A Metaverse Dungeon - Foodie's Enigma

by RiahWeston

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Dungeon GameLit High Fantasy Magic Multiple Lead Characters Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The metaverse is an expansive place that can sate even the wildest man's dreams if you know where to look. And in this magical expanse there are spellmen, ultimate innate masters of magic; and blackzones, dungeon-like places of high risk and reward that would consume entire worlds if not properly trimmed. Almost everyone wishes to become a spellman, or at least a higher race that can make greater use of magic and the Five Powers. And Robert Fayn got just that, in a very round about way.

25 years old, living in a metropolitan city, this foodie has little prospects outside of his job as a museum educator. But all that changed one day when he was assigned-slash-kidnapped to be the blackzone manager of a newly born Enigma! Now Robert must figure out how to survive as a blackzone manager and rule over a newly born dungeon-like distortion in space. All while having to adhere to a dessert theme!?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Robert Fayn - Cheesecake ago
Chapter 2 - Robert Fayn - Eggs ago
Chapter 3 - Daphne Sucrose - Candy Apple ago
Chapter 4 - Sous - Resting ago
Chapter 5 - Robert Fayn - Sweet Tooths ago
Chapter 6 - Micah Scollon - Flans ago
Chapter 7 - Jean Tavera - Sprinkles ago
Chapter 8 - Robert Fayn - Lemon Chiffon ago
Chapter 9 - Robert Fayn - Crepes ago
Chapter 10 - Wes Chaput - Fluting ago
Chapter 11 - Ester Von Holtzem - Amuse-bouche ago
Learning Chapter 1 - Mandalas ago
Chapter 12 - Sous - Proofing ago
Chapter 13 - Robert Fayn - Whipped Peaks ago
Chapter 14 - Robert Fayn - Burnt ago
Chapter 15 - Robert Fayn - Baked Alaska ago
Chapter 16 - Harvey Brandle - Cookie Dough ago
Chapter 17 - Tabitha Booth - Recipes ago
Chapter 18 - Robert Fayn - Licorice ago
Chapter 19 - Harvey Brandle - Chocolate Chip Cookies ago
Chapter 20 - Robert Fayn - Rising ago
Chapter 21 - Robert Fayn - Food Swap ago
Chapter 22 - Louella Barclay - Silver Spoon ago
Learning Chapter 2 - Races ago
Chapter 23 - Robert Fayn - Happy Hour ago
Chapter 24 - Wes Chaput - Doggy Bag ago
Chapter 25 - Robert Fayn - Cold Press ago
Chapter 26 - Robert Fayn - Apple & Oranges ago
Chapter 27 - Robert Fayn - Rock Candy ago
Chapter 28 - Daphne Sucrose - Apple Fritters ago
Chapter 29 - Robert Fayn - Teatime ago
Chapter 30 - Sous - Crystallization ago
Chapter 31 - Ras Von Leoia - Cassata ago
Chapter 32 - Ras Von Leoia - Gelato ago
Chapter 33 - Robert Fayn - Sugar ago
Learning Chapter 3 - Manas ago
Chapter 34 - Minerva Poppers - Spilt Milk ago
Chapter 35 - Tabitha Booth - Hard Crack ago
Chapter 36 - Minerva Poppers - Dry Ice ago
Chapter 37 - Robert Fayn - Full Course ago
Chapter 38 - Jean Tavera - Candy Floss ago
Chapter 39 - Louella Barclay - Silver Platter ago
Chapter 40 - Micah Scollon - Cobbler ago
Chapter 41 - Ester Von Holtzem - Royal ago
Chapter 42 - Ras Von Leoia - Garnish ago
Chapter 43 - Robert Fayn - Half & Half ago
Chapter 44 - Robert Fayn - Passion Fruit ago
Learning Chapter 4 - Tiers ago
Respite - Cheesecake ago
Book 2 - Chapter 1 - Robert Fayn - Vacation ago
Book 2 - Chapter 2 - Minerva Poppers - Delivery ago
Book 2 - Chapter 3 - Ras Von Leoia - Roll Cake ago
Book 2 - Chapter 4 - Mita Orono - Taiyaki ago
Book 2 - Chapter 5 - Daphne Sucrose - Butternut ago
Book 2 - Chapter 6 - Robert Fayn - Farmer's Market ago
Book 2 - Chapter 7 - Robert Fayn - Comb Jelly ago
Book 2 - Chapter 8 - Sous - Resort ago
Book 2 - Chapter 9 - Micah Scollon - Flambé ago
Book 2 - Chapter 10 - Tabitha - Gingerbread ago
Book 2 - Chapter 11 - Harvey Brandle - Food Photography ago
Book 2 - Chapter 12 - Terrin Von Leoia - Libations ago
Book 2 - Learning Chapter 5 - Blackzones ago
Book 2 - Chapter 13 - Robert Fayn - Dragon Fruit ago
Book 2 - Chapter 14 - Robert Fayn - Appetizers ago
Book 2 - Chapter 15 - Sous - Reservation ago
Book 2 - Chapter 16 - Ester Von Holtzem - Rain Berry ago
Book 2 - Chapter 17 - Louella Barclay - Gold Leaf ago

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A weirdly unique dungeon story, come read it!

Plainly wow, i have read the entire story in a fairly short amount of time, and im fully impressed by what the author has created here in this story and just how unique it is.

The meta-verse is a weird place, there are so many worlds in the known universes that make up the metaverse, some of them just like eachother with small differences, and then there are those that are wildly different. The MC Robert Fayn who lives in New York, is one day taken away from his daily life, to a unknown place, in that place he learns that he has been selected to become the blackzone manager of a newly formed Enigma on a alternate version of earth, his newly formed Enigma, due to some accidental choices on his part, adopts a weird theme, now he is in the another world's version of Nevada, dropped in the middle of a town with people that are out to either enslave him and his Enigma for what he provides or straight out kill him because of the danger he may become, he only has his thrustworthy system assistant to guide him through becoming a competent blackzone manager, but its not that simple for him.

