Chapter 126: Demi-Lich

A blue-robed human skeletal figure sat in a meditative position while floating a few inches above the red-carpeted floor. There was also some black chain pierced into that skeleton's chest area. Seeing the strange scene, Abium got startled inside.

With wary eyes, he turned his gaze towards the Red Phoenix statue and noticed there was a strange droplet of red liquid that was placed at the foot of that Phoenix Bird. That red droplet appeared to be sealed in a palm-sized glass and gave off a mystical power to the whole room.

Even Abium was captivated for a second and soon noticed the blue-robed skeletal figure was also deeply looking at the Red droplet while showing its back to him.

Abium was stunned for a moment and soon tensed up.

'Why did I act so carelessly?' With caginess eyes, he took a step forward and got ready to cast a fireball towards the blue-robed skeleton at any second. But he soon stopped as he saw the blue-robed skeleton was not showing any reaction.

He furrowed his eyebrows and then shifted his gaze towards the skeletal figure's right side. But the next moment, his body stiffened up!

Because what he saw was not a skeletal figure but a living human! After entering this Fex's dimension, Abium thought there were no humans in this dimension, but this sixty-year-old looking human in front of him proved that he was wrong!

He could feel the human was completely covered in some crystal and seems to be locked inside. He had dark blue hair, azure eyes, fair skin, an oval face, pointy ears, and thin eyebrows. He wore a golden silk robe and appeared more like royalty. Suddenly, Abium noticed something was odd when he was looking at his ears and soon widened his eyes in shock!

Because he noticed that guy was not a human but a damn sky elf!

'Hmm? His face looks familiar.' He raised his eyebrows and became confused. He tried to recall his face but couldn't pinpoint where he had met this guy before.

"You are not Rilos; how did you find this Fire Temple?" Suddenly, a cold creaky voice broke his thoughts and sent a shiver down to his spines!

Abruptly, Abium retracted his gaze from the sky elf and shifted his eyes towards the floating blue robed skeleton while gripping his sword hilt tighter. Only then did Abium notice the blue-robed skeleton was already stood on the ground, and its bony skull face was staring at his direction. Its two blue soul fires were burning fiercely and appeared to be analyzing him.

"Who are you?" Abium asked while unsheathing his short sword from the scabbed.

"I should be the one asking that question, elf. Tell me, what are you doing here?" Blue-robed skeleton asked with a cold voice.

An uneasy feeling appeared in his heart!

Hiding his fear, Abium instantly activated his spiritual scan function and answered calmly.

"I came along with a few necromancers, but due to some reasons, I got separated from them."

"No...No...You are not supposed to come here...Wait...You are a seer! Now that explains everything. At the end of this eon, truth, light, and justice will break apart while death and chaos will seep into our heart like plagues, and only seers will watch them plundering every soul and do nothing." Blue robed skeleton's words caused him to baffle a bit.

'Seer? How did he find out?' Abium frowned deeply and fell into deep thoughts.

'He is not in a normal state.' Azolla replied instantly, and soon a blue screen appeared in front of his eyes.

General Information


Other Information






Death Spells (Sealed)

Divine Spells (Sealed)
























200 (?????)





100 (?????)



Lawful Neutral




'What the hell is wrong with those broken attributes? Also, why are there question marks instead of names? Moreover, he is a Demi-Lich? Can we talk to him?' Abium broke into a cold sweat and asked worriedly.

'No. Although this Demi-Lich's phylactery is missing, he can still be able to use artifacts. Destroy his body quickly; otherwise, he might use some strange method to enslave you and kill you. Kid, don't even think about talking with this Demi-Lich. His simple words could form into some curse if you keep answering his questions. As for those question marks, I couldn't be able to get any information about his spells due to the absence of phylactery.' Azolla said hurriedly.

As he heard her words, Abium didn't dare to delay any longer and sprinted towards the Demi-Lich. He remembered the Creepers' forest incident and got more anxious. In a split second, he arrived in front of that Demi Lich but stopped himself from attacking. Because he saw a minute needle-like bone flew from that Demi-Lich's mouth and directly moved towards his forehead like a bullet.


Abium instantly cast a blink spell and appeared behind that Demi Lich as he evaded that bone needle.

Simultaneously, the short sword in his hand began to glow in deep red color and gave off a dangerous red glow.

