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Once I arrived at the counter, I was greeted by a beautiful receptionist. She had bunny ears at the top of her head with silver hair flowing down her back. She also had red eyes, and skin as white as snow, an albino just like me.

Although, when I approached her, she was all business, nothing else.

“Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild, what would you for me to offer?”

“I would like to register please.”

And I quickly cut to the chase. I don’t want to delay myself from being an adventurer for the main reason being time is money, and also fear of the guildmaster.

“Very well, please touch this orb over here.”

She points to the glass orb sitting on the desk. It had nothing worth of notice, except for its white hue. Of course, I asked about it first in case something might happen.

“Oh don’t worry, it will just glow blue if you have the aptitude for an adventurer, and red if you have no aptitude. This is obvious, but if it glows red, then you aren’t fit to register, but judging from your fight earlier, I doubt this would glow red.”

What she said made sense, so I moved my hand towards the orb. When I touched the orb with my hand, it glowed blue.

“Okay, next is signing this contract .”

She placed a parchment on the table with some clauses about being an adventurer, and a dagger.

“Please use your blood and thumb as a stamp and stamp it on the box at the bottom of the parchment.”

And now, I just ran into trouble…

Because of my suit, I can’t wound myself with the dagger, and I definitely don’t want to use the shovel to cut my finger instead. So I had to use some other options.

“Um… Is there another way for me to sign this contract other than blood?”


And immediate shutdown… Now that it has come to this, I’ll really need to take of my suit, and if I do that, I’ll be vulnerable for a while… But I can’t think of any other solution to this, so steeled my determination.

“Uhm… Please excuse me for a bit, is there a place where I can… take a leak?”

“Restroom is over there.”

The receptionist pointed towards one of the doors at the side of the establishment.

“Thanks. I’ll come back in a bit.”

And with that, I entered the restroom (If I can call it that, sadly, it’s just a hole on the floor with some slimes inside it.)

“… Slimes are good plumbers huh...”

I wielded my shovel and picked up one. It jiggled on the shovel blade and without hesitation, brought it towards the corner and killed it. And that is now one more monster I can summon inside the dungeon.

‘Well then, time to do it…’

Next, I undressed and set the opacity of the suit to 100, then took that off too, and got dressed back while putting the suit into my [Dimension Pocket].

After I was done with that, I went back to the counter and grabbed the dagger still lying on the counter. I poked it to my thumb, and my thumb started bleeding, and quickly stamped it on the box.

The receptionist grabbed the contract and then pushed it inside one of the drawers behind her. And once that was done, I was given a bronze plate with a code written on it.

“FG-117780? What does this mean?”

I asked the receptionist the meaning of the code.

“Instead of asking the adventurers for their name, we instead use a code because of a lot of cases of similar names and professions. And since it would take a while for a painting to be done, the Adventurer’s Guild Grandmaster decided that we use unique codes for each adventurer. That way, we can easily know who is who, and there is also a safety mechanism where the code will only be visible if the one wearing it was the person who signed the contract using his own blood.”

“Huh… That is a good idea… But what does FG stand for?”

“FG… F for Frenia, and G for Gaizeff. Basically, it tells where you where registered with the first letter indicating the town and the last letter indicating the kingdom. The number is self explanatory in which you are the 117780th adventurer to register in this town.”

“That is really precise…”

“And there is more, that plate actually records the user’s status. You can view it by thinking up ‘Status’ and it can only be visible to you, unless you want it to be visible.”

“Wait… I have a status?”

“Well… The common populace wouldn’t know their status since only adventurers have this privilege. They are measured into numbers so that adventurers can have an easier time to roughly disseminate your limit. But know that status isn’t absolute in a battle.”

“… Thanks for the advice.”

“Well then, now that you are a registered adventurer, would you like me to explain the rankings?”

“Yes please.”

I just listened to her while standing in place.

“First of all, here are the ranks of an adventurer. F – E – D – C – B – A – S – SS – SSS – Hero, from lowest to highest in that order. Obviously, new registrants start at the rank of F. Each rank has a specific metal to it as indicated by your plate. F = Bronze, E = Copper, D = Silver, C = Gold, B = Platinum, A = Diamond, S = Mithril, SS = Adamantite, SSS = Orichalcum, Hero = Black Adamantite.”

I nodded indicating that I was listening attentively.

“Next is climbing up the ranks. Each rank has a specific milestone before you can rank-up. Completing quests gives RP or Rank Points. Attaining a specific number of RP allows you to rank up, though that is only applicable to ranks F to B. Ranking up to A requires not only RP, but a test. The same could be said for the S, SS, and SSS ranks. For the Hero rank, you need to do something that is worth giving you that title.”

So I can only rank up to B quickly, before reaching a stop. But that is enough. I am here just to gather information after all.

“And last are the quest types, there are four, which are Subjugation, Gathering, Escorting, and Emergency. I don’t need to explain the first three, but for the Emergency Quest, if you are selected, you cannot refuse, otherwise, you risk having your adventurer’s license revoked and banning you from registering again. And that is all, any questions?”

“No, thank you for taking the time to explain all of this to me.”

“No problem, it’s my job after all.”

And once I was done, I walked away, before returning back.

“How do I accept quests again?”

“Oh right, I haven’t told you yet, just rip the parchments located on the quest board and bring it here. Of course, you can only accept a quest that is equal to your rank or below. If you are in a party, you can accept a quest one rank higher than your party’s rank. A party’s rank is determined by the most number of members of the same rank in the party. In case of ties, the higher rank will be chosen. ”

“Okay, thanks for the information.”

Once I thanked her, she bowed and smile at me before wishing me a nice day.

‘Now that is what I call customer service…’

Now then, are there any quests that may lead to dungeons?


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