Becoming my rival's love interest!

by Nao

Original ONGOING Comedy Contemporary Drama Romance Female Lead Gender Bender Male Lead Secret Identity Strong Lead

The perfect revenge plan is sweet and delicious. When everything goes right, you savor every last drop.

Jin-Jie was planning a super devious plot when he was unfortunately killed in a car accident. He planned on getting revenge on Yueng-Liang, who always one upped him in anything he would do. He would always be a promotion higher, have his ideas selected for the company,and just to add salt on the wound, all the girls Jin-Jie was interested in seemed to be in love with him! To Yueng-Liang he was just doing his job he didn’t even know Jin-Jie existed! But Jin-Jie took every misfortune life through at him and pinned it on him! Having his brilliant revenge plan fade out to dust, he struck a miracle and survived the car crash, but as a girl!

Now Jin-Jie plan’s to use this miracle of a life to get revenge on Yueng-Liang by becoming his girlfriend?

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Mm this, this is good.

I cannot make up my mind if I ship the best friend or the "most hated enemy" with jin-jie...

Wholesome END:

Jin-jie falls for the man who has been there for her for years and helped her recover through constant diligent effort. 

Twist END:

Jin-jie falls for her rival and they ride off into the sunset.

Bad END: 

Jin-jie tricks the rival into marriage then she murders him for his money, but the police arrest her and she goes to jail for life.

Yuri END: 

Jin-jie falls in love with the girl Lian is chasing, they get together and fly off into a rainbow.

Magical girl END: 

Jin-jie is hit by a strange meteor and gains a magical costume transformation to fight off an alien invasion of tentacle beasts.

Only to find love with the prince of the tentacle beasts as they ride of in his spaceship to lead the resistance against the evil tentacle beast Emporer.

Mad END: 

The warp of the 41st millenium ruptures spacetime during a conflict between the chaos gods and the God-Emporer  of Mankind, sending shards of chaos to seed Jin-jies world.

In the brief moment the rift is open the Corpse Emporer selects Jin-jie to be granted all his knowledge and to turn her into a powerful psyker in order to combat this incursion of chaos.


Thats about it...