Wake of the Ravager

by Macronomicon

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi GameLit Harem High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

On the world of Marconen, your first Break determines the trajectory of your life. Calvin chose magic. Without proper schooling or a mentor, the boy is dragged by the whims of fate across the face of the planet, blending together different schools of magic and powerful abilities to create something new.

But there's a deeper secret behind his success. Why was he born an exile from his country? Why is his System so strange, and why does it keep talking to him?

And as the march of time continues, something evil grows in power across the ocean.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Calvin the Almighty ago
Chapter 2: The kindness of Strangers ago
Chapter 3: 2 Years Later ago
Chapter 4: On a Cosmic Scale ago
Chapter 5: Listen to your Elders ago
Chapter 6: Obligatory Flashback ago
Chapter 7: Dangers of Fishing ago
Chapter 8: Risky Rewards ago
Chapter 9: Mass Splitting ago
Chapter 10: The Raid. ago
Chapter 11: Dreams. ago
Chapter 12: Chained Spirit ago
Chapter 13: Friendly Neighborhood Cannibals ago
Chapter 14: How to Win a Pissing contest. ago
Chapter 15: How to win a race. ago
Chapter 16: Arson and Titty Twisters ago
Chapter 17: Love potion number NEIN! ago
Chapter 18: Old Lady Killer ago
Chapter 19: Hunting Day. ago
Chapter 20: Bad to Worse ago
Chapter 21: The Thing in the Cell ago
Chapter 22: More in the Brochure. ago
Chapter 23: Emergency Exit ago
Chapter 24: Tight Holes ago
Chapter 25: Now I Gotta kill this Guy ago
Chapter 26: Captain Gadsint ago
Chapter 27: Leeroy Jenkins! ago
Chapter 28: Catfight Averted ago
Chapter 29: Guarplay ago
Chapter 30: Princess Sandwich ago
Chapter 31: God Sent ago
Chapter 32: Stocking Up. ago
Chapter 33: You’re in the army now ago
Chapter 34: Make me a Sammich ago
Chapter 35: On the Wall ago
Chapter 36: Rescue Plans and Women of Negotiable Virtue ago
Chapter 37: The Second Wave ago
Chapter 38: Terminate. ago
Chapter 39: Great, more Princesses ago
Chapter 40: You Jinxed It ago
Chapter 41: Your Princess is in Another Castle ago
Chapter 42: Just my type ago
Chapter 43: Promises ago
Chapter 44: Maximum Capacity ago
Chapter 45: Recovery ago
Chapter 46: Knick-Knack ago
Chapter 47: Paddywack ago
Chapter 48: Classic Party Composition ago
Chapter 49: Give the dog a Bone ago
Chapter 50: Is this Hell? ago
Chapter 51: how many Man-hours in a Woman? ago
Chapter 52: On the Job ago
Chapter 53: Cruel and Unusual ago
Chapter 54: Ambitions ago
Chapter 55: Keep it Simple, Stupid ago
Chapter 56: Surviving First contact ago
Chapter 57: Number Seven will Surprise You! ago
Chapter 58: Stalemate ago
Chapter 59: Strategy Vs. Tactics ago
Chapter 60: Becoming the Villain ago
Chapter 61: Copy Calvin’s Concerns ago
Chapter 62: Operation Crossdresser ago
Chapter 63: The Crying Game ago
Chapter 64: Confidence ago
Chapter 65: Parade ago
Chapter 66: History Lesson ago
Chapter 67: Venture Capitalism ago
Chapter 68: Wink Wink Nudge Nudge ago
Chapter 69: Sand in my Crack ago
Chapter 70: Dark Dealings ago
Chapter 71: Thank you, gracious hosts ago
Chapter 72: The Tan problem ago
Chapter 73: Always Bring a Rubber ago
Chapter 74: No Accounting for Taste ago
Chapter 75: Big Balls ago
Chapter 76: May not Cause Vampirism ago
Chapter 77: Cobalts ago
Chapter 78: Home surgery for dummies ago
Chapter 79: Rapid Shot ago
Chapter 80: Light Duty Scheming ago
Chapter 81: House Visit ago
Chapter 82: Jinnei, Junior Pirate Queen ago
Chapter 83: The Slow Way Vs. The Fast Way ago
Chapter 84: Sand Pirate chic ago
Chapter 85: Breaking Ground ago
Chapter 86: Spitting in a hole. ago
Chapter 87: Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em ago
Chapter 88: True Lies ago
Chapter 89: Dance puppets! ago
Chapter 90: Emptying Fort Cobalt ago
Chapter 91: A Quiet Morning ago
Chapter 92: Shifting ago
Chapter 93: Sparring above your weight ago
Chapter 94: Calvin and Company ago
Chapter 95: Schrodinger’s Balls ago
Chapter 96: Fun Party ago
Chapter 97: Sight, Sound, and Fury ago
Chapter 98: Every Hole is a Goal ago
Chapter 99: Darkness ago
Chapter 100: Fractal Mimic ago
Chapter 101: Catch a Break ago
Chapter 102: Pee-conomics ago
Chapter 103: The Most Attractive Lure ago
Chapter 104: Miss Behavior ago
Chapter 105: Abyssal Alchemy ago
Chapter 106: Muscle Wizard ago
Chapter 107: Risk Free* ago
Chapter 108: Escape Plans ago
Chapter 109: Welcome Party ago
Chapter 110: Quality of life ago
Chapter 111: Learner’s Permit ago

