Wake of the Ravager

Wake of the Ravager

by Macronomicon

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

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Table of Contents
151 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Calvin the Almighty ago
Chapter 2: The kindness of Strangers ago
Chapter 3: 2 Years Later ago
Chapter 4: On a Cosmic Scale ago
Chapter 121: Consolidating Power 101 ago
Chapter 122: The T Word ago
Chapter 123: Hamfisted Exposition ago
Chapter 124: minor changes to the rules ago
Chapter 125: Landfall ago
Chapter 126: Shots fired ago
Chapter 127: Best Boi ago
Chapter 128: Primary Lumpiness Indicators ago
Chapter 129: Just a Sweet Little Girl ago
Chapter 130: My Kingdom for a Cashew ago
Chapter 131: Defending Mujenan ago
Chapter 132: The Flesh? ago
Chapter 133: That Flesh ago
Chapter 134: Harpoon’d ago
Chapter 135: That’s a lot of blood ago
Chapter 136: Dangerous Hugs ago
Chapter 137: Magenta ago
Chapter 138: A Brand New Life ago
Chapter 139: Test Subject ago
Chapter 140: Let’s Put Our Evil Heads Together ago
Chapter 141: Coward Bad ago
Chapter 142: Doran’s Havok ago
Chapter 143: Instant Irony ago
Chapter 144: The Blender Spell ago
Chapter 145: Zoomed out ago
Chapter 146: Birthday Party ago
Chapter 147: The Birthday Presents ago
Chapter 148: The Reception ago
Chapter 149: Jungle Love ago
Chapter 150: You wouldn’t hit a baby, would you? ago
Chapter 151: Inked ago
Chapter 152: A day in the life of Goob ago
Chapter 153: Swept Away ago
Chapter 154: Welcome Snot ago
Chapter 155: The Bigger they Are… ago
Chapter 156: Fishing By The Lake ago
Chapter 157: Peer Pressure ago
Chapter 158: You Don’t Have These? ago
Chapter 159: My boxed In Valley ago
Chapter 160: Jungles are moist ago
Chapter 161: You think the god will notice? ago
Chapter 162: E-Savages ago
Chapter 163: Llortan ago
Chapter 164: Violence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder ago
Chapter 165: I saved you a tongue ago
Chapter 166: Fuckin’ Doug ago
Chapter 167: It’s Called the Parietal Lobe ago
Chapter 168: The Killer ago
Chapter 169: Mind Break ago
Chapter 170: Lightning 101 ago
Chapter 171: A Banal Sort of Romance ago
Chapter 172: Prison Rules ago
Chapter 173: Brainpower ago
Chapter 174: Detective Calvin ago
Chapter 175: It Can’t Be That Easy ago
Chapter 176: Pity Outing ago
Chapter 177: Camping Trip ago
Chapter 178: We’re Not Rewarding this behavior! ago
Chapter 179: Back to Business ago
Chapter 180: General Electric ago
Chapter 181: Use of Force ago
Chapter 182: Cold sandwich ago
Chapter 183: Don’t Stop Me Now ago
Chapter 184: ‘Cuz I’m having a good time ago
Chapter 185: Slime Salesman ago
Chapter 186: The Shifting Bazaar ago
Chapter 187: Exterminator ago
Chapter 188: A Bloodied Nose ago
Chapter 189: The Wealth of Nations ago
Chapter 190: Helping Those You Hate ago
Chapter 191: Expedition ago
Chapter 192: First Contact ago
Chapter 193: Not Completely Stupid™ ago
Chapter 194: Smart Enough to Stay Dumb ago
Chapter 195: A Matter of Scale ago
Chapter 196: Excitement* ago
Chapter 197: Don’t Get Short With Me ago
Chapter 198: Naming the Wildlife ago
Chapter 199: Of course it’s an ambush ago
Chapter 200: The Bicentennial ago
Chapter 201: Putting Down Roots ago
Chapter 202: De-escalation ago
Chapter 203: I Found You ago
Chapter 204: The Battle ago
Chapter 205: It Gets Worse ago
Chapter 206: The Old Switcheroo ago
Chapter 207: Night of the Living dead ago
Chapter 208: A losing battle ago
Chapter 209: After-Life ago
Chapter 210: Rods from God ago
Chapter 211: It’s Totally Legally Binding ago
Chapter 212: Prep-Work ago
Chapter 213: Quirks ago
Chapter 214: Heads of State ago
Chapter 215: Liar, Liar ago
Chapter 216: Undead Science experiments ago
Chapter 217: Signatory Royals ago
Chapter 218: The Hunger: A.K.A. The Curious Case of Lady Grey ago
Chapter 219: Post Human ago
Chapter 220: Obligatory Training Montage ago
Chapter 221: Business as usual ago
Chapter 222: Plastic makes Perfect ago
Chapter 223 Working with the grain of religion ago
Chapter 224: It’ll be the National Sport ago
Chapter 225: The Laborers ago
Chapter 226: Convert, Meatbag ago
Chapter 227: Nights in Calvania ago
Chapter 228: A Dress for the Ball ago
Chapter 229: The Shifting Board ago
Chapter 230: Maniacal Laugh ago
Chapter 231: Pack your Bags ago
Chapter 232: The Dead Travel Fast ago
Chapter 233: Creeping in From the Edges ago
Chapter 234: Shopping Spree ago
Chapter 235: I Respectfully Disagree ago
Chapter 236: Business ago
Chapter 237: Under the Temple of Awakening ago
Chapter 238: Electric Sheep ago
Chapter 239: A Partnership With Planned Obsolescence ago
Chapter 240: Making In-roads ago
Chapter 241: Red Herrings ago
Chapter 242: Slave Non Sequitar ago
Chapter 243: Leaving the City ago
Chapter 244: Travelling Boles ago
Chapter 245: Bringing an Elder to a Sage Fight ago
Chapter 246: Learner, Divided ago
Chapter 247 I F***ing Called It ago
Chapter 248: At home and abroad ago
Chapter 249: Give me Double Entendre or Give me Death! ago
Chapter 250: Let’s Talk About Giant Phallus ago
Chapter 251: Revisiting Fort Calvin ago
Chapter 252: New Tricks ago
Chapter 253: Win every battle with this one weird trick! ago
Chapter 254: Pushing Back ago
Chapter 255: Saved by the Girls ago
Chapter 256: Greater Maculat ago
Chapter 257: Redacted ago
Chapter 258: The Map ago
Chapter 259: The Road to Brennoth ago
Chapter 260: Meetup in the forest ago
Chapter 261: ‘Generous Support’ ago
Chapter 262: Soulfire ago
Chapter 263: Excuses ago
Chapter 264: Dinner Party ago
Chapter 265: Bare-Breasted Negotiations ago
Not a Chapter ago
CH.1-120 brief recap ago

