The Misadventure Of A Woman Reincarnated As A Nobleman’s Son

The Misadventure Of A Woman Reincarnated As A Nobleman’s Son

by mialbowy

Rejected yet again, Alice falls far enough into despair that she downloads a visual novel dating sim to try and learn how to better appeal to men. However, she inadvertently fell for a troll game, the “good end” being her character’s untimely death. Exhausted and quite drunk, she passes out. What happens next is a mystery, but, when she comes to, she’s being pulled out onto a riverbank. Taking stock of her surroundings, she realises she’s now Albert—the protagonist from the dating sim. Assuming she’d died and gone to a personalised hell, she prepares to live out her life in his body. But will her future lead her down the same paths as the ones laid out in the dating sim, or will she be able to create her own ending?

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This story is a weird beast. Don't know how exactly to rate it.

I started to read it purely by accident. It's actually a short story made up from 8 chapters.. and I usually never read anything with a tag "short story". Well, when I started to read it, it didn't have that tag, and it was still "ongoing" - around chapter 2, I think.

In the end I feel like I respect what the author did with it. It's thoughtful, emotional. Explores unusual emotions and choices - unusual in a sense that they don't write about these things often, but it doesn't mean that those are not relevant or not relatable. It also has profound moments.

It's not The Best Book for Everyone, but it has inner consistency, weird but fun structure of ending, relatable characters, neat balance of ups and downs, and tricks and ideas to think about on dark evenings.

I enjoyed it on a level of 4/5 (where 0/5 is apathy, 5/5 is Wandering Inn), but I rate it as 5/5 because I respect a finely and carefuly weaved subtle work of art (it takes a lot of passion and time to make those right).


A super wistful and melancholic read

Reviewed at: Chapter 5 - Alice Ending

Very much enjoyed the read. The grammer was impeccable and the writing style very easy to read as well. Gave good Austen vibes. Don't want to write too much since the story is fairly short, and I don't want to give spoilers, but its defintely an interesting take on the isekai genre.