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Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Traumatising content

Rich's life sucks. He lives in a dystopia, His father's an abusive creep, his mother's up to some shady stuff, and he's pretty sure he's going to die a virgin.

He can't do much about the first few problems, but a new darknet game might give him a shot at getting laid. But even the most well-laid plans go astray, and he ends up with way, way more than he bargained for. He gains a character with the rarest of all races: Dragon.

But it's a two-way street, and strange occurances and problems soon have Rich wondering if this is truly a game, or something far more sinister...

WARNING: Contains verbal abuse and harsh language. The language and sentiments used do not represent the views of the author. The dystopia portrayed is meant to be a cautionary tale, rather than a criticism of any existing group or political faction.

CLAIMER: My name is Andrew Seiple. I am a writer, and I both write this story and own the rights to it.
I will be posting this story on Spacebattles.com, SufficientVelocity.com, RoyalRoad.com, and my Patreon. I reserve the right to remove it from any and all platforms as needed to facilitate my sinister long-term plans. (Except for Patreon. The story there ain't leaving.)
If you desire to read this story faster, note that my Patreon is generally going to be several updates ahead of all publicly-available threads.
Cover art created by Amber Rimkus, licensed per agreement.


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Andrew Seiple

Andrew Seiple

2nd Anniversary
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TLDR: Read Threadbare and Medium first.

Read "Threadbare" first, then read "Small Medium at Large".  By the time you finish those, Dragon Hack should have a suitable number of updates.  (On chapter II as of this review).

Technically you can read these stories out of order, but since the author is dramatically improving with each story you might find it jarring to read these in the wrong order.  

I can't write a very thorough review because there are only two chapters right now, but if Dragon Hack is better than Medium by as much as Medium was better than Threadbare - and mind you, Threadbare was a mighty fun read - then Dragon Hack will be a work of art.

EDIT: It is an honor to have left the first review on RR.  Good luck, Andrew Seiple!

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Amazing dark-ish litrpg by Andrew Seiple.

Yet another amazing litrpg story by Andrew Seiple, this is the third story by the author, thats set in the Generica universe, and just like the other two, it became one of my favorites so fast, in fact even faster than Threadbare or Small Medium took, the start of this story is incredibly good, if you can stomach the dark part of it.

This story starts out very dark, incredibly so. Readers who dont like such content, are recommended to either not read this story at all, or skip the beginning. But personally i feel this story is tooo good to miss out just because of not wanting to read the start, so please, give this one a try, ignore the start if you want.

This story starts on Earth, where its a dark dystopian future. The Ministry controls a majority of what was once the United States. Many things have been outlawed and theres a pretty strict control to make sure people arent tempted to even attempt those things. And that control also starts young, for people are discouraged to even oppose the Ministry. In that dark world we find Rich, his life so far plainly sucks, many of the things he want to experience, he dreams of, are either simply outlawed by the Ministry, just doing them could get you on a list, and then theres his strict mother who does not allow him to be tempted at all. Theres one light-point in Rich's life and thats gaming, its his only escape from the dark reality thats his life. Yet even that is not certain. For Rich hears of a new game, called Generica Online from his friends and after a series of events that affect his life even more, he goes to try that game out, as an escape out of his reality. But this is not a simple game, its far more than that and Rich is just only getting started with discovering what the game truly is.

This story builds further on the deep world thats Generica, but compared to Threadbare and Small Medium, it starts closer to the overall beginning, and that provides a new perspective on the world, and just what happened with it that it became the world we saw and loved in Threadbare and Small Medium. I hope this story does answer many of the questions i have about the world of Generica, yet i feel it also will leave me with far more questions.


Utterly amazing character, Andrew Seiple wrote Rich very well, making him a character that readers can feel for, that readers can laugh with, that readers can place themselves in. Yet the character part also has one of the largest twists i have ever seen, normally stories by Andrew Seiple have only one Main Character, and that is mostly true for this story, but theres something different in this story, that makes it special, and most readers should be able to read to that part pretty fast, and to then wonder about just how the author is going to pull that off in his story. This is seriously the most unique aspect about this, and one of the reasons i do absolutely like this story.

Just like the other stories by the author, the grammar is dang good, perfect choice of wording, theres a couple of typo's that snuck through, but this should provide no problems to anyone wanting a good read with good grammar.

Theres just something with the style, that makes me like his stories so much. And he has only improved since writing Threadbare and its sequel Small Medium. And this story is the result of that. Absolutely amazing prose, great descriptions of events and locations without feeling excessive. Good pacing that feels about right for the story. The author took some interesting stylistic choices for this story, and they are working out well.

Overall, as said earlier, this story takes place earlier chronologically than the two other stories set in the same universe, you can decide to read them in chronological order since they are stand-alone stories, but i absolutely do not want to recommend that. Its highy recommend to start reading Threadbare and Small Medium before you start reading this one, this is for multiple reasons. First it will feel like a natural flow between those stories, you will be able to see the author's writing improve as you read. And second, doing that will make sure that there are even more chapters of this story to read, while you have read two good completed stories of decent length, i can only count that as a win-win situation!

Basically the main flaw i can see, is simply that there is not enough chapters posted yet, and that the release rate is only a chapter each couple of days. I CARVE for more already. One of the things you can be sure about with this story is Andrew Seiple will deliver a masterful, completed story with great characters, an wonderful world, good balance between adventure, comedy and action, with some extra themes sprinkled in.

Ill once again repeat this, for readers who are interested, do not be scared by the dark dystopian setting of the start, the true story is just behind that part, if you can get over the beginning, you can read this amazing and enjoyable story. Please stop reading the reviews, just start reading this gem of a story and enjoy it along with everyone else reading it!

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As of chapter XX or 20.



