Chapter 43: Return

Once Abium entered that portal, he felt colorless, and odorless energy started to invade his body. In front of him, there was only empty darkness.

The next moment, the gas dissolved in his bloodstream near the surface of his skin and collected itself into little bubbles. Due to no air in the space, he also felt suffocated. The vacuum of the space pulled the air from his breath and felt his lungs going to rupture.

When he thought this was the end of it, some invisible hand appeared out of nowhere and grabbed him from that space and pulled him along with Umi and others.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Soon he crashed on to the concrete like floor while holding Umi on his hand. As he slowly opened his eyes, he saw two figures laid near to him while heavily breathing. Nicolaus and Fennelis appeared to be in a painful state.


Nicolaus's cursing sound came from his side, and Abium thought everyone was injured internally. Next second, a white light covered all of them, and soon, the internal organs started to heal at an unimaginable state.

"That was close! Now, I helped you all out from that space tunnel. So In return, You'd better worship me from tomorrow onward!"


Everyone was stupefied at the childish voice and soon shifted their gaze towards the direction where that sound came.

Abium saw Nyara cutting down a large tree and somehow trying to create a throne by herself. But her carving skill was so poor and made that throne more ugly. Without minding their gaze, she talked while carving using a folding knife.

"When you get back to the royal capital, join as a member of my church, and pray me five times a day. Got it?"

'What the hell is she talking about?'

Abium didn't know what to say. It's her mistake of sending them to that impossible mission. They barely able to make it out alive thanks to that tower's core functions.

But when hearing her reply, all of them send a deadly glare at her. As she noticed their gazes, She averted her gaze to the throne and tried to act normally.

"S-So, How was that adventure? Did you like that? H-Hey! W-Why are you looking at me like that? I didn't do it intentionally. Okay? H-How would I know that she was hiding inside that world tree? She even fooled my divine eyes, That Damn woman! Why are you still mad at me? Do you expect me to apologize? Huh?"

All of them let out a sigh and slowly shook his head helplessly. Although their bodies completely healed still, they were exhausted.

Abium also had so many questions like he didn't understand what happened once he entered inside that portal.

'Azolla, why did I felt crushed after entering that portal?'

'Cough. Sorry kid, I forgot to inform you before. Because your body strength was too weak to resist the pressure, so you will definitely go through such painful situations. If she came one second late means all of you would be ripped apart due to that pressure.'

Azolla's reply gave him chills all over the body.

Soon Nyara shifted her gaze towards him and said

"If I did not intervene, then you all might be randomly teleported into this plane. Humph, be grateful you didn't teleport deep inside an ocean or high in the sky."

Abium startled when she mentioned about random teleportation.

'Don't listen to her kid! She is just scaring you. you only have a probability of 20 percent chance of finding yourself at those situations, kid.'

Abium doesn't know where to cry of a laugh when Azolla was playing with his life like this. He once again sighed and slowly helped Nicolaus and Fennelis to wake up, then checked Umi's condition. She seems to be in an unconscious state.

'If she didn't intervene at that moment, I think within a second all of you will be disintegrated in that spatial tunnel.'

Azolla's next words made him almost fell. He knew that was the reckless plan, but he didn't have any other choice at that time.

He soon shook those thoughts and asked Goddess Nyara hurriedly.

"What is today's date, my lady?"

"Fufufu Don't worry; there are still five more days left for that auction."

She said with a smug.

Abium nodded his head.

"So, my lady, where are we?"

His question made Nyara's mouth curved upward.

'Shit! I have a bad feeling about this.'

Not only his expression, but even Nicolaus and Fennelis's expression also went pale.

The next moment, except Abium, everyone disappeared from his sight. He startled a little, but soon he heard a reply from Nyara.

"Don't worry about them! I have to give them some surprise gifts and planning to send them to another adventure."

Once Nyara said those words, she snapped her fingers. Once again, he noticed the surroundings began to change and found himself alone in some forest.

‘Ha, what is she planning? Is she trying to help or just playing a prank?’ Abium’s head was starting to ache.

Due to the darkness, he couldn't be able to pinpoint where he transported.

He stood still for some moment to adjust his eyesight and slowly observed the surrounding. He heard howls of wild wolves and insects chirping noises.

'I don't know what goddess Nyara was planning, but I hope she didn't send them to another plane like before.'

'Don't worry, kid. She is not a heartless person.'

He laughed it off at Azolla's reply and tried to move a little.


Soon stepped on some metal, and clanging sound came from below his feet. He quickly bent down and found an iron sword.

What caught his attention was the sword, which fully covered in scarlet blood. He Immediately took out that magic lamp and saw blood dyed all over the surrounding trees. A few steps away from him, something laid motionlessly on the ground.

He stealthily walked forward without making any noise, then saw it was a headless body of a girl. When he arrived near, blood stretch assaulted his nose. How did she die? A question arose inside his mind. Because there were no footprints nor any person's track appeared around the surrounding.

A scream of a girl echoed inside that forest gave him chills and soon saw a figure ran towards his direction.


Abium startled a little and soon ran towards the area where that scream came.

Her name was Tina. She was running away from those crazy bastards. Her hands trembled whenever she imagined the scene that happened in front of her. She didn't want to die! But whenever that pain appeared inside her head, she felt fear. Soon panicking expression emerged on her face.

