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As the receptionist said earlier, to accept a quest, all I need is to rip down a parchment from the quest board located at the wall. So without further ado, I walked to it and looked for a quest suitable for my rank, of course, with the criteria that the quest might have a high relation to a dungeon.

But before that, I went inside the restroom again and equipped my suit back on in case anything happens.

‘Now then, are there any quests here that suit my needs?’

After my short dressing period, I went back to the quest board. I scanned the board and found some quests that I can take based on my rank, but all of them have a low possibility of relation to a dungeon. The only quest I can see that I have a chance to take with my current rank that has a possibility of a relation with a dungeon was an E-ranked quest to subjugate a nest of goblins.

Now, to explain why I have a chance at an E-rank quest when I am only F-rank is because I can join a party. And since I am still an F-ranked adventurer, I have a high chance to join an E-ranked party. For those above, I’ll have to hope that some adventurer who saw my fight earlier recruit me to theirs.

So with that as my next goal, I asked around for any parties that were recruiting. And once I did that, I was called out again by the receptionist.

“If you’re looking for a party, I suggest you head to the other room. Over there are a bunch of adventurers loitering while waiting for a potential recruit and a board where adventurers post their recruit notice. And if they saw your fight earlier, then I think that you can get yourself in a high-ranked party easy.”

“Once again, thank you for the information.”

I bowed my head in response to her advice and headed towards said room. Although it would be good to join a high-rank party quickly, I need to learn the ropes first by starting at the bottom, that, and ascertaining the strength of E-rank adventurers, as well as my own limits.

Once I entered the room, I was greeted by the sight of numerous adventurers sitting on tables and some standing while looking at lone adventurers. Well, it was easy to say that they were trying to recruit them into their party.

And once they saw me enter, some people quickly flocked around me.

“Hey, you’re that kid who beat up the three idiots right?”

“Hey pal, me first!”

“Beauty before ugly! Let me take him!”

And it quickly turned into a bloodbath, with me as the prize.

‘… I’ll just rise in the ranks as a solo adventurer… This is probably a better approach…’

I slowly and stealthily exited the venue while the adventurers were busy pulling at each others’ hair roughly, literally. There was even a patch of hair on the floor.

“Ahh!!! My beautiful hair!!”

‘Sorry… I’m out…’

And my getaway was complete. So what I did next was just ripped down a quest parchment that has the highest possibility amongst all the other suitable for my rank. It even paid a good amount of coins too.

Quest: Investigate Forest

Description: Some weird marks were sighted at a forest a few hours walk from the town. Three adventurers were also reported missing after moving through that area as taken from the testimonies from their friends. They were F-ranked. Please investigate the area and report any suspicious activity, objects, tracks, or phenomena.

Reward: 2 Silver, 8 Copper, 15 RP

Next I handed it to the bunny-girl receptionist at the counter.

“Are you sure you want to do this quest? Even though this is ranked as an F-ranked quest, 3 F-rankers went missing in the area you know? I suggest doing it in a party.”

“Nah, that’s okay. If it really is dangerous, then I’ll just run. If you saw me earlier running from those 3 idiots, then you could already grasp my power to run away.”

“Hmm… I suppose so, but still, you never know what might happen.”

This girl, isn’t she unexpectedly kind? Even though she probably focuses more on work, she probably worries about the adventurers.

“After all, if you die, then I die because of the Guildmaster.”

Okay, I take it back, she isn’t that kind, but judging from her situation alone, she is also trying to survive.

“Do not worry, I have a trump card for that.”

“… All right. Just remember, that if you die, I will haunt you, even in your death.”

“Fair enough…”

Once our conversation was over, she stamped on the parchment and gave it to me.

“This serves as your permit to do the quest, as well as the proof that you are the one who accepted the quest. If you lose this, then you will not be able to accept a reward.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Once I was done, I left the guild and headed towards the gate closest to the forest. Shockingly enough, I was able to encounter the hero troupe.

“Yo, Gren, you finally found the place you were looking for?”

“Yes, thank you very much for assisting me back there.”

“For a kid your age, you don’t seem like one. You’re polite too…”

“Living in the slums makes you subservient to those in power. It also makes you grow faster.”

Since I had nothing to hide about his particular questions, I answered them honestly.

“… I see… You must’ve had it rough huh…?”

“*sniff* What a tragic past, and with those cute looks… My heart can’t take it!!! I must bring him with us!”

“Woah! Calm down you shotacon!”

And as seen from before, the usual banter of the hero’s colleagues were manifesting with me as the epicenter.

“By the way, where are you going?”

“I’m off to do a quest.”

“So you registered as an adventurer huh?”

“Yes, I did.”


I looked at him who was obviously contemplating about something. After a few seconds, he opened his mouth once again.

“Do you care if we tag along?”

“Wait, Kawasaki-san what do you mean? Are you saying that we should follow a brat like him!?”

“Shush Yanahiro-san. You have to fix that attitude of yours. You are too suspicious of anybody.”

“That’s because I care for my and your life!”

And just when the hero suggested coming with me, his colleague flared up at him while glaring daggers at me. I mean he’s not wrong, but…

‘With that mindset, you just might become paranoid…’

I just continue looking at them while waiting for something to happen. I don’t want to antagonize them just by leaving one-sidedly.

After a couple of arguments back and forth, they finally came up on a decision.

“We’ll come with you.”

And thus, my journey with the hero troupe started, and wow… Do I really regret this decision…


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