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~ Third Person POV ~

Rodella continued on moving through the dungeon floor as she kept on killing the endless horde of monsters. Her breathing turning ragged after minutes of intense battle without rest, she willed herself to keep on moving in order to survive.

“Haa… This was… Haa… Probably a… Haaaaa… Bad idea…”

She was already completely exhausted when she arrived at the huge double doors with intricate engraving on it, as designed by a certain deceased game designer.

“Never in my life had I experienced a dungeon like this…”

When she arrived, no more monsters tried to attack her, instead, some of the remaining ones backed out once she was a few feet near the door.

“I can probably catch my breath right here for the time being…”

Although she said that she would rest, she didn’t lower her guard. She continued to monitor the surroundings in case if any dangerous situation arises.

After a few minutes of rest, she finally got back up and proceeded with her goal, to find the white-haired kid that jumped inside the portal. Before she entered this dungeon, she was at a loss on how to approach this bizarre situation. A kid suddenly jumped into a portal while chuckling, how is that not bizarre?

She scoured through the slums in hopes of searching for some clues, only to turn up without results. That was until she remembered the events last night with the three people with bounties on their heads.

She quickly climbed up the bell tower where the three fell down, and after a few searches, she found something underneath the bell. It was a portal, the same color as the white-haired kid jumped into, which then led to the current situation.

“If I don’t find any clues after all this, I’m leaving…”

‘After all, I’m not getting paid to do this anyways…’

She was just doing this out of curiosity. If Pressia was known to be the reserved and focused type, the Rodella would be the loud and curious type. Heaven only knows how these two were able to get along even with their opposite natures.

“I was even able to find some treasure, so I can actually leave this place while getting some profit, especially that golden bone…”

Her eyes turned into money signs for a moment before returning to her serious state. Once she was done with her internal soliloquy, she opened the door towards another room. Once she saw what was on the other side, she frowned then uttered a curse.

“… Oh shit…”

She was at a loss on how to approach this situation. So without delay, she quickly turned back then ran for her life.

“No way in hell am I gonna throw my life away for the sake of some curiosity!!!”

While leaving those as her leaving remarks, she quickly left through the way she came through by following the marks left behind and exited through the dark passageway, in turn, falling under the bell of the bell tower.

After that, she quickly reunited with Pressia who was waiting for her to return.

“What took… you so… long…?”

Pressia looked at the ragged Rodella while still having her expressionless face.

“There’s another Giga Iron Golem…”


Sensing that something was wrong with her partner, Pressia looked towards the bell tower where Rodella came from.

“We should… report that… to HQ…”

“… Yes, we should…”

Finally concluding their extra mission, they finally set their sights back to the fallen Giga Iron Golem back on the city.


~ First Person POV ~

“No way in hell am I gonna throw my life away for the sake of some curiosity!!!”

“… Fuuu~…”

Once I saw the intruder leaving while saying his remarks made me breathe a sigh of relief. After that, the window appeared indicating my victory appeared


[Successful Defense!!


Repelled C-rank Beastwoman x 1 = 500 MP

Total: 500 MP]


I had one thought when I saw the spoils window.

‘So little!!’

My total expense at this defense was a total of 820 MP, minus that to my total MP and all I have left is 325 MP. Now plus that to the 500 MP I got from the defense and I have a total of 825 MP left.

“I’ll need to save some more and get that <Automatic Dispenser>…”

Thankfully, the Giga Void Iron Golem only counted as one to the total monster count of my dungeon. Come to think of it, what is the status of my dungeon now?

Dungeon Master: Gren --- Drake Wota

Dungeon Level: 4

Type of Dungeon: Void




[Community] (Available at Dungeon Level 5)

‘Just one more level and I can meet with TB again, if I count Drake’s memories correctly…’

Now that this dangerous occurrence was over, I got out of the suit and let the Giga Void Iron Golem stay put inside the <Boss Room> as the boss of the <First Floor>. It also won’t be long before I put another floor to my dungeon because I was now able to place more monsters.

“But first, Mari…”

Once I put all of those thoughts aside, I headed back to the <Dungeon Master Room> so that I can tell Mari the news. I was also of thinking about a decision that could change our lives once I went with it.

After a few minutes of walking, I arrived back at the house, only to be greeted by a Mari fresh out of the bath, with a bath towel wrapped around her body. On her body, countless of scars, big and small, decorated her small stature.

Seeing the scars made me flinch in anger. Another reason to add to making the lives of the gang leaders hell…

“Welcome back.”


But when I heard her sweet voice, those thoughts of murder quickly went away, and instead, the thoughts of love quickly filled up in my mind. I couldn’t help but form a smile on my face I greeted her back.

“I’m back.”


~ Third Person POV ~

While Gren was busy celebrating with Mari back in the dungeon, the Gang’s HQ however, was in a tense atmosphere.

“Who was the bastard who set fire to our food supply…?”

Bardo threateningly looked at his subordinate that was having cold sweat as he reported the events that happened.

“So a white-haired brat set fire to the shack, and of all things, you failed to capture or kill him…?”

Bardo’s low voice made the subordinate flinch in terror as he nodded weakly.

“… Useless bastard…”

With once quick movement, the head of the subordinate separated from his body, blood splattering on the floor.

“Hey! Somebody clean this mess up!!”

A few moments later, some slaves went in and cleaned the spot where the now dead subordinate laid, as well as the splattered blood. The knife in Bardo’s hand was spotless, indicating how skilled he was.

“As expected from The Swift…”

Behind him, another Gang leader approached him.

“Hado, you found that brat yet?”

“Nope, he went missing after setting that place on fire.”

“Tch… I wanted to have some fun before leaving… Anyway, with the food supply gone, the slum dwellers won’t have any other option but to steal some from the knights side.”

“You are correct. With this, another chance will be created for our escape.”

“But now that the others knew of our escape, some will be trying to go with us.”

“Then we kill them when we get out. After all, the head wanted only those in the list to go to their hideout after escaping this soon to be destroyed city.”

“By the way, since you were close to HQ, how do you think will they destroy this city?”

Hado rubbed his chin before grinning and responding to Bardo’s question.

“A relic will do that job, and that will be triggered by the Feudal Lord himself.”

“Oh how nice…”

Bardo sneered in response to Hado’s answer.

“You are right. Kukuku…”


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