 

On that note, though, I was puzzled as to whether when the three men disappeared back to the mansion, that's supposed to be literal.

Solid, well-written beginning.