Abium's lips curled upward. Without even delaying for a moment, he thrust his sword while aiming precisely at Demi-Lich's head.

But what Abium expected didn't happen. Instead, his sword got shattered entirely into multiple pieces, and even that sword hilt had turned into dust!

'What the hell?!' He was beyond shocked!

But soon, he recovered from the shock and noticed the bone needle had already changed its direction and flying towards his head.

'Kid, use your Fireball quickly.' Azolla scanned the Needle and said while sending information about the bone needle.

[Myth Needle-

This Needle is a Nature artifact. It was born from an undead Dragon's core. It can nullify magic spells up to the third tier and has a high petrifying ability. Only third-tier mages or Demi-liches, who have enough soul strength, would be able to use this artifact freely. If someone from below tier uses this artifact, they will have their soul damaged permanently.]

After he skimmed through the information, Abium cast the blink spell again and reappeared three-meter away from that Demi Lich's right side. Following that, he conjured a half-meter radius terrifying scorching Fireball and threw it towards the Myth Needle. The Fireball flew at a rapid speed and directly collided against the Needle tip.

But the Myth Needle directly tore through the Fireball and completely nullified it! Following that, it moved towards his direction at an impossible speed!

That Myth Needle's speed was too fast, which made him impossible to dodge. Quickly Abium tapped his academic ring and activated the first tier defensive spell.

A thin transparent layer completely surrounded his body!

But he didn't stop there. He once again tapped his Miracle star bracelet and cast that misfortune spell on that Demi-Lich. He felt danger sensation from the Myth Needle, which moved towards his head at an impossible speed. If he activates the blink spell now, he could easily escape from this upcoming attack. But he knew the same thing would happen during the next attack and began to make a plan.

He calmly stood there as that Myth needle pierced through that first-tier 'Wind-Shield' spell and probed the strange link to the mysterious fountain. He felt a pulling sensation from the other side. But he resisted and borrowed the power from the mysterious fountain through the link.

Instantly, Abium felt the Myth needle's moving speed started to slow down!

It was the Divine spell, Quick-Thinking Spell!

Although Abium couldn't move his body speedily, his mind was calmly analyzing everything steadily!

'I can maintain this ability for only five more seconds. I have to find a way to defeat this Demi-Lich quickly.' He made a quick decision and cast a blink spell once again while the Myth Needle had almost reached his forehead.


Before the Myth needle could pierce through his head, Abium's figure disappeared from that place and reappeared on the left side corner of the altar room.

'What to do now?' Abium became puzzled. Although Miracle star's misfortune ability could help him defeating Demi-Lich, which was in a sealed state, he didn't have any artifact that could destroy Demi-Lich's body. He looked at that Myth needle, which was now moving towards his direction in frustration. But suddenly, a bold idea popped up in his head.

'But for that idea to work against that Demi Lich, I need to be at least close enough to touch him.' Abium could feel there was still only four and a half seconds left for this Quick-Thinking Divine spell to end.

Without wasting any time, Abium took out a scroll and high tier magic crystal from his spatial ring and tore the scroll while throwing that magic crystal into that newly appeared magic circle.

It was a second-tier spell, Freezing Cry!

He only brought four second-tier spell scrolls from lady Tabitha. But he didn't have any option now. So, he used one scroll without any regret as he understood the situation he was in.

As soon as he tore the spell scroll, the whole room became suddenly started to freeze. The temperature began to drop by dozens of degrees! Crystalline ices began to form around that thin Myth-Needle.

But soon, those ice crystals evaporated into nothing due to its nullifying ability. Still, crystalline ices started to form once again and began to restrict Myth Needle's movement. As Abium watched this scene, his lips curled upward.

'Yes! This second tier 'Freezing Cry spell' is slowing down the Myth Needle's movement speed!'

Three more seconds!

As he counted down the time, Abium cast another blink spell and appeared in another corner of the room. At the same time, he took out another spell scroll and high tier magic stone and then tore it. Following that, he tossed another magic stone into that magic circle, which appeared from the scroll and aimed the spell attack at the Demi-Lich's forehead.

A bluish crystalline sharp ice knife appeared from that magic circle and instantly shot forth towards the Blue robed Demi-Lich at an incredible speed!