The style of writing is the same quality as it was in all previous books, which is to say, absolutely captivating. Every word has a purpose, and each chapter hooks you in tightly, that you cannot possibly stop reading.


Again, as it has been throughout all previous fictions, incredible. Whenever Andrew writes, you can be sure that every action and thought has a consequence, and may very well lead to the next big story arc. Very well written, and lovely to read.


The grammar, being the most difficult thing to keep up-to-standards in most books, due to typos and many other reasons, is extremely good. It is not perect, as mistakes are inevitable, however, this book is as close as humanly possible to being perfect, grammar wise. 


The characters in this story all act consistently, unless Andrew wants them to. The main character's thoughts and actions are not always correct, and even though, due to his unique situation, he has the potential to be really powerful, the writer has not made him overpowered. That, I can respect. Dialogue feels natural, and everything is easy to read.


I never get bored when reading this, and never skip any parts of the chapters. 

If you are looking for a gem, HERE IT IS!

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Review as of chapter 12.

So the MCs life does not _properly_ suck unless he lives in North Korea and is the son of some violent and abusive parents who also happen to be dissidents, is that kid that the entire scool and half the teachers bullies, is on  23(ish) govenment watch lists.. , oh and as if 1984 is weaksauce, there is proper instruciton on surveilance to be had here! Honestly it feels kind of over the top and hard to relate to. Like xianxia novels tend to spend most of volume 1 driving the MC to the ground to artificially prolong the following growth ark.

Ok, with the MC taken out back for proper "instruction" lets move on. The character interactions and such are quite detailed and believeable, If this is the standard the previous novels have met them Ive definitely been missing out (havent read Threadbare yet).

There is some quite technical detail here and I kept feeling that something is off. The MC should be, at minimum, somewhat competent around network equipment given that he has got significant programming experience, but some of the terms used seem a bit off. For example location of the _new_ game is repeatedly referred to as a "port", this feels off, a "port" is usually used to distinguish different applications running on a machine that an incoming network packet might be addressed to but it does not (usually, lets not delve into NAT mid review) identify the host. 

Also, please stop channeling "The Matrix", it is cheezy and as about the accurate as that new musical sonification craze where people claim they have uncovered the sound of some inaudible event or object. In short it is not accurate at all.
"And now he looked at a world through the lens of a coder. The patterns in the sky, the pillars, the dragon itself... they were all numbers and letters, rippling and surging together." ... "Rich saw the code jumble and mix,".

Continuing on.. you would not show the user plain "error" as a message.. almost ever. You could how Error/warning with some extra information that could be actionable or you would not show it at all. This feels very artificial, cartoonish even, like you have experienced some buggy piece of software that crashes all the time and have come to expect all computer malfunctions to come with "error" printed on them. Most errors are either direct crashes or unidentified changes in behavior that nobody notices or are expected and dealt with. Rarely if ever would you put the word "error" in a UI element, in fact doing so would be more work!
You could put this in some logs you keep, with associated information that might help in debugging.

  • Overall Score

Always a good time with Andrew Seiple!

I love Andrews Genarica stories, and let me tell you, they are anything but genaric. Although this story apears to be the prequal to Threadbare and Small Medium: Big trouble, I recomend starting with Threadbear. The author has a penchant for puns and an affinity for aliteration that keeps me coming back for more.


I hope you all have as much fun reading them as I did!

  • Overall Score

Best LitRPG out there, by far.

You can read this as a standalone but I highly recommend reading AT LEAST Threadbare first, reading small mediums would be enlightning but isn't really necessary.

That being said, i honestly believe the Threadbare universe is the best LitRPG/Gamelit currently out there.

The story feels authentic, the characters are unique and the system makes goddamn sense.

Not only that, but Andrew dishes out more content than half a dozen authors put together.

5/5 as is everything else he writes.

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I absolutely love the character introductions and how you went and explained the troubles of the main character. I personally love this fiction up to where I've read it and I hope it continues to be amazing.

  • Overall Score

A vast departure from Threadbare and Medium

Reviewed at: Part XVIII



Threadbare was literary gold, Medium was ok by comparison but still a decent story. This one is a far departure from the earlier series with the real world stuff, the weird religious/dystopian stuff, and then bringing in the weird double body thing. It just went off the rails so quickly I've lost interest within the first 20 chapters.

If the story continued on with Chase going back to Cylvania and seeing the fallout of that and the machinations of whatever forces are at the top, that would be highly intriguing. As it stands, all of this dystopian stuff and the coding and stuff just feels like a completely different story. It's a shame because at this point it's all canon and is pretty integral to the story at this point. I'll probably stop reading at this point but it was a good run up till now.

This is all my opinion by the way. If you were a fan of the first two series, go ahead and give this one a try. The plot here is simply not my cup of tea, but that doesn't mean others can't still enjoy it.


  • Overall Score

Promising start with unique features

Reviewed at: Part XVIII

18 chapters "review" if its worth anything.

I like this novel, but the reason is a bit odd. Its not for the "main dish" - MC fantasy adventures, we don't see much of it and the things we see are tainted by some cringy System puns; I like this novel and want to read more of it for stage background, the dystopian future world.

Its looks very unique, and I can't wait to learn more about it, even by glimpses given by characters.

Secondary, the stats system - attrbutes-pool-defence - is original, I've never seen this one before, and I must say I like it.

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Rewarding novel to read, I highly recommend

Reviewed at: Part II-VI

First of all, I would like to clarify that my English is not native, so there will be errors. Well, this novel surprised me, because I didn't expect a turnaround like that. I thought it would be another novel, among several. And well, it's not like that! thankfully, I always like to read before drawing my conclusions. And look, this novel deserves a comment from me and many others! The author is quite professional, compared to several novels on this site. it is already a good point.