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Alright, like it says in the title, this is a tough one. 
I've been reading WotR for a while now (ch. 247 atm) and many things were awesome, many were not. 


It's not your run-of-the-mill story of good guy becoming OP and saving the world, more like a young boy growing in adulthood with dreams of becoming an all-powerful wizard king. And he has sociopathic tendencies. And there's a guy in his head. Pretty unique to be fair. 


Can't remember finding many mistakes, sentences are easy to read and are descriptive. Some typing errors, nothing major. 

Story + Characters:

Ah, the tough part. The story started out really well, I very much enjoyed it. Like I said before, a unique magic system where people can Skills and can raise their Attributes by being close to people dying. A little more complicated than that, but you get the gist of it. 
However, the storyline starts getting a little all over the place around chapter 50, with Calvin making strange decisions, things working out in his favor and other characters doing stupid stuff making our protagonist look nice. 
I'm still reading of course, I'm way too invested in the story now, but there's ups and downs. 
Some parts are good, some parts less so, but all things considered, it's a fun ride. 


Decent story that can't stop sabotaging itself.

Reviewed at: Chapter 168: The Killer

There are good parts and some bad parts. At the end of the day, the problem for me personally was that it felt like the story committed to nothing really, and did a lot of things half-assedly. First, the girls play a big role, the story even added a harem tag. Then it suddenly scales it back a lot. Has them sleep with other guys and each other. While the MC is still a virgin 100+ chapter in, then the girls become important again but with all the added baggage. In a way, the story found a great opportunity to alienate people across the spectrum. Those who disliked the romance/princesses/harem aspect were put off by it. Those who were fine with it don't particularly like them sleeping with other people, for the most part, bonus points for not sleeping with the MC while "being his girlfriends". At the end of the day, the story has some solid ideas. And some very flawed, ill-thought-out, mutually sabotaging executions and weird twists and turns. It never really commits to any one thing, it does things half-way, and then does things completely opposite of what it established prior.

