The Legend of the Fake Hero

by mrmitch246

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Romance Tragedy Harem High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strong Lead
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**This has the Tragedy Tag; please no genre hate. Bad things can happen to good people, just like in real life (not that they will. I almost didn't put the tag there as it doesn't really fit the genre. I like happy endings.).

The year is 201X, and the line between reality and the imaginary has become blurred. Approximately nine months ago, the event which became known as "The Convergence" occurred. People on Earth began to obtain powers. Some received them for seemingly no reason while others had obtained them after they had returned from the many different worlds that they had unwillingly been abducted to. These new worlds existed beyond time and space, and many could have different rules different from what we know as standard reality. That is because these many worlds seem to have traits taken from imagination. Things from stories and myths, like magic and plots, existed in these worlds as if they were inspired by them, and that was only a start.
On earth, there was a young man. On appearance, he could be considered only slightly better-than-average. The only thing he was known for was his incredible mind that left him feeling bored and out of touch with reality. But soon he would leave this reality altogether. One moment he was lying in his bed. The next, he was face-to-face with a beautiful young lady who he had just woken up upon him falling into her bed. This young man has an incredible fate and will soon visit many worlds, gain many powers, and meet many women who, like the young girl whose bed he had fallen into, will blow him away.

This is written in the Light Novel format which means:

  1. I will complete Volumes, if not Arcs, before posting. This means that pauses will occur in content when I eventually catch up.
  2. Each Volume is between 40-50K words consisting of chapters between 2-10k (relatively even per volume) and a prologue/epilogue.
  3. I will not focus on writing/posting consistently as a web novel author would.
  4. Release per week will be based on chapter/word count (see upload schedule) and donations

Upload Schedule (Updated 9/17/2019)
Upload Friday. If that plus next is less then 10K words, or donations reach the threshold, an additional chapter will be posted on mon/wends/sat. 
Breaking Fate/Origin Arc
    Albion Arc
        Vol 1 - Origin (Done)
        Vol 2 - Rise of the Red Dragon (Done)
    New Earth Arc
        Vol 3 - New Earth(Done)
    Dealing with the Past Arc
        Vol 4 - Ghosts of the Past (6 Weeks)
        Vol 5 - The Dracul Descends (5 Weeks)
        Vol 6 - War of Fate (6 Weeks)
Bound Fate Arc (Planned change in upload schedule) 
    Fake Hero Arc
        Vol 7 - Martel (7 Months)
        Side Stories #1 (3 Months)
    Shield Hero Arc
        Vol 8 - Second Chance (DELAYED)
        Vol 9 - The Adventure Begins (DELAYED)
        Vol 10 - TBD (Writing [31%-39%])
    (Multiple Volumes TBD)
(The following is a future basic plot structure and may change at any point)
    Pendragon Arc
Fateless Arc
    Utopia Project Arc