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Comedy and Storytelling Gold

Reviewed at: Chapter 47: Paddywack

I really enjoy the storytelling and the comedy. All the situations, the characters, the world. Worth reading or at least trying out. The writing is constantly improving too, with almost no errors or none at all. 

So many of the scenes are vivid without using too many words, the author is very good at that. Despite it being a harem, the characters feel real and unique instead of being 2 dimensional and slot filling.

  • Overall Score

This novel could have been one of the classics of RR, but the author lost himself.

The story is all over the place.

It feels like the beginning of this novel was written by someone and at one point in time someone else took over and that person is doing a terrible job. 

The only good thing so far are the villains.  

The Mc and his sidekicks are like a bunch of 11 years old kids with super powers disturbing the peace in  the neighborhood.

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  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Worth taking the time to read

Reviewed at: Chapter 46: Knick-Knack

One of the few stories that I subscribed to patreon for. Just know that I am way ahead of the RR readers. I see a lot of low scores because they think this is a Harem story. If so it hasn't happened yet and it doesn't look like it will. There are interests, but I wouldn't call them a Harem. Not sure what I would call them.

The system is one of the better ones I have seen and it has an actual explanation on how it came about. The MC can be both funny and cold blooded. He is a schemer which sometimes backfires. He is OP but still gets his ass handed to him at times which is refreshing. The world building is excellent and the scope keeps getting wider. I look forward to each update to see what kind of trouble the MC and those around him will get into.

  • Overall Score

fantastic setting, interesting narrative, ruined by a horny author

Reviewed at: Chapter 83: The Slow Way Vs. The Fast Way

There's a lot to like here. The setting is fantastic, it's got one of the most interesting magic systems I've seen to date. I like the central conciet of the plot, there's some genuinely interesting intruige with some hints at the grander picture here and there, enough to keep you curious without giving the game away. The writing itself is for the most part very good, so why do am I so down on this?

Everything good this story does is held back by the fact that the focus is being shifted towards making a harem happen, and the author is letting his desire for powerful women who actually secretly want to be abused warp the story and the characters. Let me make it clear, I have nothing against there being sexual content in a story, I enjoy some good smut as much as the next person, and while harems aren't my personal preference I can deal. But the writing quality dramatically dips from time to time so that the writer can get some of his personal fantasies in, and it's getting worse. From around chapter 75 onwards it's getting incredibly bad, especially focused a particular female character who is at this point the essentially the main character's slave.

I liked this story a lot when it started, but lately every chapter is making me less and less interested in seeing it through to the end. It's a good "anti hero/villan protagonist tries to get obscenely powerful" type story, perhaps even a great one, but it's quickly becoming lost to the author's desire to get off.