The story just seems very, disconnected, disjointed, and as if it has zero real goal or idea how to get there.


This novel could have been one of the classics of RR, but the author lost himself.

The story is all over the place.

It feels like the beginning of this novel was written by someone and at one point in time someone else took over and that person is doing a terrible job. 

The only good thing so far are the villains.  

The Mc and his sidekicks are like a bunch of 11 years old kids with super powers disturbing the peace in  the neighborhood.


Good Magic System and Setting Dragged Down by Plot and Character

Reviewed at: Chapter 140: Let’s Put Our Evil Heads Together

Wake of the Ravager is a litRPG with a great system and an interesting setting that starts strong but is eventually dragged down by subpar story decisions and poor characterization.

The basic premise of the story is that a young boy in a village wants to be a wizard despite most wizards being nobles with significantly more resources. The basic magic system is that being in the presence of a lot of death causes a Break, giving an amount of Warp that can be used to improve one's attributes or learn skills. Each successive Break requires more death, so most ordinary people only get two or three. The MC works to learn magic despite this, and becomes involved in ongoing world events.

The story starts off very promising, with the magic system being the main highlight. It had an likeable MC, a good premise, and a decent cast of characters. 

However, as the story goes on the problems start to add up, or to put it differently the same few problems keep hurting the story. 

The first problem is the harem and its associated problems. Put simply, its a terribly done harem. Its written in an incredibly cringeworthy way, the female characters lack any meaningful depth, and the raunchy humor falls flat. The forced harem has led to entire arcs of characters acting unrealistically, and with no offense intended, reads like it is written by an immature teenager.

The second problem is the main character. At some point, the fun and likable MC genuinely interested in studying magic became a psychopathic murder-hobo who alternates between having enemies behave like idiots to make him look good and being convolutedly forced into difficulties, and whose personality is just not fun to read. A well done villanous/anti-hero MC is great to read, but this one just feels weird because he's had no character growth or development since the first arc of the story, and just has his personality adjusted to suit the current plotline.

The magic system is an incredibly interesting one however, and has a lot of unique ideas. Reading the magic system and the evolutions of the build and skills has been the highlight of the story. 

Overall, I would not recommend this story despite it's great magic system.


Couldn't make it past 190ish just got tired of the constant escalation, constant danger, constant impending doom on the horizon. Like actual fatigue im exhausted i don't want to read anymore. The three stars are for the fun characters and interesting world building and the absolutely amazing job writing from learner point of view

Adrian L

Nice worldbuilding devolves to typical shounen arc

Reviewed at: Chapter 172: Prison Rules

As typical of many fictions of this genre, started out with interesting character, world building and sets of challenges. Unfortunately, also like many other stories of this genre, quickly devolves into a shounen anime power arc, where the character suddenly gains plot armor and nothing is threatening anymore. Then obviously add a sprinkling of hastily done harem just for the sake of it, and of course murder hobo tendencies. Pretty disappointed as it has happened to many stories with great initial worldbuilding, probably check in after a few months to see if storytelling picks up but I have my doubts. 


Feels like multiple authors

Reviewed at: Chapter 169: Mind Break

The first 50 chapters? I couldn't get enough, was reading till 5am just to see what happens next, It was great, but then the problems came .

Spoiler: problem 1

 Problem 2 relates to the poorly implemented harem, none of the harm members have any real depth to them, and the mct into typical anime MC where his girlfriend's can tell him everything he's doing, beat him up, and do basically anything they want, and MC is just like yeh this is my life. 

Goals: MCs goal from the beginning is becoming a wizard king, but he barely learns any magic at all, the intro to the book made it seem like he will learn bits of all magics and fuse them into his fighting style, right? Well no, he learns magic from 2 places, his country and a tribe near him, that's it, he discounts all other magic due to skill system made by author with limited numbers of stuff you can learn.

MC doesn't take advantage of the crazy, and I mean CRAZY power he could have, which is bowser if you've read the book, where after a few years of work he could essentially become a god, stronger than all others, also doesn't take advantage of the siphon at all. Book essentially goes from a power gaining book, to a pseudo politics/kingdom building book, where the MC literally has 0 skills that are designed for it, and he completely ignores the one thing his build is for. Magic. 

