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~ First Person POV ~

“Mari, I’m thinking of leaving this city.”

Once Mari heard my decision, she just stayed the same as usual while nodding her head in agreement.

“Yes, we should. We do not want to waste more time in this place. I overheard a Gang leader say that the city is going to blow up while I was working…”

I frowned at her words. What surprised me the most was not that the city was going to blow up, but the fact that she was able to gather information while doing ‘that’ job that was too much for children…

Since I heard something that was important to our survival, I resolved myself to escape with haste after killing the Gang leaders.

“Okay, I’m gonna do just that. Just stay put in here Mari, once I kill those bastards, I’ll leave the city. Of course, you are coming with me.”

I said that with a smile but Mari had a frown on her face instead.

“I know that you want to kill the people who made our lives so miserable, but I can’t take it to see you getting hurt.”

Realizing that she had no problems with me killing people, well the bad ones, I made a relieved sigh mentally. Of course, I also took her words to heart since just her being sad makes me hurt.

“Don’t worry… I have a plan that will let me kill them without harming my body.”

With that as the end of our conversation, I turned my back towards her then left through a portal I made.

“Come back safely…”

“… You sound like a worried wife, don’t worry, I’ll come back.”

I turned around once and gave her a smile before disappearing through the portal.


‘Time to put my plan into action…’

Once I got out of the dungeon, I quickly traversed the slums while being aware of the surroundings. I wouldn’t want to run into a slum dweller by accident when they were busy looking for the arsonist which was me.

Since it was about noon, the sun was shining overhead brightly, making it harder to move without being noticed. And more than that, there were the frantically searching slum dwellers lurking around every corner, so just moving for a few meters was more stressful than trying to repel the intruder earlier.

I ducked and weaved across the alleys, and through their blind spots, while hoping to not get spotted. Luckily, I was able to arrive at my destination without any incidents.

There was a building a few buildings away that looked bigger than the surrounding buildings. That was where the Gang’s HQ was.

‘And now, I just need to get inside...’

While I was contemplating on how to get inside, I saw a punk get dragged inside while getting beaten up. A few minutes later, I saw something fly outside then crash landed at the ground. When I got a closer look after stealthily traversing the block, I saw that it was the same punk that was dragged inside, except that he was already dead.

‘Looks like I found my way inside…’

When I looked to the place where he was thrown from, I saw a hole as large as the waist of an adult man.

‘Looks like a chute to discard some dead bodies…’

If you look closely around where the body was thrown, there were a lot of bags, particularly, bags filled with waste and bodies.

‘… I’ll have to take a bath later…’

Resolving myself to my disgusting fate, I looked for some ledges where I can use to climb to get to the chute since it was above the first floor. Once I was able to reach the hole, the rotten smell of deceased, as well as the smell of natural waste permeated through my nose.


Resisting the urge to shout and vomit, I quickly covered my nose with my hands, and a thick cloth I got from my person, and slowly, just slowly instead of quickly, crawled through the hole or chute.


While trying to stop myself from fainting there and then, I found the end of the hole.


Probably, because of the stress from coming all the way from the bell tower to here, as well as the smell coming from my surroundings, my head was already in a heap of rage.

I quickly opened a portal then brought a monster outside. Since they were able to escape, even though they were exhausted, from my dungeon because they were able to defeat my monsters, it made me realize that the surviving Gang leaders were no joke, so I quickly called upon my current strongest monster.


I let out a shout as I quickly got inside the cockpit of the Giga Void Iron Golem and rampaged through the building.


~ Third Person POV ~

“What the!?”

While Bardo was busy trying to figure out a plan to quickly get the slum dwellers to follow his command again and rush towards the passive knights, a loud rumbling sound came from all around him.

“!!! Shit!!”

Once he noticed what had happened, he quickly sprung into action.

“Hado!! Evacuate!!! Evacuate right now!!


While he shouted at the top of his lungs to warn Hado, he heard a high-pitched shriek coming from downstairs where they disposed of the bodies.

“Shit! I didn’t think anyone would go through there!!”

He quickly ran towards the window where he could escape from the crumbling building, but just as he was about to reach, a huge iron hand painted violet sprung up from the floor boards of the second floor and targeted him.

“Oh fuc---“

Bardo wasn’t able to dodge the hand in time and was caught in its grip. Below the floor boards where the hand sprung up, two red dots appeared and stared at him, and once again, he heard the high-pitched voice.

“Did you think you would escape? NO!!! BECAUSE YOU WILL DIE HERE TODAY!!!”

With a voice quaking in pleasure, ecstasy and madness, the two red dots suddenly brightened and the grip of the hand holding him quickly tightened.


Bardo could feel his body getting squashed by the pressure, but even in this situation, he remained calm and tried to find a way to escape, only to fail and have his eyeballs pop out of his head and his body crushed.


The lifeless body of Bardo crashed to the ground, never to move again. On the other hand, Hado, who had witnessed all of these as he hid, had a cold sweat drip down from his chin.

‘Fuck this!! I need to leave right now!’

If only he had made his decision earlier, he could have probably lived with a missing leg or arm. Another hand caught him, who was hiding above the ceiling and under the roof. It tightened around him like a vise, refusing to let him go.


The pain, as well as fear of death overcame his body as he trembled inside the clenched hand.


Hado, who had been in fear and pain, finally recognized the voice that was coming from the two red dots, no, the helmet housing the two red dots. Under the helmet, a huge suit of metal could be seen towering below. The once pristine building, was now a pile of rubble underneath the feet of this giant suit of armor.


The hand tightened around him once more, but this time, with more pressure. If a normal person were to be in Hado’s situation right now, he would have already died from the shock, but as Hado was a combat veteran, he was used to painful situations.

But that experience, proved to be a detriment to Hado right now.


The free hand of the golem closed in to the body of Hado was getting crushed. Once near, the pressure on Hado’s body disappeared for a moment, only to be followed by an intense pain afterward.


Hado’s right hand was crushed to pieces, his bones turned to powder while the skin ruptured. After that, he felt another intense pain, but this time, on his left leg.


His left leg, in contrast to his crushed right arm, was dismembered by a sharp object from the base. A large amount of blood poured out from the area where his leg was dismembered.


The voice that was laughing was as if he was currently on cloud nine. But for Hado, all he heard was the laugh of the devil. A few moments later, he felt another sharp pain close to his leg.


His once healthy groin, was now turned to pancake. The intense pain Hado felt at losing his manhood drove him to insanity, and finally, maybe because of blood loss or of shock, his breathing stopped, as well as his heart.

Once this happened, his body was flung away a great distance.


The voice, laughing like a madman at the current situation, scared the hell of all of the slum dwellers, as well as the remaining gang members. But in the next moment, the huge golem vanished into thin air, as well as the voice. No one knew what had happened, but one thing was for sure, everybody inside the HQ was dead, whether they were crushed by the building, or by the giant.


“We really need to report that Pressia…”

“Agreed… Too dangerous…”

The two robed figures were shocked at the display of cruelty and mercilessness of the giant against the Gang leaders.

On the other hand, Princio was arriving at the site where the golem was restrained.

“Fufufufu… It won’t be long now…”

The light shining in the eyes of Princio glowed dangerously as he looked towards the relic in his hands.


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