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  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Macronomicon and Ace Arriande have similar problems

Reviewed at: Chapter 34: Make me a Sammich

In that they both have a mildly good story with decent (in this story's case pretty good) systems bogged down by the author's fetishes and excessive amounts of horniness. Domination for Macro and monster girls for ace.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Good Magic System and Setting Dragged Down by Plot and Character

Reviewed at: Chapter 98: Every Hole is a Goal

Wake of the Ravager is a litRPG with a great system and an interesting setting that starts strong but is eventually dragged down by subpar story decisions and poor characterization.

The basic premise of the story is that a young boy in a village wants to be a wizard despite most wizards being nobles with significantly more resources. The basic magic system is that being in the presence of a lot of death causes a Break, giving an amount of Warp that can be used to improve one's attributes or learn skills. Each successive Break requires more death, so most ordinary people only get two or three. The MC works to learn magic despite this, and becomes involved in ongoing world events.

The story starts off very promising, with the magic system being the main highlight. It had an likeable MC, a good premise, and a decent cast of characters. 

However, as the story goes on the problems start to add up, or to put it differently the same few problems keep hurting the story. 

The first problem is the harem and its associated problems. Put simply, its a terribly done harem. Its written in an incredibly cringeworthy way, the female characters lack any meaningful depth, and the raunchy humor falls flat. The forced harem has led to entire arcs of characters acting unrealistically, and with no offense intended, reads like it is written by an immature teenager.

The second problem is the main character. At some point, the fun and likable MC genuinely interested in studying magic became a psychopathic murder-hobo who alternates between having enemies behave like idiots to make him look good and being convolutedly forced into difficulties, and whose personality is just not fun to read. A well done villanous/anti-hero MC is great to read, but this one just feels weird because he's had no character growth or development since the first arc of the story, and just has his personality adjusted to suit the current plotline.

The magic system is an incredibly interesting one however, and has a lot of unique ideas. Reading the magic system and the evolutions of the build and skills has been the highlight of the story. 

Overall, I would not recommend this story despite it's great magic system.

  • Overall Score

Started out good, fell to mediocre.

Reviewed at: Chapter 28: Catfight Averted

 This started out quite good, first chapter actually made me laugh a bit but I guess it's never good to judge a book by its first few chapters because this spiralled down the toilet so fast I suddenly remembered why I never make it past any if the authors first 20 or so chapters.  

Calvin started out as a likable character, a little weird but in a good way imo, knew what he wanted and actually tried taking steps to get there but as the story progressed I just can't fingale what made me start to dislike the character, maybe it was the constant need for the author to make him everyone's plaything or excuse my French 'little bitch' or the fact that one moment his gritting his teeth in anger and swearing vengeance on the cannibals that devoured his friends and plan to make small chops out of him then the next second his thinking about humping the "somehow' bootylicious cannibal chiefs daughter, how terribly convenient and extremely foolish, but since the author decided that after writing or thinking up the sexy babarian chick and that he wanted a harem but couldn't see anyway to erase the fact that said vixen and her people just wiped out his village and are having his friends for dinner, he decides that a love potion is the way to go. 

 It just feels like the author has no plan and is jumping from idea to idea while trying to force it all to fit. I will say that I did enjoy the magic system, seemed fresh and really makes for some cool synergy.

I was originally going to pull another star for the bait and switch because I thought the author was writing a harem but didn't want to tag it as so for whatever reason but I can see the tags have been updated which further proves that he doesn't really know where this story is going but is following his lower head and whatever his patreon supporters suggest. 

All said it a mediocre tale and hopefully I'll forget about it again soon. Have a nice day. 

danielle young
  • Overall Score

As far as harem game lit goes this story is actually really well written and laid out. The stats are both non complicated and interesting which is key to LITRPG. The character is compelling and the interactions are amusing, while the harem bits are actually believable and not absurdly unrealistic, as is seemingly tradition among harem/reverse harem authors. All in all it has been a really good story and worth a read.

  • Overall Score

The story is ok. It was better before the story went towards the harem route. Feels like the harem route is being forced and the women are acting unrealistic, and everything is turning into a big wankfest. If you like harems, then you'll like this story.

mike karr
  • Overall Score

started off really good with an inspired system. Then quickly dropped  in quality to now be better than average harem crap. The women seem 1 dimensional and boring.. too bad