Then there's the pov swaps, there's so fucking many if them, even characters that die within 10 chapters, get multiple chapters worth of their pov, just what? There's points in it where you can go chapters with short paragraphs of the mc

Essentially the book goes from a hardcore adult thriller, with dark elements, to a shonen anime harem with bad elements of comedy, and sexual themes that are skipped due to it being shonen,

that sexual content tag? It means kissing, if your going the harem rout, and it's it's mediocre, lean into it. Only way you could pull off what you want us if you had a good harem, with interesting 3 dimensional, interesting characters, that really add to the book, that just aren't there.

I honestly think the harem members are there, as reasoning to force the MC to do things that are outside what the developed character is.

Honestly feels like author is just writing ideas for short stories on a pad, and jumping from one idea to another, started with magic, then harem, then kingdom building, then slice of life, then back to kingdom building

Ima read a bit more, and hope it gets better, but it's been a steady decline for 60 chapters so I doubt it

Ehh, kept reading, had 0magic in the past 6 chapters, and someone who rapes minds was added, I'm done, this story had no direction, and the MC is like a whole new person, haven't even seen a fucking skill or stat improve slightly in many chapters, it's now 100% a slice of life, and considering the fucking intro is about him learning all kinds of magic and making his own style? This ain't that


Started pretty damn well, but it's getting increasingly clear that the author learned NOTHING about proper story structure from his previous works, that all got thrown away when he grew bored.

Throwing "cool concepts" around without having a clear idea of a beginning, transition and end is nothing but an exercise in folly.

You are getting once again close to the breaking point, where you start to find the story stale and decide to flip the table. One of the rare occasions where I feel bad for having used patreon because reinforcing bad behavior is downright criminal. 

Don't try to prove me wrong, you will only drag it out even more and make it miserable for everyone involved. Sit down, write the skeletal structure of a frigging end, and work freely within those parameters. 

Winging it, is not a good strategy. 

I honestly cannot recommend this work knowing that most readers will only feel disappointment after being strung along. 


Started out good, fell to mediocre.

Reviewed at: Chapter 28: Catfight Averted

 This started out quite good, first chapter actually made me laugh a bit but I guess it's never good to judge a book by its first few chapters because this spiralled down the toilet so fast I suddenly remembered why I never make it past any if the authors first 20 or so chapters.  

Calvin started out as a likable character, a little weird but in a good way imo, knew what he wanted and actually tried taking steps to get there but as the story progressed I just can't fingale what made me start to dislike the character, maybe it was the constant need for the author to make him everyone's plaything or excuse my French 'little bitch' or the fact that one moment his gritting his teeth in anger and swearing vengeance on the cannibals that devoured his friends and plan to make small chops out of him then the next second his thinking about humping the "somehow' bootylicious cannibal chiefs daughter, how terribly convenient and extremely foolish, but since the author decided that after writing or thinking up the sexy babarian chick and that he wanted a harem but couldn't see anyway to erase the fact that said vixen and her people just wiped out his village and are having his friends for dinner, he decides that a love potion is the way to go. 

 It just feels like the author has no plan and is jumping from idea to idea while trying to force it all to fit. I will say that I did enjoy the magic system, seemed fresh and really makes for some cool synergy.

I was originally going to pull another star for the bait and switch because I thought the author was writing a harem but didn't want to tag it as so for whatever reason but I can see the tags have been updated which further proves that he doesn't really know where this story is going but is following his lower head and whatever his patreon supporters suggest. 

All said it a mediocre tale and hopefully I'll forget about it again soon. Have a nice day. 

The one beyond the veil


The story starts out strong and kept me interested for a long time, but by the time I was getting close to the end I was mainly holding out from sunk cost. The later arcs feel a bit forced in terms of power creeping enemies and the sudden year-long hiatus leaves the story rather abruptly without an ending.




I actually loved the style of the story and the blending of fantasy with sci fi elements as things progressed, but after watching the same sets of problems get solved the same way multiple times, it does start to get rather stale.



Normally I don't try to hold minor things like small errors against stories if they are publishing consistently and clearly, but there are chapters here that are more than a year old with very noticable typos in them that while not unreadable do impact the feeling of quality.



Like I said in the overall section, the story starts of amazing but jumps the metaphorical shark a few times before it whimpers out into hiatus purgatory. Hind sight is 20/20 but I'm not sure I'd read through all 250~ish chapters if I knew what I know now.



characterization actually feels pretty strong, I enjoy certain characters more than others for sure, but most (not all) of them are compelling and interesting enough to hold my attention regardless of who is currently in the spotlight.