Characters are quite interesting, the author has gone for a style with one main character, and many side characters who appear throughout the story, those side characters are quite well written, personally i cant see much flaws with them at all, aside from them not being developed enough in some cases, but that is just because of the short amount of time that they have appeared so far, which is undoubtly set to improve eventually.

Now the MC himself, and he is sort of two-sided for me, he is decipted as a flawed character, who is thrust in a new situation that he only knew of from words, and those flaws that he is written with, show in his actions and thoughts, by no means he is written as a perfect character, and thats fine! Yet i also feel like he could be so much more, better written overall, theres just something lacking about him, that i dont feel from the other characters.

The world (universe) this story takes place in, is basically the best part about this story, its just so greatly written and unique, the world is seriously complex and in-depth, with there being so many unknown parts about it, that are slowly getting revealed as the story does progress.

One of the best choices the author did make here, is about dungeons, the author just threw away all the common tropes about them, and made a new system, of a kind i havent seen in any dungeon story so far on royalroad or anywhere else.

Ill be fair that i have rarely read anything like the setting for this story, its seriously unique, and i wonder just how the author even thought of it all. And still managed to let it make sense as a coherent story without going too deep in the weirdness. Basically the weird parts of this story, that you just dont see in other stories, are just depicted as just another normal element in this story. The author has made a lot of new terms for this story, with them being quite detailed. One of the better examples is the unique magic system used in this story, the system of Mandalas, that system is very well thought out, with a lot of thought put in making it a logical magic system without clear plotholes, however im not fully sure about it, considering the chapter that they were explained in.


Grammar is just... sort of problematic, with weird sentences and other grammatical errors throughout  the unedited chapters that got published , and those unedited chapters are quite the major problem, there are just so many errors in them. The author already has a editor who is doing a good job overall, but the author should atleast try to improve his own grammar, this would make the story better to read overall. However the edited chapters should pose no problems to readers, they are well-edited and there are barely any errors be spotted in those chapters.

Nice writing style for this story, the author knows how to handle the different story elements and combine them in a good enjoyable story, which this one is very much so. Overall the author has handled worldbuilding very well, and there are barely any infodumps that ruin the flow of reading, but in the case of infodumps, there is a notable expection. Considering this story uses a ton of  new terms just for it, the author is sort of struggling to explain those in a nice way that does not break the flow of reading. And here lies the problem, there are those 'Learning' chapters that are pure infodump, and they are sort of a chore to read, yet also explain a lot of neccesary information about some of the terms used in this story. So while its a very good writing style overall, the way the author handles the terms used in this story, could be much better.

This is so unique, i hadnt expected to find a story this different on royalroad, i hope the author can keep writing like this, while also improve even further on this story, it is already a great story, but could become a true outlier.

This story, i just can recommend to everyone, its wildly different, and there are sure to be some readers who want exactly that, and even for those who dont exactly are looking for a such story,  i can still recommend you this creative and weird combination of dessert foods in a dungeon story.


Mister Bill
  • Overall Score

Quite unexpected. Quite fun, too!

This came out of nowhere for me. I read it because someone sent me the link, IIRC, and boy is it fun. It’s a crazy take on the genre and an entertaining one.

I’m all caught up as of this review and I’d say go for it if you’re thinking of reading it. It’s well done so far. 

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Unique Take On The Dungeon Genre

RiahWeston is creating a very...alien setting. The world is incredibly unique compared to, well, pretty much everything I've seen on Royal Road. This story is a very creative take on the dungeon core genre and I highly recomend it! Besides the engaging worldbuilding, the magic system is also very fascinating, you can easily tell that the author crafted it to compliment the story perfectly. Well done!

A s h e s
  • Overall Score

A very, very interesting start to a dungeon story. Might I add that the system seems a bit sassy? Like in a comedic way? 

  • Overall Score

An overall good fic, check it out you won't be disappointed

The Juggernaut
  • Overall Score

This is going to get pretty big in a few days. Really big. Wouldn't be surprised if it showed up in the best-rated group of beasts. Do enjoy this master piece. 

  • Overall Score

 I honestly enjoyed the first chapter. It was fun and engaging. I am halfway through the second and it makes me wonder, "how the heck is he going to protect his domain with cheesecake?" Read this and enjoy.

  • Overall Score

I found the story quite good. A dungeon core with a sweet tooth. You will not go wrong here.

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Foodie Raccoon Pawproves ( ◐w◐ )

5 stars... Because I was hungry... Maybe?

Well I am raccoon... You see? Food is 5 stars for the steal. So why do you want to fight with my pesty self?

Muahahaha nice of you flan seller author! That cover suits... My taste?

Mr flan author you need motivation to write. As raccoons are bad with grammar and eat anything I'll give you 5 stars! 

Style: Good enough to have a nice reading experience. 

Grammar: I skip this and give 5 stars. For a new novel recently taken out of the oven we can't be expecting a publishing level grammar. 

Plot: This is the reason why to read. A dungeon core that creates sugar creatures. A dessert fight? Roll the D&D oven! I want to play dessert monopoly please!

Character: Well this one I gave 5. Because the novel is currently starting you can't expect much as there isn't enough to do characterization. So I hope it grows and gives us surprises. 



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What's this? Smells nice, tastes nice, reads well, must be tasty... How tasty, you ask? Tasty enough to satiate you, I'm sure. Give it a try, hmm?

Here, have a slothy seal of approval, you've earned it.