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“Hmm…? Why are you back so early, Gren?”

When I got back to the dungeon, I saw Mari with an odd expression on her face, it was red, and she was breathing hea---

‘Okay stop it right there… If I think any further, then I might go haywire…’

I shook my head and tried not to notice the common characteristics Mari had. While ignoring the look Mari had, I briefly explained the reason why I came back. Of course, she didn’t understand one bit about what I was talking about, so I brought her along with me to the <Boss Room>, not minding her walking posture.

When we arrived at the <Boss Room>, I purchased some Void Iron Golems since there was still room for monsters in my dungeon.

“Look Mari, you see those golems?”

“Those violet ones?”

“Yes, now, can you see that huge golem?”

“That huge violet one?”

“… Yes…”

I coughed for a bit before continuing on.

“Those small golems are used to make that big one, so what I am going to do is to use some parts of the golems and create a suit I can wear.”

“… I can understand the big one, but why do you need several golems to make one suit…?”

“It’s about their abilities. Using parts of others, or their own parts, they can upgrade or create a new one.”

“… I don’t understand…”

“… Okay, just watch me do it. Maybe next time, you can do it yourself to make your own suit.”

This was the goal why I had brought Mari here. I wanted to show her the procedure to use the [Parts Configuration] so that in the future, she can use it to create her own powered-suit. If you’re asking why I’m not doing it myself, well, try imagining a man trying to create a tight suit for a young girl, so you’ll need to take measures, some more measures if you want to know how big it should be for when they get bigger, and you have to do it bare since it is a skin-tight suit, so now way for me.

The reason why I’m making the skin-tight suit for the moment is because I want to hide it under my clothes. If I made exoskeletons, or something like a mecha fir for my body, who knows how much attention it will bring me.

I’d rather use a skin-tight powered-suit that boosts your physical capabilities tremendously, but can still make an excuse when seen, but for something like exoskeletons that has no choice but to be seen (even if it is hidden under clothes, it is still visible because of its size), I cannot make an excuse if they surmised that my power comes from the exoskeleton itself.

So the next thing I do was to change the type of parts used. I don’t how it is done even though it is against the laws of chemistry since changing an element to a different element without any reactions in nigh impossible. So in short, it’s like alchemy, only that it does not need an equivalent exchange.

The violet metal turned soft, then flattened itself and turned into fabric. I was a bit doubtful whether this fabric could repel iron, so when I tried to cut it with my sword, surprise surprise, the sword bounced back while the fabric gets of unscathed.

‘So with this, I can protect myself from bladed weapons…’

The only problem was that I had no countermeasures for blunt weapons, since blunt weapons rely on the impact and force. Of course, bladed weapons can still deal damage to me, only that it wouldn’t be able to cut my skin, but instead break my bones if hit in the right place.

I wove the fabric using the unknown power the skill kept releasing into the shape my body, everything from the head, to my feet. Since this was prototype 1, I wanted to try to see if I could get a feature where the suit can be invisible, but still be present. It would be like wearing a full body costume, but not at the same time. If that worked, then I can say goodbye to my worries of having the reason my physical power is high exposed.

Once the fabric shaped into my body hardened but retained its elasticity, the unknown power flew away into the void and the fabric fell lifeless on the ground.

[New Monster Created! Bonus EXP Rewarded to the Dungeon and Dungeon Master!!]

Monster Species: Void Iron Golem (Skin-Tight Suit Type)

Special Ability(s): 1. Lightweight Body

  1. Durable Body
  2. Enhance Physical Performance
  3. Opacity Adjustment
  4. Manned Golem

Threat Level: F- (B When Manned)

Cost: 350 MP

Enhance Physical Performance – Passive Ability. Enhances the wearer’s physical capabilities to B-rank monster standard. No side-effects will occur to the wearer because of this ability.

Opacity Adjustment – User can adjust itself whether to be hidden to the visual senses of other organisms or not.

“… I did it…”

“Hm, Gren? Are you okay?”

When I directed my gaze towards Mari, I saw a worried expression on the surface.

“…Nah, it’s just that I’m thankful for this suit to be born….”

No kidding, I really was grateful. The two special abilities that I wanted the most appeared. [Enhance Physical Performance] and [Opacity Adjustment], these two had a synergy that was perfect for making people underestimate you because of your body.