Another second-tier attack spell, Ice Knife!

Demi Lich also noticed the danger and tried to intercept that ice knife using its nature artifact, Myth Needle. But due to the continuous movement restriction from those ice crystals which formed around that Myth needle, it couldn't be able to reach in time to nullify that Ice Knife spell.

One and a half seconds!

That ice knife tore through the air and reached the Demi Lich's forehead almost in an instant.

The next moment, that Ice Knife collided against that Demi-Lich's forehead.


A loud banging sound echoed inside the altar room, and that collide managed to throw that Demi Lich's body backward. Demi Lich's head became dizzy for a split second due to that collision. As it was about to recover, another mental attack came from Abium that made Demi-Lich's thinking ability to distract.

That was Abium's first-tier spell, Mind freeze!

Although it wouldn't be effective against a Demi-Lich in normal circumstances, Abium thought that spell would distract the demi lich for a split moment. If Demi-Lich were in his prime state, Abium would have already died countless times. But against this sealed Demi lich, Abium's first-tier mind spell had worked perfectly.

Here, Miracle star's misfortune ability took effect!

Only half-second more!

Abium once again tapped his spatial ring while casting a blink spell and appeared directly behind that Demi-Lich.

'Azolla, Now!' He quickly ordered Azolla, and soon a human head-sized white crystal appeared in his right hand while emitting pure light everywhere.

That was Light elemental crystal he got from the undead plane!

All this time, Abium kept this light elemental crystal inside his spatial ring and didn't know how to use it. But as Abium saw this Demi-Lich, he suddenly remembered that skeleton lord Skaktak's words and instantly thought of using it to purify this Demi-Lich's body.

Once that head-sized light elemental crystal appeared on Abium's hand, without any hesitation, he directly pushed that crystal against that Demi-Lich's back.

The next instant, that crystal directly touched Demi-Lich's backbone and started to burn its bones. In a second, Abium saw that whole blue-robed Demi-Lich started to burn fiercely, and soon that Demi-Lich let out a shrill, angry roar. Following that, the whole skeleton and that blue robe turned into dust while leaving a single silver ring on the ground.

Abium was utterly exhausted. He used most of his spirit to maintain that Quick-Thinking divine spell, which caused great restrain on both his body and mind. But he didn't dare to lower his guard down. He made a quick scan and noticed the Myth needle was still floating two feet away from his forehead. No, it was vibrating fiercely and appeared to explode at any time.

'Back away!' Azolla warned him. With an alarmed face, he blinked again and reappeared a few meters away from that Myth Needle while storing his light elemental crystal into the spatial ring.


A loud sound came out!

At the same moment, the Myth Needle exploded into multiple pieces and scattered on the ground while leaving Abium dumbfounded.

'Kid, pick up that spatial ring and erase that spiritual imprint quickly.' Azolla hurriedly spoke. He became startled for a moment and quickly picked up the spatial ring from the purified powders of the Demi-Lich. He carefully placed the spatial ring on his palm and frowned as he saw there was a spiritual imprint that was left on that spatial ring!

'Kid, wear it. I will help you remove that spiritual imprint.' Abium quickly wore it as he heard Azolla's words and soon sent a large amount of his spiritual power towards the spatial ring under Azolla's guidance. Once the spiritual power entered the ring, his own spiritual power condensed into multiple minute lines and started breaking Demi-Lich's spiritual imprint. Within a minute, Abium saw no foreign spiritual imprint in that ring and let out a sigh of relief.

'Azolla, why did that Myth needle broke?' Abium asked with a confused face while gazing at the area where that Myth needle was destroyed.

'Humph, don't expect any necromancer to leave behind their artifacts to their enemy. Well, even some mages will also do the same, kid. Be glad that I could remove his spiritual imprint in his spatial ring; otherwise, you wouldn't be even able to get this silver spatial ring.' Azolla said solemnly. Meanwhile, Abium got startled by her words and sighed deeply.

His spiritual power was wholly exhausted, so he didn't have any more energy to ask questions. He silently laid on the floor and shut his eyes to take some rest. He didn't find any other dangers inside this altar room, so without any worry, he fell into a deep sleep. For the past two days, he couldn't even be able to relax outside. After Abium checked that he was in a safe position, he finally slept comfortably on the floor.


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