Cultivating Earth [Hiatus]

by Cromethus

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Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Traumatising content

[This fiction is on indefinite hiatus. I'm currently acting as a 24-hour caregiver for my step-father who had a massive heart attack. I apologize for disappearing so quickly, but sometimes that's just life. I'll return as soon as possible. Sorry everyone!]


Zhao Gang, after hundreds of thousands of years cultivating, has finally reached the penultimate threshold. He is ready to ascend to the level of True Immortal. 

Driven by the need for a place his enemies won't find him, Zhao Gang puts together an audacious plan. He has developed a revolutionary new formation which will allow him to ascend while on even the lowest planes. To avoid drawing attention, he has to choose a plane that is relatively desolate, however.

He chooses Earth. Fast forward three thousand years.  Zhao Gang discovers what his work has wrought - a cultivation-free culture that has delved the deep mysteries of creation - he can't help but think how this tiny little planet devoid of natural energy could affect the course of all creation.

There's only one problem. For that to happen, he has to succeed in cultivating Earth.


Notes: Chinese names should be ignored in the social context - they don't mean anything. Sorry for slaughtering such a beautiful tradition.

This novel starts off slower than most. If the slow-roll isn't your thing, you might want to give this a pass. If it's not for you, I understand. Also, releases may be broken up into smaller chunks. The goal is 5k words, but definitely more than 4k. If you see a short release, be aware that more is probably coming.

 I'll be honest and say that I'm struggling with each new scene, if only because I want to balance the scope of vision with good pacing. I hope the work I put into it is worthwhile.

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Lord Vitor2510

A wonderful novel, mixing the wonders of the regular cultivarion world in a day-to-day scenario of living in modern world

Seventh Sage

I like the different perspective on cultivation. The backstory to why humans in modern times can not cultivate makes sense, as well as the reasons the MC is willing to stay on earth. 


Cromethus has created a masterpiece with the tale.

Highly recommend!


The writing is quality. The pace (while too slow for some) I'm finding quite enjoyable. Regular updates. Fresh perspective on the cultivation genre. Not to mention the premise can be explored a billion different ways. I'm hooked.

Hands down one of the best stories on the site right now.


I love everything about this story and hope it continues on to the end. I hope it doesn't rush into the epicness but keeps it a steady stream of progression. I would enjoy this very much if it focused a slice of life in the story. The premises of the story are just great.


This is a well written, extremely engaging story.

Reviewed at: Scene 17 - Tea and Acrimony

It has had my heart racing in places despite at present (scene 20) having had no battles. I have not willing stopped reading it since I started.

I am really looking forward to how it develops. It is funny how my two favorite characters (Rejya Xinasa and Zirai Biyu) are currently at odds.

Normally I find changing perspectives to be anoying, but this story handles the changes so well that it truely enhances the experience.


While it's too soon to say how well the concept will play out in the later parts of the story, I can confidently say that the chapters so far are nothing short of brilliant. It gives an interesting and fresh perspective on cultivation stories and I can't wait to see where it goes


i fking love this story

only 100 pages in and im completely hooked, it would be incredibly frustrating if this dosent go on for 1000s of pages >.<


Our protagonists are attempting to build a wuxia style sect on modern Earth, but intend to do this without using violence or significantly infringing on cultural norms. The self-imposed limitations provide a challenge for them to overcome, while simultaneously providing a lot of characterization. This is an extremely well thought out premise that can easily carry a story.

Writing is excellent. (Not just "Royal-Road Excellent", but actually good writing.)

I am looking forward to reading more chapters as they come.


If you like to binge on a story, this here is for you.