Chapter 101: Robbed

March 10th evening at 7 P.M, 35 Warren Street. Commoners' Borough.

Abium woke up from the loud bell chimes from the light church nearby and quickly got up. Following that, he walked out of the room and soon arrived at the counter.

"Old man, here's the key." He quickly tossed the rusty iron key to the old man Green and walked out of the Wood's Inn. Abium didn't have any plan on returning to the Inn once he gets his hand on that artifact. He knew there would be people who could easily trackback his location using strange magics.

'I don't want to make trouble for this poor guy. If someone found out I stayed here for days, they would definitely felt something suspicious.' He muttered under his breath and soon mounted on the horse and rode towards Merchants' Borough from Warren street. After crossing three streets, Abium horse arrived in front of the entrance to the merchants' Borough.

But he didn't go to auction house directly; instead, he went to a shop wild horse ranch and sold his horse. After that, he didn't wait there and directly went towards Merchants' main street. It didn't take long for him to arrive at the entrance of Orchid auction house. Soon, Abium gazed at the large three-storied building and walked inside without minding the gazes from peoples on the outside.

Soon, Abium arrived in the reception hall and waited for Tabitha to arrive. After a few minutes, he felt an elemental fluctuation from the sky, and quickly he saw a figure slowly landed at the entrance of the Orchid auction house. She had a pale face with few wrinkles and had straight silver hair.

Behind her back were two bluish wings emitting a dazzling blue light, which could even put an angle to envy. Even Abium got stunned by the beauty of those two wings and soon returned his expression to normal as he noticed Tabitha looking at him with a smug smile from the outside.

Slowly, She walked inside the auction house and started taking.

"Mage Abium, I didn't expect you would be waiting here for me. Here take this." She quickly took out a transparent mask from her spatial ring and gave it to him while explaining.

"This artifact is called 'faceless glass' created by an unknown second-tier mage from the north. It has an unusual second-tier spell inscribed on it, and it has a mystical power to change one's facial muscles under the wearer's will. The main unique thing about this artifact is, you don't have to spend any elemental stones for using this. It slowly consumes magic from wearer's body."

She soon stopped as she noticed Abium's confused expression, and continued with a chuckle. "Don't worry; it won't dry the mana in your body completely. I heard it would take only an amount of zero tier spell mana per hour."

Her words made Abium's worry to dispel, and soon he asked about the duration.

"What about the spell duration, my lady?"

"You have to activate this spell two days once. But be careful; it will only change your facial muscles, not your hair color or your body shapes." Tabitha gave him a warning and soon thought of something and continued.

"As for those five attack magic second tier spells and first-tier spells, I already told about your request to him, and he agreed. You can come and get those scrolls before 27th march. But mage Abium, be careful when searching about clues for those necromancers. Some spells could reveal your real identity to them." She said with a concerned face.

"Thank you for your concern, my lady. I'm well aware of the dangers." Abium nodded with a serious face and asked her about some bolts coated with poisons, paralysis potions for mixing in foods or drinks, and a crossbow.

"You can get those in the normal counters. As for strong poison metal bolts and paralysis potions, I can get it for you." She soon moved towards inside one of the rooms and returned with a silver-coated crossbow, ten metal bolts, and a few colorless vials. After paying 60 white gold coins for those bolts, paralysis potions, and crossbow, Abium was about away from the auction house, suddenly Tabitha spoke with a silvery voice.

"Mage Abium, if you are available, can you come here on March 27th around 3 A.M? I asked my teacher for you to join a secret meeting. if you bring us some information like last time, it will be very useful." Abium slightly stunned for a moment and soon replied with a polite smile on his face.

"Yes, my lady. I will be there on time."

After that, he turned around from the reception hall and left the auction house.

'It seems Lady Tabitha already told much about me to Lord Alius. Well, I had already expected this.' Abium nodded inwardly.

Following that, he entered into a dye shop and also brought a dye, mirror, and a few other things.

After that, Abium quickly moved out of the merchants' Borough and directly moved towards Slum Borough, where most criminals and thieves were staying. Unlike those Nobles', Merchants', and Commoners' Borough, Slum Borough was completely isolated from everything. Once you went inside the Slum Borough, without proper citizenship id or money, you wouldn't have any chance to walk outside. As Abium arrived near to the gate, he saw multiple royal guards strictly guarded it, and peoples were gathering near to the iron gate. Abium noticed there were few long queues outside and many skinny peoples with ragged clothes waiting outside.

'Even if the crown prince became the king, these peoples would never get proper food.' He looked at them pitifully and soon joined the queue. At the same time, he also attracted much attention from the royal guards who stood outside that two-meter tall closed metal gate.

"HEY, YOU! COME HERE!" A high pitched voice came from the front as Abium saw a rough-looking blonde-haired royal guard pointing his fingers at him. His age was around 25 years old, had a round face, and had deep blue eyes.

'Heh, even though I look like a servant boy, this guy noticed something odd about me in an instant.' Abium also started back at that silvered armored guard and walked towards his direction while showing nervous expression on his face.

As he arrived in front of that blonde hair warrior, he noticed that warrior looking at him like some kind of treasure. Soon, Abium frowned as he saw that the guy was directly looking at his spatial ring.

'F*ck, I should have hidden it inside my pocket.' He cursed inwardly and soon spoke with a respected tone.

"Why did you call me, sir?"

