Cultivating Earth [Hiatus]

by Cromethus

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

[This fiction is on indefinite hiatus. I'm currently acting as a 24-hour caregiver for my step-father who had a massive heart attack. I apologize for disappearing so quickly, but sometimes that's just life. I'll return as soon as possible. Sorry everyone!]


Zhao Gang, after hundreds of thousands of years cultivating, has finally reached the penultimate threshold. He is ready to ascend to the level of True Immortal. 

Driven by the need for a place his enemies won't find him, Zhao Gang puts together an audacious plan. He has developed a revolutionary new formation which will allow him to ascend while on even the lowest planes. To avoid drawing attention, he has to choose a plane that is relatively desolate, however.

He chooses Earth. Fast forward three thousand years.  Zhao Gang discovers what his work has wrought - a cultivation-free culture that has delved the deep mysteries of creation - he can't help but think how this tiny little planet devoid of natural energy could affect the course of all creation.

There's only one problem. For that to happen, he has to succeed in cultivating Earth.


Notes: Chinese names should be ignored in the social context - they don't mean anything. Sorry for slaughtering such a beautiful tradition.

This novel starts off slower than most. If the slow-roll isn't your thing, you might want to give this a pass. If it's not for you, I understand. Also, releases may be broken up into smaller chunks. The goal is 5k words, but definitely more than 4k. If you see a short release, be aware that more is probably coming.

 I'll be honest and say that I'm struggling with each new scene, if only because I want to balance the scope of vision with good pacing. I hope the work I put into it is worthwhile.

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Different type of cultivation story, i am hooked!

Reviewed at: Chapter 25 - Examples and Expectations

This story is so different from the usual Xianxia stories, the premise alone got me interested in reading it, but i didnt expect that much from it, now im actually liking and enjoying this story.

This story starts with the Cultivator Zhao Gang working on a grand plan for advancing in his cultivation, he has chosen the seemingly remote and unimportant planet of Earth for that. He succeeds at that and achieves true immortality after three thousands years of secluded cultivation. Then he discovers just what his actions have unintentionally wrought, for the humans of Earth in the abscence of cultivation, have gone in an different direction, unseen in the rest of the cultivation universe. Now he is faced with a choice that will have far reaching implications.

The characters are sort of well done, even if the story so far is still short. So far they have been shown to be intelligent and well written characters, the cultivators are quite different from what you would expect from cultivators,  they sort of feel like real characters, that actually can change even if its slowly.

I agree with the other reviewers about, that while the characters are good, they are still lacking, i hope that is set to change eventually since i really enjoy this story and dont want characters that are not being explored at all, to ruin it.

Out of the characters of who we had a viewpoint for so far, im liking the child one the most, its just so simple, watching a normal child learn about cultivation, and go through its steps one by one.

The premise is so interesting, and so different from the usual Xianxia story, this is certainly not a standard one. Most Xianxia stories start out with the MC at the lowest realm, not this one. One of the best things this story does, is that Earthian science and culture aint simply displaced by Xianxia concepts, the author actually tries to make them sort of equals. I hope the author can keep out the usual things that ruin most Xianxia stories out of this story.

I wonder if the author can turn the interesting premise in a actually good story, currently he is on the right track, and i hope that doenst change.

Good grammar, i havent spotted any mistakes while reading this, and i can assume the majority of readers will have no problems either.

Interesting choice of telling the story here, with multiple viewpoints for this Xianxia story. One of the things this does well, is a fast pacing, with no unneeded details. Great storytelling so far for this story.

I can absolutely recommend this, just because of the premise alone, the author is on the right track so far. If you like Xianxia, do yourself a favor and read this special story.


Oozing With Potential

 I have read my fair share of xianxia and wuxia styled novels, both on this site, and from translation websites. Some have been very enjoyable, but the genre can start to seem a tad too formulaic when looking at some of the most popular works. Kind of like a lot of isekai nowadays. 

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that this story does not seem formulaic in any sense of the word. Instead, it feels like a beautiful meeting between two worlds. One, a story of us and our amazing abilities to survive and thrive on this planet purely based on our own ingenuity. The other, an interconnected series of realms of varying levels, with all the face-smacking, family-line-ending, sect-destroying, eyes-unable-to-see-Mt. Tai culture and action you are accustomed to seeing in the genre.

We see all of this through the eyes of our main character, who has thrived in the latter world, but experiences shock and awe at witnessing the former. Watching how this novels marries the concepts of science, modern social norms, and human ingenuity with spirit energy, cultivation, and the martial path is simply amazing. All I can think to describe the potential of this story are various synonyms for amazing. Spectactular? Breathtaking? I think you get the point. This story has so much potential, and is most definitely worth the read.


Western cultivation tends to be more original

Spoiler: Spoiler



Good story idea? Yes

New look on the stale cultivation style? Yes 

Good writing? Yup

While this story Is still brand new from what I have seen of the first scene it will be great



I've long wanted a story where a cultivator, reincarnated or otherwise, comes to Earth and sets up shop. And indeed, there are such stories, but they frustrate me, because to the story's detriment, the MCs always discover that there are already cultivator clans on Earth for them to fight...

Until now. 

Zhao Gang is enormously OP, has a monopoly on cultivation knowledge, and he can go back to the cultivator world at will - but he likes Earth and wants to set up a school there to harness its unique strengths. This is the story, then, of a mighty cultivator battling his only real enemies on Earth: culture clash, bureaucracy and Child Protective Services. 