And because of that gratefulness, excitement coursed through my whole body. I quickly brought the fabric to a secluded space in the <Boss Room> for Mari not to see the scene of me changing then proceeded to undress. Once I was naked, save for my underpants, which for some reason had the same appearance and material used back in Drake’s homeworld, I put on the skin-tight suit. Although it was skin-tight, it actually felt rather comfortable and not constricting at all. Since my whole body was covered, even my face, there is merit in using this for stealth operations.

I set the opacity to 100% then let Mari see how I look, and that was a very bad idea…


Mari quickly turned red and turned around while having coarse breathing. When I saw how she reacted, I pondered for a bit, then looked down, and saw my ding-ding-dong through the skin-tight suit.

“I’M SORRY!!!!”

When I shouted my apology, I quickly ran back to the place where I undressed then wore my clothes over the suit. Next, I set the opacity to 0%, and voila, the suit disappeared as if it wasn’t there, even the texture of my skin felt real. But when I tried to poke my finger with the sword blade, my skin didn’t get cut. At first I did it lightly, but then I tried for it to go harder, result, even B rank monster strength at full force couldn’t puncture the suit, although it might be a problem of the weapon instead of the strength, since I saw some cracks forming along here and there…

‘Time to get a new weapon…’

I walked back to where Mari was after finishing my experiments then asked her to look at me again to check if there were any irregularities. Of course, I checked whether my ding-ding-dong was in full view again before coming here, so no worries about that part.

When Mari turned around and saw my usual appearance, she had a slightly(?) dejected look, but then turned back to her happy expression.

‘… Please tell me what I saw was a lie…’

Too bad, I wasn’t going to get any closure on this any time soon.

“So Mari, it’s like that. If you do the same thing I did, then you could probably create another suit just for you.”


She quickly leaped right in front of me exclaimed in a loud voice. I saw her eyes sparkling with desire… No that looks wrong… Please, let it be a lie…

I averted my gaze then nodded once to make her know that she can do the same thing. After that, I went back to create a weapon this time out of golems. Because it said parts, then basically, it can be parts of weapons, armors, and heck, even buildings or statues. The only thing is, everything is iron, not regular iron though, violet colored iron so it is very eye-catching. Even my skin-tight suit was violet.

With the same procedure, but this time imagining a weapon instead of a suit, what appeared was something I had always wanted to use as a weapon when I was a kid.


What appeared was not a sword, a hammer, nor a spear, but a shovel. In actuality, not a digging type shovel, but a type of shovel used in wars, one that can be used to stab, slice, smack enemies, and even dig.

When Mari saw what I was holding, she blurted out a confused statement.

“Are you going to dig somewhere…?”

“No, this is a weapon.”

“A weapon? A shovel is…?”

If you knew that a shovel could win against a sword then you would probably take back that statement, though coming from her, a pure resident of this world, I can understand where she’s coming from since I am one myself, well, partly for that matter.

“You’ll understand when you see me fight with it.”

The problem was how do I fight with it? Thankfully, this was not a pure weapon, but a monster weapons.

[New Monster Created! Bonus EXP Rewarded to the Dungeon and Dungeon Master!!]

Monster Species: Void Iron Golem (Weapon Type – Shovel Series)

Special Ability(s): 1. Lightweight Body

  1. Durable Body
  2. Phasing Blade
  3. Weapon Knowledge – Shovel Intermediate
  4. Weapon Monster

Threat Level: G- (B- When Wielded)

Cost: 200 MP

Weapon Knowledge – Passive Ability. Grants the wielder knowledge how to use a weapon type. Degree of skill depends on rank. Weapon Knowledge can be imparted to the wielder once a long time of training is done.

Weapon Monster – Passive Ability. Monster which is not in the form of a living organism, but of an inanimate weapon. Cannot move by itself and requires a wielder for it to be useful. Stronger than ordinary weapons.

But thanks to the skill that is with the weapon (monster), there are probably no problems with fighting skill. To demonstrate, I picked up the shovel then readied my stance. Although it was that of an amateur stance, I was gripping the shovel with a clear image in my mind.

No, it really was a clear image, once I held the shovel images appeared inside of my head. It showed some poses, how to stab, slice, deflect, etc. By following this steps, I could well by myself.

“Well then Mari, I’ll be off again. I’ll return a little later.”

“… Un…”

When I looked into her eyes, she was still having that burning desire… I’ll leave her alone for a while…

“I’m off!”

“Come back safe!”

Although since she was responding properly, she was probably fine.


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