She thought of some miracle that would save her from this situation. Like god itself heard her request, a small light appeared inside the woods. Ally or enemy? A question arose.

She stealthily hid near the tree while enduring the pain from her head. The next moment, the pain started to increase once again inside her head. She bit her tongue and gritted her teeth, not to scream. Blood began to come out from her mouth.

But she endured, If she screams now, then that slave trader might come after her and kill her. What she didn't understand was why did they release her after placing something on her forehead?

She wasn't able to understand their schemes at all, but she knew after they released her, the headache started to appear and also increased every minute.

"cough, cough."

Suddenly she coughed up some blood which made her panic.

'I must survive!'

She wiped away her tears then dashed towards the small light. 'If it's an ally, I might able to live, but if it's an enemy, then they would kill me without any pain, right?'

Once she came closer, she shouted with all her might while moaning in pain.


Soon she noticed that light moved towards her direction. A smile appeared on her face, and she began to run faster. Suddenly the headache started to rose and finally, she couldn't be able to endure anymore.

Tina saw the boyish figure appeared a few meters away from her; then, Inside her head, a strange explosion occurred. It caused her head to ignite and rupture, spewing half-baked, bubbling gray matter in every direction along with scarlet blood. That half elf's image was the last thing she saw before she died.

Abium saw that girl running towards his direction while placing her hand on her head. he was confused at her behavior. But what made him even more puzzled as he couldn't able to identify any enemy at all.

'who is chasing after her?'

He even used the scan, but no enemy appeared in the range. While he was in confusion, suddenly, that girl's head exploded in like watermelon leaving headless body crashing towards the tree.

'What the hell was that?'

Azolla's voice startled him.

'I don't know. But there was no enemy appeared anywhere near the surroundings.'

Abium quickly checked and remembered the body he saw before and pondered what caused their death.

Soon another small scream echoed from ahead where that girl came. He quickly put away the magic lamp inside his spatial ring and stealthily moved forward.

After a few minutes of walking soon, he noticed some lights appeared ahead of him. Old ruins!

There stood a large broken church towering to the sky. He noticed light emerged from the building in the center. He stopped a few hundred meters away and saw it was some old god’s church he hadn’t heard of it in the past.

Three men were chattering in front of that half-broken wooden gate entrance. Second-tier warriors! All of them were well equipped and wore a noble sealed Armor, although Abium couldn't be able to identify that household symbol.

But he had seen that symbol before and thought it might be one of lesser noble's logo. Due to multiples pillars all over the surroundings, he soon sneakily arrived near the gate and hid inside that darkness. When he thought of moving closer, another high pitched scream of a girl came from inside.


Following that, an arrogant voice resounded from that church. Slowly heard the begging scream of some girl.

"S-Sir! I-I beg you. Please don't kill me."

Soon the soldiers who stood outside that church also moved inside to join others. Abium also entered inside and stood near that gate. Due to the darkness, no one seemed to notice his arrival. He soon saw what was happening inside that church.

There appeared a total of six more persons chained on the ground, and surrounding them were a total of seven guards, including the persons from outside. Then a fat guy who looked like a slave merchant stood behind a middle-aged man.

Finally, that middle-aged man wore a red robe and appeared more like a noble. He gave a sinister smile at that girl then placed that hilt towards her forehead.

Abium perceived darkness element gathered near her head and rapidly absorbed inside. A small magic circle appeared in front of her forehead then slowly vanished. Soon the girl started to pant heavily.

After a few seconds, all of them waited still without making any noise. Nothing happened. Finally, a relief expression emerged on that girl's face, but soon, her mind froze.


An ear-piercing scream emerged from her mouth.


The sound of the explosion heard inside that building, and her head exploded.

Blood and bubbling gray matter splattered everywhere, and soon, an annoying voice appeared from that middle-aged man.

"Another Failure! Bring me the next one."

Soon a knight kicked a thirty-year-old woman slave and dragged her towards that red-robed guy. Abium was disgusted by their doing and soon thought of taking action. But that red-robed guy suddenly shifted his gaze towards Abium and gave a wicked smile.

"How!?" Abium muttered out loud. He never thought his location would be exposed that easily.

'Abi! He's a mage. Evade his spell attack.'

When he heard Azolla's warning, he quickly cast a 'blink' spell. At the same time, a low mutter came out from that guy's mouth.

"Shadow bolt."

As soon as Abium cast a 'blink' spell, he observed everything in slow motion. That 'shadow bolt' flew from that red-robed guy's hand at fast speed and pierced a warrior's body who stood in between then continued forward. When the time Abium's form vanished from that place, that 'Shadow bolt' arrived there and hit that half-destroyed gate.

That wooden gate disintegrated into millions of bits, leaving only powders behind. Abium appeared a few meters away from where he stood before and vigilantly watched the opponent. Soon that warrior's body also disintegrated like the wooden gate without leaving anything behind.

Cold sweat appeared on Abium's forehead. Why didn't he thought of scanning that guy soon?

Soon a blue window popped in front of his eyes.

[Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Race: Human

Class: Apprentice mage


Strength: 3.0

Agility: 2.7

Vitality: 3.1

Mana: 16.5

Spirit: 8.2

Skills: basic sword skills.


Zero tier spells:

Shadow bolt, ????, ????, ????.]



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