(I don't know about you, but this is the kind of story I'm here to read.) 

Watching Zhao Gang play Charles Xavier is enjoyable, and reminds me a bit of faves like "The Dao of Magic" and "There is No Loot Here, Only Puns" in that the focus is not so much about defeating an enemy, but on starting something entirely new and seeing how it shakes up. (Here's hoping this trend is the start of a genre...)

Grammar is above average; I've pointed out a typo here and there, but no biggies. Characterization is good, so far - it could be even better, but we're just getting started. And I rather like the style. 

Overall, it's a great concept, competently executed - I recommend giving it a try!


The story begins with a character reaching a very high level of power at the expense of most of the cultivation energy of Earth. To repay the population of Earth, he begins the process of replenishing said power and starting a school of cultivation.

Unlike a lot of Wuxia/Xianxia fictoins, the protaganist does not employ a "might makes right" strategy. Instead, he follows Earth bureaucracy and (most) mortal laws to acomplish this. Cultivation and technology are shown to not only be on fairly even footing, but complementary in nature.

The sect, and its problems are the result of attempting to merge the two worlds. Perspectives bounce between Zhao Gang and his disciples as the new sect (and its problems) grow. At it's heart, this is a bit of a "kingdom building" novel with a cultivation theme.

As of chapter 19 (the most recent chapter as of this review), the author has dodged or handled every cliche of the genre I can think of in a believable manner. There is no genocide. No cases of technology magically failing to work because of the existence of magic. No super-harems. There are no cases of constantly escalating "you killed my friend" or "you looked at a pretty girl the wrong way" conflicts. Actions have realistic consequences.

I highly recommend reading this story. It can feel a bit heavy on the exposition while light on descriptions, but that's okay. The more important parts are the decisions made, the rationalle behind them, and what the characters learn from the consequences.


Interesting concept with shaky execution

Reviewed at: Chapter 25 - Examples and Expectations

I'd like to offer an opposing point of view to the previous enthusiastic reviews by other readers.


I think the story is interesting, but I also think Cromethus has no idea where they're going with it. The story meanders around randomly. It could follow the kids in the academy, or the teachers, or whatever. Currently it does all of these and more and the result is not as good as it could be.

Most recently there were three chapters detailing how Zhao Gang reveals cultivators to the headmaster... a complete waste of words, there was no dramatic tension and it didn't even serve as exposition for the reader as all the info was already known.

This doesn't prevent the story from having good moments in addition to the interesting concept, but I predict it'll end up abandoned, becuase a clear vision is what moves a story forward once the autor runs out of cute anecdotes.


(as of chapter 25)

This is a xianxia/cultivation story but it is so very different from the usual "I must get stronger, waaaah". Instead of following one person or a group who cultivates endlessly to get stronger and fights each other for resources, it kind of takes a step back and looks at a bigger picture. The premise is that millennia ago the powerful cultivator Zhao Gang came from a different plane to prehistoric Earth in order to cultivate in peace, selfishly but not maliciously depriving the primitive world of Qi in the process. When he ends his meditation, Qi returns to a now modern-day Earth which is unprepared for the resurgence of Qi. Instead of ruthlessly leaving the disarranged planet, Zhao Gang notices the unique situation of a technology-based world and decides to own up to his actions. He founds a special school to teach cultivation to suitable children in order to build a group of champions to protect humanity against ruthless alien cultivators while respecting the indigenous (Western) culture at the same time. 'Cultivating Earth' tells how that school develops, starting with the first days of that school and what happens with the pupils. And let me tell you, this is very different from how your first grade was.

The story is told in third-person internal style from multiple points of view, most often those of Zhao Gang, Rejya Xinasa (a disciple of his) and Tara (one of the young students). Grammar is very good and spelling is almost perfect.

The story is written incredibly well. The descriptions of the mechanics and philosophy for the cultivation and the dialogues are very rich with an awesome depth and great word choice, it just pulls you into the story. There are reasons why things work as they do and those reasons are clearly explained to the reader.

Due to the multiple points of view, the reader is able to see the inner character of a large number of people. Each of them has a clear personality, even though they are very different from each other. From the wise and powerful Zhao Gang to the lively 6-year-old Tara, everybody is written in a completely believable way. Still, the personalities are all a bit one-sided and too smooth, they could use some more of the discrepancies that everybody has. The cultivators are often arrogant and selfish but this is totally explained by the rules of their society. Nobody is presented as edgy and even those people that are in opposing roles act for very good reasons.

In total, this is a very good story that I recommend wholeheartedly, due to the unique premise. While being about a school for cultivators, it also follows the teachers and the background events instead of only being slice of life of annoying students.


Nice idea but somewhat lacking execution

Reviewed at: Scene 19 - Leases and Sandblasting

The idea is brilliant and really interesting but the actual story starts off as rather dry and boring and only gets somewhat interesting later on.

The text often phrases things in a weird or awkward way that makes reading needlessly confusing and hard to understand.

Parts told from Tara's PoV are great but sadly kind of rare. Most other characters are basically nothing so far(except maybe Dianna).


Cromethus has created a masterpiece with the tale.

Highly recommend!


This should be on trending

love it so far. Feel lucky to have found it. Keep it up! Please don’t drop