In the year of 2146, another game using virtual reality(VR) was released, its name was Dragon Of Coelum, yes another one, in the past 35 years the technology has jumped by so much that to make a VR game was considerable easy, if you are a developer of course.

But this game was special because after this 35 years, this game felt so real, and to Rhys Lam, a boy who was 17 years old, when the game launched, he was feeling lucky and happy, as the game was about sword and magic, his favorite genre!

His family was very rich and he didn't have that much friends, but that not meant he was antisocial, shy or something like that, he just played games the whole day. He had the last capsule for VR games for the best experience, especially for DOC.

As soon as he linked his mind to the game, he was greeted with a nice landscape, trees and mountains as far as the eye can see, everything was so green and lively.

In front of him was a naked person, short black hair and black eyes, a thin body with a bit of muscles, it was him. He was not fat for the fact that even if he played, the capsule could make him stay without any fat, it could keep the muscles working, but here he look a little stronger.

The next thing he did was making his eyes purple, he didn't want to change that much, he had an avarage look, but he wanted to at least change something.

After this he had to select a class, the game had the three basics classes, rogue, mage and warrior, but it had so much branches, and you could even merge classes, the maximum level per character was 100, and per class was 50, and you could unlock a class slot each 25 levels of your character, meaning that you can have a maximum of 4 classes, it can be easy to find classes, but it had common, rare, epic and legendary ones.

The good thing is that the basic classes could be upgraded without costing a class slot, they just needed to be level 50 but after that you need to level up again, these upgraded ones could change depending on which kinda of weapon the player uses, if it is a bow user, rogue can become a archer or a ranger, someone with nature power like a druid.

He thought about it, and chose rogue, he wanted to choose mage, but to level up playing solo it was going to be hard, and if he made wise choises, he could get mage or warrior related classes.

And finally his game name, he chose to be Dormin, because his grandfather played a game that the main character had to slay giants and in the end he had turned in to a shadow monster, he did not know the game but his grandfather seemed to be happy remembering the game and telling him about it.

And now after 6 years in the game later he became the first elite player, meaning that he reached maximum level on his char using 3 classes, and his status looked like this:

Name: Dormin Character Level: 100 (MAX)
Health: 25300/25300 Mana Pool: 24200/24200
Race: Human


Assassin Level: 50 (MAX) Sharper Level: 25 Summoner Level: 25


Strength 1485
Constitution 1265
Agility 1560
Dexterity 1420
Intelligence 1210
Wisdom 1220


Each level you receive 20 atributte points and each 10 levels 30 in total and begins with 10 points in each attributes. His assassin class is the rogue class upgraded.


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