    SUPER Games/Hydra Arc
    Fake Gods Arc
    Dominating the Heavens Arc

    God-Slayer Arc

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Word Count (13)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
The Legend of the Fake Hero: Volume 1 - Origin (Reader notes and Foreword) ago
Vol 1: Prologue - A Dream Of The Past, In The Past, Of A Future ago
Vol 1: Ch 1 - New Life ago
Vol 1: Ch 2 - The Importance of Intelligence ago
Vol 1: Ch 3 - Affinity ago
Vol 1: Ch 4 - The Plan ago
Vol 1: Ch 5 - What there is to Learn ago
Vol 1: Ch 6 - The Progression of Time ago
Vol 1: Ch 7 - Captured ago
Vol 1: Ch 8 - Shocking Events ago
Vol 1: Ch 9 - Past Made Shiro ago
Vol 1: Ch 10 - SeeKIng Prey ago
Vol 1: Ch 11 - Expedition ago
Vol 1: Ch 12 - Spirits ago
Vol 1: Ch 13 - The Engagements ago
Vol 1: Ch 14 - Confrontation ago
Vol 1: Epilogue - What Is To Come ago
Vol 1: Afterword & Character Poll ago
Vol 2 - Rise of the Red Dragon: Prologue - My Heart Beats for You ago
Vol 2: Ch 1 - The Role of a King ago
Vol 2: Ch 2 - Fear ago
Vol 2: Ch 3 - Hero vs King ago
Vol 2: Ch 4 - True Colors ago
Vol 2: Ch 5 - The Place I Belong ago
Vol 2: Ch 6 - Delegations ago
Vol 2: Ch 7 - White Death/Black Night ago
Vol 2: Ch 8 - Black Knight/White Flame ago
Vol 2: Ch 9 - What Has Been Seen ago
Vol 2: Ch 10 - The Battle on Mt. Etna ago
Vol 2: Ch 11 - Rise of the Red Dragon/Fake Hero ago
Vol 2: Epilogue - Darkness (And Chapter Length Poll) ago
Vol 2: Afterword & Character Poll ago
Thanks and Future Posts ago
Vol 3 - New Earth: Prologue - The Thinker ago
Vol 3: Ch 1 - New World ago
Vol 3: Ch 2 - New Lives ago
Vol 3: Ch 3 - Increase in Ability ago
Vol 3: Ch 4 - New Caretaker ago
Vol 3: Ch 5 - Private Lessons ago
Vol 3: Ch 6 - SUEMA ago
Vol 3: Ch 7 - Big Fish in a Big Pond ago
Vol 3: Ch 8 - Little Fish in a Big Pond ago
Vol 3: Epilogue - Disappearing Act ago
Vol 3: Afterword and Character Poll ago
Vol 4 - Ghosts of the Past: Prologue - Adamantine Knight ago
Vol 4: Ch 1 - Old Faces ago
Vol 4: Ch 2 - Uul Kheer Tal ago
Vol 4: Ch 3 - The Kurultai ago
Vol 4: Ch 4 - Intent ago
Vol 4: Ch 5 - Wedding Night ago
Vol 4: Ch 6 - The Cambrian Event ago
Vol 4: Ch 7 - The Ki Ceiling ago
Vol 4: Epilogue - Hello ago
Vol 4: Afterword and Character Poll ago
Vol 5: Prologue - Onii-Sama? ago
Vol 5: Ch 1 - The Fourth Hero is a Fake ago
Vol 5: Ch 2 - Oracle of Regnum ago
Vol 5: Ch 3 - Learning and Being Taught ago
Vol 5: Ch 4 - A Nightly Affair ago
Vol 5: Ch 5 - Peerless Archmage ago
Vol 5: Ch 6 - Peerless Archer and Fighter ago
Vol 5: Ch 7 - The Dracul Descends ago
Vol 5: Ch 8 - The Summon that Defied Fate ago
Vol 5: Epilogue - Fate Cracks ago
Vol 5: Character Poll ago
Vol 6 - War of Fate: Prologue - A Dream of the Past, In the Present, that Changed the Future ago
Vol 6: Ch 1 - Not Even Till Death Do Us Part ago
Vol 6: Ch 2 - Shiba and Hanahime ago
Vol 6: Ch 3 - Settling Old Debts ago
Vol 6: Ch 4 - Birth of the Sword of Despair ago
Vol 6: Ch 5 - Preparation for War ago
Vol 6: Ch 6 - War of Fate ago
Epilogue - Fate ago
Vol 6 Afterword, Character Poll, Stats, and Important Info ago

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Only a short review here since the other reviews are too one sided in my opinion.


Really good grammar as far as i have seen. Author certainly knows how to write a fluent story unlike other people here on this site.



Pretty cliched start ( I look at you, falling on a little girl .. Mr. Pervert). Some really annyoing stereotypes and japanesque isekai protagonist.

And also a Average storytelling, in my opinion at  least, for the first 4 chapters i have managed to read. I admit  this isnt much but the first chapters have  to pull  the  reader into the story...

And the overall impression of the story feels really edgy, especially the Prologue



The author is capable of writing a good and fluent text/story. But the story as such isnt as good as the pure grammar, etc.

It is certainyl an ok read but i simply wasnt grabbed by the story and got rather bored by it


  • Overall Score

Pretty good if you can get past the blatant wish fulfillment review at V2 ch 5

Reviewed at: Vol 2: Ch 5 - The Place I Belong

Re-editing for the sake of the readers

Harem isekai with a twist.