"Where did you stole that silver ring? Give it back." Without even glancing at Abium's face, that royal guard stared at that ring with glittering eyes and ordered. That blonde-haired royal guard knew that ring with blue crystal must be some treasure and instantly became greedy.

'How could a boy from slum hold a gem embedded silver ring? He must have stolen it from somewhere.' Instantly that blonde-haired guard judged.

Meanwhile, Abium started to feel a headache. If this royal guard had asked the same question before, he would have kicked his balls on the spot.

He instantly made a plan in his mind, and soon a normal gold coin appeared in his palm.

"Sir, please take this and let me in, sir." Abium turned his expression pale and said in a hurried tone. He made his face look like he was panicking inside and started showing nervousness.

At the same time, that blonde-haired royal knight's eyes lit up. He now knew this kid had gold coins with him and said with a low tone.

"Heh, You really have gold coins. If you give half of your shares from now on, I will let you without even checking your identification id. How is it?" That blonde-haired guy asked with a wide grin on his face. When he saw a kid wearing a luxurious silver ring, he knew this kid was very immature at disguise and hiding skills.

Who would show their spoil to others if not an amateur thief? The blonde-haired guard quickly grabbed Abium's shoulder before he could respond and dragged him to a dark corner near to the wall where fewer peoples were standing.

"Okay, kid. Listen to me carefully. You mustn't show your spoil like this. If you put a ring like this, it will attract more attention, and even the guard captain would become suspicious of you. Now take out your all the money." He said while showing his palm towards his front.

Meanwhile, Abium became speechless and quickly took out another three normal gold coins and a few silver coins while casing disguise spell once again on himself. He didn't have any worry about being discovered by this guard who stood in front of him.

'He is just a third-tier warrior.'

At the same time, that royal guard became dumbfounded as he noticed there were another three shining gold coins on this little thief's hand.

'He is skilled at stealing but don't know how to hide his treasures.' He rapidly nodded his head and took two gold coins while leaving one gold coin and a few silver coins on his palm.

"This time, I took extra gold for that ring on your finger. Also from next time if you come here, just come and meet me. Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Palmer." The blonde-haired guard said with a wide grin on his face and turned back, leaving Abium stunned.

'Damn, did this fucker just robbed me and already branded me a thief?...' Abium stood there with a dumbfounded expression on his face and silently followed after Palmer while muttering with a bitter smile on his face.' At least I didn't have to worry about me being inquired by these guards from now on.'

Without minding few gazes cast on him by a few ruffians looking peoples, Abium once again joined one of the queues and waited for the gate to open.

Unlike those gates in the other three Boroughs, the Slum Borough gate would open only four times a day.

'I remember the gate opens in the early morning around six o clock and closes after fifteen minutes. I don't know about the other two exact times in the day time. But I know the last time the gate opens will be around 11 P.M.' He glanced around and guessed around thousands of peoples gathering around in front of the entrance. He knew most of this royal city's population was residing in this slum area.


An ear-piercing sound echoed from the front, and soon everyone saw the large gate started to open. Soon, Abium also mingled along with those thousands of peoples and entered inside the Slum Borough.

Once everyone entered inside the Slum Borough, all of them soon dispersed in different directions, and within seconds Abium found himself walking alone in the streets.

'Hmm, there are eleven different streets in this Borough, and those gang leaders control each one of these streets. For now, I should enter a random street and make a name for myself. After a few days, I will directly kill that street gang leader and steal his position. Abium's eyes glinted in the cold moonlight, and he soon starts to run from the main road then entered a narrow street on his right side.

He saw there were multiple small huts, half-broken old brick houses on each side, and quickly started walking in that street. The street stretched up all the way up to the city wall that was a two-three miles away from where he stood.

'I have to put that faceless glass mask first.' Abium thought to himself and soon saw a small alley that connects to the other street while building walls blocking the moonlight. Before anyone could notice his presence, Abium walked into that alley stealthily.

As he entered the dark alley, he quickly took out that mask and put it on his face then activated that spell using his spirit power.

Next instant, he sensed a slight decrease in mana and instantly felt a connection with the spell.

'Heh, It seems this artifact can completely change my face. Even if someone touches my ears, they wouldn't be able to notice that I'm an elf.' Abium touched his face with his fingers and nodded with a pleasant smile on his face then took out a bottle of black dye he brought it in a shop earlier.

Then, he checked his whole surrounding was entirely blocked by the walls and started to take out his magic lamp then lit it. In a split second, the entire alley became brighter while scaring those few rodents roaming away.

Without wasting much time, Abium started to take out a brush, mirror, and water pouch from his spatial ring and placed it on the ground. After mixing the dye with water, Abium started to coloring his hair. After a few minutes, he glanced at the palm-sized mirror and grinned widely. His face now completely looked like his former self!

'It's time for me to go and get a fake identity.' Abium quickly put back all those things into his spatial ring and moved towards the next street.

'Hmm, I don't know much about this place. Although I heard, there are few places where I can get fake identities in the slum, but I don't know where that place is. From whom should I ask?' As Abium was pondering inside his mind, he noticed he had already arrived at the next street.

Moreover, he saw a few ruffians looking guys moving towards with direction while gripping sharp knives in their hands. All those knives started to emit cold light in the full moonlight, and a few peoples who sat outside their houses instantly ran into their homes. These people knew even watching these ruffians killing a normal newcomer would bring them trouble. So, immediately all of them shut their doors tightly with bangs.

'Heh, these guys should know where to find those places, right?' Abium's lips curved upward.


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