Pros: Great grammer and pacing. 

         The characters are endearing.

cons: Requires a high tolerance for blatent wish fullfilment.

         Mc can be a bit of a mary sue.

  • Overall Score

Unfortunately a japanese light novel

Reviewed at: Vol 4: Ch 6 - The Cambrian Event

The story starts out generic enough isekai. Has a bit of a unexpected turn and turns into a urban fantasy. As mystisism of the mc is peeled away the more you realize theres nothing really special in this novel.Theres a reason i no longer read light novels because they are the most predictable generic beat-by-beat novels. Being able to tell most of the books direction by reading the first 10 sentences is boring. The book hides its nature well but in the end a generic japanese light novel is still generic even if written by a westerner. The author needs to improve the story by losing a few stereotypes and make the story more unpredictable.

  • Overall Score

There is a lot of potential for this story to grow into much more. We have a cast of characters that are slowly starting to get the attention they deserve to make you actually care about them. The grammer mistakes are minor and dont detract from the story.  If you arent into the isekai formula than this might not be for you but it seems to do enough to be different from the rest.

Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Overall Score

I managed to get to V2 Ch1, but I was too annoyed at the MC to continue.

Reviewed at: Vol 2: Ch 1 - The Role of a King

The writing is great, amazing even. I didn't spot a single spelling or grammar mistake, though I wasn't really looking for any. But that's all it's got going for it. The rest is power fantasy and wish fulfillment. 

Our MC is a guy of unknown age trying to get into the pants of everyone above an A cup. That's his defining feature. The first thing he does when he meets a girl is sexually harass them. Now, I'm all for a bit of romance, even a nicely done haram. But this guy needs to be put on an FBI watch list. He threatened to rape a princess, but then went Yeah Nah and it was never brought up again.

His rival is a douce bag he knows on earth, but they share all the same characteristics and are basically the same person. Just one is trying to look like the good guy while the other is indulging. Oh, but our MC doesn't believe in good guys because everyone is selfish and being a decent human being doesn't exist. Come on r/iam14andthisisdeep. We get it already.

He is super smart, skipping 3 grades while on Earth, beat up people older and that outnumber him because he is super strong too. Oh yeah, and he fucked a lot of girls, even though he is average looking. By the end of  Volume 1, he is easily the strongest human in the world. Everyone is amazed and in awe of him constantly. Wish fulfillment, check. Power fantasy, check.

Oh yeah, not to mention the hastily thrown in backstory and is never addressed in the actual story, at least not up to volume 2. There is a lot more to this story than what I read, so it may have been addressed later. But if so, why did you tell us so early then? Kinda ruined the impact of having a sad backstory.


Basically, great at English, bad at story writing. If you don't mind a poorly done haram, power fantasy and wish fulfillment, it's a great story. Just remember, I warned you. I want to rank this lower, but I gotta give it's due for what he did right.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

MC Makes annoying decisions sometimes but good story

Reviewed at: Vol 3: Ch 5 - Private Lessons

This story is fun to read and very fleshed out with various plot points and characters. 

It's an unique reading experience because the prologue "spoils" what's going to happen and we are simply reading the journey, so I guess this story is a working proponent for "the journey is more meaningful than the destination" which is pretty cool.

MC is generally very smart and reasonable but he sometimes does unbelievable things considering the situation. Don't want to spoil anything but these mainly happen whenever the main antagonist shows up. You'll know what I mean when you read those moments.

Other than that though, this story is well thought out with great power systems, worlds, plot, and whatnot.

100% recommend the story in general as long as you can excuse the MCs excruciatingly irritating decisions whenever the main antagonist appears. The author's justification for these moments are valid, for sure, but they don't really take away from the feeling of "WHY TF IS HE NOT DOING THIS?!?!?!" lol.

Regardless, though, overall the story is totally worth it and seems to be building up to an awesome epic adventure!

  • Overall Score

Suffering is a Catalyst. OP doesn't mean all powerful

It's really good. 

OP MC, that is complex enough, has feelings. 

The harem makes sense (even if I would love that some of the ladies have more character development) 

As for what has been posted, I believe it's a rock solid start to an epic journey. I hope the author doesn't get bored.